Chambray Confession

You know how sometimes, everyone has something, so you resist getting one for no good reason other than principle? And then it goes on crazy-sale at J.Crew and you decide to just test the waters and see why everyone was going so crazy. And the minute you slip on the chambray shirt, you get it
Totally not talking about myself here. 

Well, no matter. I jumped on the chambray shirt bandwagon, my friends, and boy am I sure glad! I have no doubt you’ll be seeing this shirt a lot. And if you might have happened to be like me, uneasy about why everyone was going crazy over a denim shirt, don’t worry. It’s absolutely wonderful, I promise.

And while I’m reppin’ J.Crew just ’cause, this outfit definitely reminds me of something out of their catalogue. Stripes, chambray, glasses, a giant cocktail ring, ankle-zip cords, and bright blue suede pumps?
That has J.Crew-bandwagon written allllllll over it.

Swedish Sort of Day

It was a gorgeous day last week for a visit to an incredibly gorgeous place…the American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Last time I was there, years ago, it was simply (ha) the gorgeous mansion on Park Ave. that belonged to Swedish immigrants. This summer, they completed renovations that added an entirely new (modern) wing. Mom, Grandma, and I (sorry to the bro and sister-in-law for the salt in the wound here) ventured there on this gorgeous day.
This glass conservatory is just stunning. I adore it. 
And of course I wore my Swedish colors! 
Wondering how they still had so many pretty red roses in the courtyard…

The old meets the new. The mansion reflected in the new addition. 
 ASI just opened their Nordic Christmas exhibit, where each room of the mansion reflects the traditional decorations and stylings of a Nordic country at Christmas. I won’t bore you with the hundreds (literally) of photos I took, but let me just say: I’m crazy-inspired by my heritage, and I can’t wait to decorate in the traditional Nordic themes for Christmas this year.

Why yes, I did ride the mechanical dala horse. You know you would have too.
His name is Gustav. 
It costs a quarter. Totally worth it.
We had coffee in their new restaurant, Fika. Fika is the Swedish coffee break, filled with lots of coffee and LOTS of sweet things. We wanted to go at Fika time because we’ve gotten in the habit of breaking for Fika  at home.

Cardamom Cinnamon Roll with Swedish Pearl Sugar, anyone? 
When we were nearly finished, we ransacked the gift shop (no, just kidding. we didn’t do that; the bus tour group that was also there did that, ha!). But I did stock up on my favorite Swedish ribbons to use for my Nordic-themed Christmas, Swedish candy, and my favorite Swedish soap. And I looked ever-so-longingly at just about everything else, including the amazing array of Swedish baking and knitting books. Swoon. 
I’m so inspired! It is so much fun to be back in Minnesota with family and tradition everywhere I look.
Outfit~ Sunnies: local store, Necklace: Kohls, Blouse: Land’s End/thrifted, Sweater: American Eagle, Skirt: J. Crew, Tights: Missoni for Target, Boots: Forever21, Bangles: J.Crew and local store

Here Comes the Sun

And then I happened upon a bunch of balloons in the exact seafoam color of my entire outfit {nailpolish included}
Thank you, Lord, for soul-lifting Spring. The abundance of light and warmth make it nearly impossible for me to hold all of the hope and happiness in my heart.

 I am embracing all of the spring colors in my wardrobe! It is so much more fun to get ready in the morning on sunny spring days, don’t you agree? It’s the perfect season for clothes–happy colors mixed with great textures…but I better not get too excited, since Spring in New England is a tempestuous thing. We could very well get a blizzard or two before it’s all said and done.

(Pssst…I match my new love seat! Haha.)

Style Secrets
Sunnies: Local store
Scarf: VS
Earrings: Boutique on Vacay
Blouse: Liberty of London for Target
Skirt: J.Crew via eBay
Boots: Consignment credit
Coat: Thrifted

Bright Mustard and Blues

I’ve been searching for a mustard pencil skirt for a LONG time (a year and a half!). I was truly lusting over the J.Crew Wool Serge skirts, but they were steadily outside my budget-reach, even after so long! What’s up with that? I was checking eBay regularly, but even eBay prices on the wool skirts were sky-high. Then I stumbled across this J.Crew, new with tags, relative-bargain of a mustard tiny-whale corduroy skirt. It was love at first bid. I can’t wait to think of more ways to style this new skirt. For now, my beautiful Land’s End blouse, favorite new tights, and some other basic accessories will make a decent go ’round. 
Until next time, pretty new mustard pencil cord skirt!

Style Secrets
Earrings: Lia Sophia, gift
Blouse: Land’s End, thrifted
Scarf: Hand-me-over
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: J.Crew via eBay
Tights: Gift
Boots: Thrifted

A Few Years Older


Today, I’m wearing a twin outfit. A twin of myself? Does that make sense? This is one of my all-time favorite outfits, I just love it! You can see the original post HERE from a few years ago.
You may have noticed that around lunchtime, I had posted a different incarnation of this post for a hot minute. Then I decided to buck up and take a new outfit photo, considering the day had warmed from an inhumane double-digit negative temperature outside to a slightly more considerate 20 degrees above.
And remind me again why I live in New England? 
Over and out! Have a great week!

Cold Hands Warm Heart Swap

The Cold Hands Warm Hearts blogger swap hosted by Sandy a la Mode and Much Love Illy was so much fun!!! I was partnered up with the super adorable Mrs. Stephanie T. She is so sweet and sent me such a great package! Also, her handwriting on the address label was perfect. Like, better-than-Kindergarten-teacher-perfect.

Stephanie sent me these great wine-colored fingerless gloves and cute beret. Funniest thing is: I sent her the exact same fingerless gloves (but in yellow), and the matching legwarmers (oops, sorry Stephanie, I thought it was a scarf). Second funniest thing: I immediately left these at the ice skating rink. Sad face! I’m going by tomorrow to pick them up. I need them!!!! She also sent me that amazing ring you see in the last photo. So statement-y and cool. 
This is the last super fun thing she sent me! An Archie Grand for J.Crew journal. I love it!! Haha. 
Thank you so much, Stephanie! It was great to swap with you and get to know you. I hope you liked your goodies 🙂 
Did ya’ll jump over and say hello to Stephanie? I bet she’ll be posting what I sent her soon.
Style Secrets
Beret: swap from Stephanie
Scarf: Hand-me-over
Fingerless Gloves: swap from Stephanie
Ring: swap from Stephanie
Button-down: Vintage
Cami: ?
Belt: Thrifted
Cords: AG
Boots: Thrifted