Monday Vlog and #SavetheDriveIn

Vintage 1950s romper over jeans.
Perfect Drive-in movie outfit.
Let’s talk about something I’m passionate about for a sec: 
I LOVE drive-in movie theaters.

I am such a sucker for nostalgia, romance, and the 1950s-60s. Only trouble is, the big movie houses have decided to stop issuing first-run movies on 35mm film, which means nearly every single one of the 360-ish drive-ins left will have to either close forever or upgrade to a digital projector. The big problem with that scenario? Digital projectors cost around $80,000 each
Honda created the #SavetheDriveIn campaign to raise awareness of the issue, raise funds for drive-ins, and to give away FIVE projectors free to the drive-ins with the most votes. You can raise funds, raise awareness, and VOTE for your LOCAL or favorite drive-in HERE. You can vote two ways (text and online) DAILY.
I went to my local drive-in this weekend. Support yours. And by the way, don’t try to sneak in your own snacks…drive-ins pay a premium to show the films and often make hardly anything (if anything) on ticket sales. They make their operating costs from the snack stand. So those $2.50 Snow Caps I bought? Just keepin’ my local drive-in afloat for the next generation. I also let them keep the change on my ticket price towards the new projector. Drive-Ins are part of Americana I feel strongly we should try to save. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to bring my family to a drive-in. 
Everyone, Labor Day weekend may be the last weekend of your local drive-in. Ever. Go show them your support and maybe even let them keep the change from your ticket price towards the cost of a new projector. 
Blogger friends, please let your readers know about this! Together let’s #SavetheDriveIn
(PS This is totally just something I’m passionate about and this post is in no way sponsored or anything like that)


Sixties Sunday

I love Sundays for so many reasons. I mean, hello, I get to celebrate Jesus, have a day off, worship with my friends, go out for brunch…and obviously, pull out my favorite vintage dresses.

I had half a mind to chop this late-1960s dress right above my knee (thinking it looked a bit, “I grabbed the shower curtain and made it into a dress” when left long). The next day, I walked by Lilly Pulitzer and saw this dress in the window. Sold! (well not the Lilly dress! but the idea of keeping it long). 

I wore this fun dress to church and to brunch with some friends. We sat outside under a big straw umbrella and chit-chatted about life while eating banana pancakes and drinking orange juice out of wine glasses. Just the way a Sunday should be. 

Into the week, my friends!
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Audrey Style

Oh this dress is just a happy cream-puff of a vintage-style shift! I ADORE it wholeheartedly.

Topped with “frosting” hair, as I call it…and big old sunglasses, of course! I just didn’t have them on for the pictures (oops). 

Oooo, so much fun. I’m also reading this book: 

Until later, my darlings! 

Mad Men Party Outfits

I’m so excited to hear that my favorite ad agency is back in business…on TV, that is! Mad Men is officially starting Season 6 on April 7. Let’s just talk about that photo above for a sec, one of the stills from the new season: 
1.) SALLY! She’s so grown-up and I adore her little gloves. 
2.) Betty is back in shape and as stunning as ever.
3.) Love Megan’s late-60s hair and dress. Also: Her makeup!
4.) Don’s looking as dapper (and yet concerned) as ever. Love a man in a bowtie. 
So, you’re probably going to a Mad Men party come April. Would you go as Betty, Peggy, Megan, or Joan? They all have distinctly different styles. If you’re like me, you don’t want to wait until April to find the perfect outfit. You want it now. You want it hanging in your closet. No, actually, if you’re really like me, you’d probably hang it on the outside of the closet door so you can admire it for the next few months. Here are some outfits to consider, complete with vintage-style dresses, low heels, pearls, gloves, hats, and handbags!
Sophisticated but girly, and a little bit more fancy. Try a floral gown with pretty pearls, embellished gloves, and pink heels.

Necklace: Talbots//Dress:

Prettiest Gal in the Bloom Dress//Gloves: Brixiana, Etsy//Heels: Bandolino

More conservative and working-girl, but we’ve seen Peggy’s style evolve and grow. This outfit is perfect for going to mass with her family.

Also Consider: Work or Playful Dress

Very trendy and smoldering, Megan steals the show with her youthful, modern style.
Dress: Free People//Rhinestone Choker: F21// False Eyelashes: Sally Beauty//Heels: Franco Sarto
Also Consider:Mermaid to Measure Dress
Joan shows off her lovely curves in tight satin, and often wears red and red lipstick, even as a redhead. What would Joan be without an embellished secretary pen necklace, even though she’s now a partner?
Necklace: HubbaHubs//Dress:Full Steam Ahead Dress//Lipstick: Radiant Cosmetics (image)//Heels: Sam Edelman
Also Consider: Feel the Vibrant Dress

Now you’re all set for hosting or attending a Mad Men Premiere Party for Season 6! Yay! And we can watch all of the re-runs we want and look at our pretty dresses for a few months. That’ll chase away the winter blues, right?

PS. Modcloth dresses like to go in and out of stock, so don’t worry if one isn’t available…chances are it will  be back in stock by April!

*Disclosure: This post contains some (not all) affiliate links.

Crazy 60s

Good Monday Morning, lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you this week, because I finally have a bit of a creative streak back after my move. Moving really takes it outta ya! For a night out at theatre and dinner, I went for a more dramatic outfit and a certainly dramatic eye look. Tell me what you think!

{Patterned dress + striped leggings + hot pink motorcycle jacket + bow flats}
{60s costume jewelry earrings}

That crazy eye-makeup is called split eyeliner. A technique often used in the 1960s and onstage to really define the eyes, it is very mod. It is also very heavy, and is therefore best used sparingly. But it’s a fun style to have in your makeup bag of tricks, don’t you think?

Wearing Hats Part 5: Peach Feather Hat

Hat Four: Peach with Pearls, Bow & Feather

Today was fabulous. Fabulous, I tell you. 
This morning I jumped out of bed for coffee and a cherry-almond-streusal muffin. Nothing like a good breakfast to get me out of bed! Then I spent the day…being me. Y’know? One of those days where you’re doing your THANG, and no one’s going to stop you? That’s right. Gotta love it!
So many wonderful things today. 
My heart is full. 
But I’m sad that “Hat Week” is coming to an end. What did you think of the outfits? Were you inspired to rock a vintage hat? 
Hat: Vintage
Pearl Earrings: Gift
Blouse: Target
Pencil Capris: Gap, thrifted
Heels: F21, thrifted
Shoe Bows: Vintage

Wearing Hats {Part 2}: Ring Hat w/ Veil

Hat Number One: Vintage Linen Ring Hat with Veil and Little Velvet Bows: 
Summer seems so light, beautiful, and full of endless possibility. 

Except sometimes, life has other plans. 

{outtake, but I actually loved it.}

Sometimes, we have to say goodbye in summer. I know, it doesn’t seem fair. It just doesn’t suit our collective spirit in summertime to have endings. I wore this outfit to the funeral of a dear friend’s grandmother. Sometimes, we must say goodbye at inopportune times. To be honest, there is never an opportune time for goodbyes. 
As I write this, there’s an odd light hanging in the air. A summer storm is billowing on the horizon, and the leftover sunlight juts through storm clouds in a strange pattern. Sometimes, too, summer storms billow on the horizons of our lives. 

{fingernail polish matches shoes}
I’m a believer in wearing black to funerals. It feels respectful, and symbolic of the loss. Black says, “The world is stopping for a moment, our world is, because we lost someone who kept it turning.” Much like my comments on Good Friday and the veil I wore then, wearing black and a hat helps me feel the symbolism, respect, and grieving process. When someone’s world stops as a loved one passes on, wearing black feels appropriate
And so does wearing a vintage ring hat with veil.
Linen Ring Hat with Veil and Velvet Bows: Vintage, Thrifted, 25 cents! 
Hair: “Flowered” up–that is, pieces bobby pinned in curls to look like a flower
Dress: Gap
Tortoise Wayfarer-ish Sunglasses: Target 
Belt: Thrifted
Handbag: Vintage
Heels: Banana Republic, consignment store

Wearing Hats: A Series {Part 1}

I’m very excited to share a series with you this week about wearing hats, vintage & new. Before I begin sharing my own outfits incorporating vintage hats, I thought, we need to see some inspiration. Don’t you think? 
Jackie Kennedy’s iconic look included many hats. She was especially well-known for the pillbox style {center}
Any hat that Audrey Hepburn put on instantly became sculpture. WOW! 

There have been a handful of vintage hats on Mad Men. I adore Rachel’s simple brown hat she wears on the train {top left}. Rachel Menken’s purple feathery creation is one of a kind! Christina Hendricks wore several very stunning hats in the photoshoot for LA {bottom right}
But really, who does hats better than the British royals? No one. 
Queen Elizabeth II is so beautiful. I just love her cheerful spirit and colors. Always wearing a hat, and always smiling. 
Sophie, Countess of Wessex…love her hat & capelet

This is such an incredible photo of Princess Diana. That hat, the colors! Everything about it is stunning.
And, of course, the world’s newest darling, Princess Kate. I’ll forever call her that because it’s so endearing and I feel it suits her. She’s the Jackie Kennedy of our generation, I do think. Goodness she looks amazing in anything, and always happy and carefree {albeit skinny}.
I love rocking hats. I dearly love collecting them AND wearing them, and can hardly wait to start showing you a few from my own collection. Aren’t you pining for gorgeous hats now? 

Palm Springs

Happy Monday!
 Mrs. Lilien has had me on a Palm Springs kick. Palm Springs is calling me and my vintage swimsuit to a swanky Palm Springs hotel with a swanky pool. Of course, this vintage late-1960s Barkcloth, with the most amazing design, cupcake buttons, and…yes…sequins, is coming with me. But I might have to check a bag…this thing weighs about ten pounds!

I love all of the visual weight from the pattern and texture, yet it fits beautifully so it doesn’t look overwhelming. Vintage MUST fit well or it’s not worth your time, my friends. 
But Palm Springs? Palm Springs is always worth your time.

“Excuse me, which direction is the pool?”

This pattern reminds me so much of the new Kate Spade Florence Brodhurst design: 

Doesn’t it have a lot of similar elements? Everything old is new again! 
Have a GREAT Monday, my dears! I’m so excited for this week and I hope you are, too. It’s mid-July, high-summer, and I’m ready to make the most of every second of it. 

Happy & Skippy

{yet again, these shorts WERE ironed at the beginning of the day, fyi}

Screen-star style! Give me a touring car and let’s hit the roads of Monaco!

Since I’m fresh off my “It’s raining” kick, I won’t go on a new, “It’s hot” kick. But, just for the record: it’s really, really hot outside. 
Aaaaaaand moving on. 
This outfit makes me happy and skippy. As in, wanting to skip instead of walk. 
I love this outfit because it’s simple but punchy, and modern but retro. All of the pieces are new (ie. not vintage), and the colors are modern, but the whole look has a definite retro vibe.
Almost the weekend!