Why I Cover My Head on Good Friday

I love to cover my head on Good Friday with a veil or scarf. 
See I’m a big fan of tradition. Tradition has roots. Tradition has meaning. It has heart, if you let it. All of that feeling is up to us, though…tradition itself holds little, which is why we can so easily forget. What we bring in our hearts to tradition is where the beauty lies. The remembrance of things past that have lead us to this day, the longing of things yet to be…it’s all rather poetic and my heart clings to that. 

Covering my head helps me feel the mourning of my Savior’s death. For MY sins. How could I not cover my head then, in sorrow and reverence for this act that was for ME? Because of me? I put myself in the place of the followers of Jesus who were there, who saw the God of the universe clinging to a cross, barely recognizable. And YES, we know He rises. But they didn’t, you see. They couldn’t comprehend that Jesus crucified, would soon be Jesus risen. Still today, 2000 years later, it is hard to comprehend the agony and beauty mixed together, even though I know He rises, that He is alive.
But the fact remains that the price was paid. The sacrifice was made. 
So I wear black.
And cover my head. 
A woman in mourning. For my Savior’s death. For my sins. 
For the bleak and hopeless outlook that would be ours had Jesus remained on the Cross. 
But this isn’t the end of the story.

Tell me, do you cover your head for Good Friday? 
Scarf: Burberry//Wool Bow Dress: Vintage//Cashmere Sweater: White + Warren//Heels: Ann Taylor

For a Story

Because it’s Saturday night and my work week is over.

Because the light in Florida was kickin’. 
{disclaimer: I have no idea what kickin’ means, but it sounds good}

Because hot pink and black are so very “Natalie.”
Because this outfit reminds me of a story. 
Which reminds me that we are all here, all living life, all trying to find stories.
Happy story-making weekend, friends. Enjoy!

Casual Sequins: Oxymoron?

My friend told me I don’t wear jeans very often. 
Regular old blue jeans, as opposed to colored denim, because we all know I love my hot pink jeans! I guess it’s true…I’m a skirt and dress sorta girl. That, or yoga pants and one of my many sweatshirts. But you don’t need to see that. 
My mom gave me this top for Christmas. My brother (again with my brother  nick-naming my outfits/clothing, right? This was my lot in life growing up) calls this the “mermaid top.” I think I rather agree this time! The paillettes are a beautiful matte blue-green, but when the light hits them, they shine and come alive.

I wanted to try wearing this top in a wearable way. A “Hey, this Mermaid top isn’t so scary!” way. So I pulled out the old blue jeans. For some texture contrast, I added my velvet riding jacket and my gray suede pumps. Since the top is rather statement-y, I kept my makeup and jewelry very simple. Just a few coats of mascara and this wonderful Pomegranate-Fig Lip Butter I received in a gifted Birchbox, and it was a particularly good hair day thanks to another goodie from my Birchbox. Have you joined Birchbox? It’s totally fun…they send you designer beauty samples every month. You can join here! For jewelry, just some simple studs and my favorite rings. If your office lets you wear jeans on Casual Friday, I think this would be the perfect outfit. Take off the jacket, change the heels, add a bit more makeup, and you could head out for a party afterwards!
This Missoni bag is my absolute favorite winter purse. It’s a consignment store steal, considering it was under $20 and it retails for nearly $500. Tomorrow I’ll show you my purse & travel essentials featuring the uber-awesome GoToobs from HumanGear.
Also, I’ve been reading these amazing blog posts about picking the perfect jeans for your figure. Considering they don’t make my favorite brand of jeans (what I’m wearing above, Blue Cult) anymore (I don’t think…if you know otherwise, please let me know!), I’ll need these tips soon enough. Thanks, Rachel!

Birthday {Part I}

Hi 🙂 
It was my birthday 🙂
I received the most luscious bouquet of hot pink and light pink roses 🙂
My family and friends really went all out to make sure it was a special day…sending flowers, gifts from afar, cards, and bringing pink champagne and presents. They really indulged me, and are ever-so-good to me. Thank you, dears, for making my day so special 🙂

My brother calls this my Neopolitan Ice Cream skirt. I call it my Birthday Tutu! I’ve worn it for my birthday before (see this old-as-the-hills post). It’s just so perfectly pinkly party-y! I wore it with my grandmother’s crinoline underneath. Can you believe she used to wear it under her poodle skirts in the 50s?! I love it so much it’s not even funny.

The feather headpiece was a birthday gift a few years ago from one of my very best friends. I love it so much and have worn it on many birthdays because it is just so birthday-y! I wore some vintage costume jewelry earrings, and my polka-dot tights too.
A birthday only comes once a year, so it definitely requires some party clothes! Don’t you agree? 
Check out PART TWO here, including my green-ombre cake with pink frosting!

Vintage Christmas Eve

Vintage hat, vintage rhinestone bow shoulder brooch, and vintage dress.
I bought this dress a few months ago, but it needed a bit of TLC to be wearable. When it comes to vintage, needing a bit of TLC is no problem for me, so I set to work handsewing and cutting off the awkward mid-calf lower tier that was falling apart anyway. I think it turned out very cute shorter! I wish you could see the back better…such a pretty foldover drape with a big satin button on one side.

Sunshine and a bit of snow on the ground for Christmas.

My DAD said this was a cute outfit, and that it was very Jackie Kennedy. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! 

I wore it with my red wool coat for a festive touch.

So many pictures. 
Hope you had a great Christmas!

Casual Day

Just a casual errand-running outfit today. I just love a day when you can bundle up in a bunch of layers, but you don’t need ALL the layers, you know? No hat, thick mittens, and down coat required. It is so much easier to run errands without needing all of those, which you desperately want to shed when you’re inside the warm store.

So for a run to the DMV, thrift store, coffee shop, grocery store, and the library, this outfit works so well. 
Handwarmers can be thrown in my purse, and the vest isn’t overwhelmingly warm. Add a Chai Tea Latte in hand and I’m perfectly cozy. 
And now I’m crazy-inspired, so I’m off to work on Christmas presents!

Bootights & Stripes

Oh stripes, how I adore you. Oh cupcake hair, how I adore you (see, cause my bun looks like a swirl of frosting?). Oh giant sunglasses, how I adore you.

Also adoring these new lace-up boots that were a bit of a steal from the consignment store. I bought a bunch of clothes to the consignment store the night before my move. My car was already packed to the hilt, and I was entirely exhausted, but I had one bag of “good” clothes that wasn’t coming with me. I used the credit I earned for these boots, knowing full well I had absolutely no room in my car for them. In desperation, I managed to cram them under the front passenger seat. I think it was worth the effort, because of their shearling lining, lace-up front, and Chukka-boot styling. What do you think?
{pink fingernails}
Ok, now I’m excited to share the best part of this post! 
I think you all know my penchant for wearing skirts and dresses in winter, since the “how-to” it is my most popular post. Well, I am just so excited to have something totally new to add to my winter wardrobe: Bootights.

You guys, it’s a tight with a sock, too!
I’m really just thrilled to have found this company. Their thick, premium-quality, made in USA tights combine a sock into the tights so that you don’t have to ruin your tights in boots, have your feet be slipping inside boots, or layer thick or unsightly socks over your own tights. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?! It can get ugly when you have a gorgeous outfit on and then throw on cheesy off-season holiday socks over your tights in your boots because it’s all you could find….only to show up for a fancy dinner party and be asked to take off your shoes. 
These are the Flannel Pinstripe tights. They are really thick and luxurious, with a very thick and cozy calf-length sock attached to the tights. I was worried that the seam attaching the two would be flimsy and cause them to rip, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. The sock makes these tights especially warm inside boots, and I felt cozy and comfy all day, even in my ‘dressier’ boots. The tights definitely have a control top, so be aware for those holiday food-laden parties 😉 They have many patterened tights that will be perfect for the upcoming festive party season (click on the title of the tight for more info)!
I’m going to update my “How to Wear Skirts & Tights in the Winter” post this year, and I will be SURE to include this amazing new find. If you live where it’s cold, these are an incredibly valuable addition to your winter wardrobe. They are a little pricey, but they are made in USA and definitely high-quality. When it comes to tights, I’ve noticed that you really get what you pay for. And there’s always Santa!
Seriously, these would be great (and punny) stocking-stuffers. 
I crack myself up.
Now, I just need to get their other cute ones. I’m thinking Herringbone and Clark Cable (ha).

*These tights are c/o Bootights in exchange for the words, images, and opinions in this post, which are my own, honest and unbiased. Thank you, Bootights!

Polka Dots, Zig Zags and Daisies

The sun was out yesterday. 
You know, after it was snowing/raining and before there were tornadoes and then it snowed again.

Minnesota, whatchyou doin’?
Calm this crazy weather down, will ya?

{Zig-Zag tights! The best!}

{Daisy Baubles! Also the best!}
But when the weather gets crazy, the outfits get crazy! 
Mixing polka dots with zig-zags and daisies.
That I like! Those are good things. 

Crazy 60s

Good Monday Morning, lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you this week, because I finally have a bit of a creative streak back after my move. Moving really takes it outta ya! For a night out at theatre and dinner, I went for a more dramatic outfit and a certainly dramatic eye look. Tell me what you think!

{Patterned dress + striped leggings + hot pink motorcycle jacket + bow flats}
{60s costume jewelry earrings}

That crazy eye-makeup is called split eyeliner. A technique often used in the 1960s and onstage to really define the eyes, it is very mod. It is also very heavy, and is therefore best used sparingly. But it’s a fun style to have in your makeup bag of tricks, don’t you think?


In a new town, everything seems like a possibility. 
I kid you not, in the past week, I have Google-d and decided I was absolutely going to try rock climbing, trampoline exercise classes, and being a mystery shopper. 
See, the problem is, there’s a disconnect. I can’t recreate my old life here. I must become a slightly, somehow different version of myself, just by the nature of moving. And while everything seems to be a possibility, I don’t want to lose my center of gravity either. 
Who are we kidding here? A trampoline exercise class would make me, at best, extremely dizzy and probably motion-sick.
So I guess I’ll keep on working on it.
And in the meantime, there’s still a small chance I’ll see you at trampoline exercise class.