Cherry Earrings

This is actually an action shot…see the flower in my hand in motion? But I liked it for some reason.

Color & pattern.
How cute are these? 
Also, my grandma and  I are sharing these earrings. 
Because she has a cherry-themed outfit and needs to borrow these. 
And I think it’s totally awesome. 
{waves to grandma!}


Howdy, ya’ll! 
I just felt like saying ‘Howdy’ for some reason. 
How much fun attitude does this outfit have? It feels sort of Sandy-in-Grease-has-her-moment, ya’know? 
Only without leather. 
These light pink pearls were a gift from my parents after my first ballet company performance, waaaay back. 
The over-shirt is my mom’s. So are the shoes. And the shirt. 
But the attitude? That’s mine. Yeah, that’s allllllllllllll mine. 
Actually I don’t have any attitude. 
In fact, I’m smiling in the pictures. 
But the outfit has attitude. 
Don’t you think? 

This & These & That

This is my super-tired face. And sadly, this was the best of the batch of photos. Yowza. 
We’re back to gray skies, too. I need some chai STAT.
But I think the rest of the week is supposed to skyrocket into the high-80s. Ew.
These are my stripes rolled up over the spring green.
These are my lavender fingernails.

These are my chevron socks in my cheetah flats. 
And that is my casual Monday outfit. 

Feminine Oxford

Sometimes I find oxfords are far too masculine for me, my shape, and my taste. This vintage button-up has enough detail to make it feminine…cute side vents, ruffled collar & sleeves, floral pattern, and it’s the perfect blend of being ultra-soft and yet crisp.
A blue floral print and jeans with just enough detail to keep things interesting…perfect for a breezy summer day!

Things I Think When It Rains

I’m tired. 
And did I mention it’s still rainy?
So I thought, why not monochromatic, and stripes with more stripes?
And then I thought…I normally pair gray and mint with silver. But what if I paired them with gold?! What then, huh?
Anything seems like a good idea when it’s been raining for days weeks.
Actually, I don’t think gold flats and a gold/green ring did any harm. 
In fact, I might like it.
I might try it again on some non-rainy day.
If that ever happens.

I’m putting my foot down. 
The rain’s gotta stop. 
You got that, rain? 
K, good.

Joy and Shades of Pink

Rainy days call for “JOY” French “Diva-nilla” coffee. Haha. Love this cheerful polka dot coffee and polka dot, “You have filled my heart with greater joy,” Dayspring mug (check out their Good Things- Teacup and Tote Gift Set). So much extra cheerfulness for the day!
It was raining all day, so I didn’t get to take outfit pictures of this outfit “on”. But I was crushing hard on the color combo, so I wanted to be sure to share it. 

Ballet Pink cardi + Hot Pink scarf + Latte tee
Add cheetah ballet flats, jeans, lavender nail polish and hair band, and citrine earrings.

I think this color combination is just wonderful! It feels sophisticated, yet youthful.  What do you think? 

Extra Weekend

 This is my It’s Monday. But it’s still the ‘weekend’! expression.
With Monday being a holiday we had an extra day to wear our weekend duds! If you know me, you know that practically no weekend ensemble is complete without a splash of neon!  Monochromatic with a pop of neon is always right, but since neon is such a trend right now, it’s even more on point.

Add sparkles, stripes, braided belt, lace-edged skirt, and ‘snakeskin’ sandals for even more visual interest. 
Did you notice how this outfit is really, really simple in its foundations? It’s a tank, sweater, an ‘easy’ bottom (skirt with shorts underneath to keep things modest), and sandals.  How quickly could a tank top, sweater, and shorts look uninspired and boring? Mixing up the details are what really make the outfit stand out.

{hot pink details}

Style Secrets
Sunnies: Target
Sweater: Tag Sale
Tank: Tag Sale
Skirt: American Eagle
Purse: Consignment Shop
Sandals: Thrifted
Nail Polish (not on in pics): Pixi

Have a great week!

Lime Green and Sequins

This is what I wore to a rock concert. Uhhhh….errrrrr….by “rock concert” I mean “Four-year-old’s Birthday Party.” Kinda the same thing. Lime green, sequins, and neon. My pink and green even (inadvertently) matched the Strawberry Shortcake theme colors!

This little four-year-old? Well, she’s stylin’. That’s her pink leopard raincoat hanging behind my purse. Do they make that in adult sizes? 
Style Secrets
Pink “Wing” earrings: Local store
Jacket: F21
Sequin tank: Tag sale
Neon Vest: Thrifted 
Sweater: J.Crew, thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Handwarmers: Gift
Purse: Missoni, consignment shop
Jeans: F21
Boots: Tag sale

Mixed Blues

I’ve been so into wearing blue lately, which is strange because I’ve never been much of a blue person. I’m much more a green person. As in, fan of the color green. Though I can be a jealous person (tsk tsk), and I am often sick (sadly, it seems). But anyhow, upon noticing this recent fascination with blue, my friend sent over a box of blue clothes to try! How wonderful! I’m loving this subtly striped blue shirt with a ruffle!

Style Secrets
Cami: ?
Blouse: Old Navy, borrowed
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Gift, from India
Necklace: Gift, from Israel
Jeans: F21
Boots: Garage Sale
Vintage Inspired Coat: F21

IU Style: Casual

Beautiful IU watch
Indiana University ranks pretty high up there on the “awesome things” list. A few weeks ago, they, along with blogger extraordinaire Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, chose my outfit to be the IU Style Most Fashionable Alum. That in an of itself is awesome, but IU kept the awesomeness coming with a giant box of awesome IU items. This sweater stayed with me all weekend (quite literally) as I was at the Young Life All-Nighter. So that is…let’s see…bowling, mini golf, movie, indoor soccer, batting cages, swimming, pizza, hot chocolate, popcorn, and candy All. Night. Long. Sounds kinda like college, right?! 
Boyfriend and I then used the box to prop up a game of Scrabble. 
{Please don’t look too closely; we started with “and” so I’m pretty sure this board has the highest concentration of three-letter-words. Also, I accidentally swiped my blanket across the board and messed it up.}

I kept score in IU red, of course (and won, hehe)

I’ve got a more polished IU look coming next week, so stay tuned, and dust off your old alma mater duds and play along 🙂
Style Secrets
Sunnies: Local store
Plaid Tunic: F21
Sweater: c/o IU (Victoria’s Secret PINK) {totally want that “Hoosiers are the Best Kissers” tee now!!}
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: F21
Boots: Walmart
Watch: c/o IU {fossil}