Monday Mid-Day

Ya’ll this verse is just SO on my heart today. What a beautiful reminder of how good and gracious our God is! So much hope. #allthetime
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This beautiful song is also on my heart this morning…”You have called me higher, you have called me deeper…” so when we’re ready to get sent in that right direction, we can know He is whispering in our ears the entire time, sending us with love and grace and never alone.
Today, I am praying over this blog and everyone whose heart finds the way here. I am praying God blesses you, gives you rest, and sends you off to find your place in His great big beautiful story. 
You’re playing your part magnificently, darling!

He is our Establish-er

Ya’ll I saw someone wearing this same exact shirt at the library. With jeans. 
WITH JEANS. I mean, c’mon. I decided my shirt deserved some stage time with a pretty skirt, shiny shoes, bling ring, and a bow in my hair. I’m a good momma to my clothes like that.
{full disclosure: i’m sure i’ll wear this with jeans at some point and in fact have worn it with my hot pink jeans but that doesn’t make as good of a story, ok?}
Anyway, I have a question. Is establish-er a word? Like, one who establishes someone or something? 
No matter. 
Let’s pretend it is.
Because God is our Establish-er.