Red Lips + Friday Vlog

Hi friends! It’s Friday and that means another caffeinated vlog from moi 😉 
The Friday Things: 
1.) I’d love to invite YOU to think up a creative act of humble service for someone close to you. It’s so much fun and I promise you’ll be the recipient of the love just as much as the person you bless. 
2.) I’m thinking this lipstick is too much for my pale winter skin right now. Oh well, some days a girl just needs the red lipstick, #amIright? 
3.) Jennie Allen’s Restless. Get it.

4.) The song that has the line about chaos to order that I am digging right now.

4.) Maple latte perk your interest? Make it at home, my lovelies! 1/3 of the cup with espresso or hot, strong brewed coffee, 2/3 steamed milk (foamed if you have a whisk or aerator) and 1 Tablespoon maple syrup. Top with the foam from the milk and a drizzle of maple syrup. 
Enjoy in a Kate Spade mug because #Friday. 

Earl Gray Lemon Latte

This drink. Oooooo, this drink. It inspires me. But the bills I was racking up at Caribou Coffee, where they created this delicious tea latte, were not inspiring. They were downright depressing. How in the world is $3.80 for a small okay? 
What do they think Caribou Coffee is, an airport?! 
(I crack myself up)
Don’t worry, Caribou, I still love you, and I will still be visiting you. In fact, I just ordered another tea latte yesterday. But for me, this is the Winter of Drink Recipes, or so it seems. Being able to make lattes at home is fun and easy, too. So I pulled out my darling little vintage yellow pitcher and set to work recreating the “earl gray tea extract” and “lemon creme sauce” per Caribou Coffee’s website. 
Go ahead and thank me now. Or come over for an Earl Gray Lemon Latte.
I hope I spelled Gray with an “a” this whole way through, because sometimes I get a little excited and throw an “e” in there.
  Fair warning: Earl Gray tea is caffeinated. 
Earl Gray Lemon Tea Latte
 {Caribou Coffee Copycat created by Good Girl Style}
Makes approx. 2 regular-size or one giant-sized or one regular-size & one refill…you get the idea.
Earl Grey Tea Extract
Use twice as much tea as you normally would in half the water. I used 2 teabags in 2/3 of a mug of water, as I usually use a very large mug for my tea. Steep 5 minutes, no longer or else the extract will become bitter. Remove tea bags and keep extract warm.
Lemon Milk
1 cup whole milk
1 tsp. lemon extract
2 TBSP. powdered sugar
2 tsp. honey
Heat gently, while foaming with a wire whisk. (Edited to add: You can use a frother if you have one!)

To Create Drink:

Fill the mug 2/3 full of tea extract, slowly pour in the lemon milk to fill the mug. Enjoy! 

Eggnog Chai Latte

{see the cute tiny little Swedish Santa?}
You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been digging the seasonal drinks lately. 
I jumped on the Pumpkin Spice bandwagon this autumn, but what REALLY makes my tastebuds jump with holiday joy is the Chai Eggnog Latte at Starbucks. This drink, you guys. I have been having a love affair with it for about ten years. Back when I was a sous chef, the head chef would occasionally order coffee for everyone and they all just got regular coffee, but he knew to order me a Chai Eggnog Latte so I would do a good job on amuse bouche that night to make him look good! Ha.
Anyway, I just knew I HAD to try to recreate this (expensive) delicious drink at home this season. 
You know what?
It tastes even better made at home. My mom (the resident coffee snob) said, “This is way better than Starbucks.” High praise from her! 
And I’m totally going to share the recipe with you, because it’s easy and just far too good to keep to myself. 
I only keep the mediocre stuff to myself, because you don’t need to know about all of the mediocre things I attempt. They’re my little secret. 
I’m really, really wordy tonight with this post, and throwing in a lot of useless information. While I’m going there, I might as well tell you that I had to make an emergency run to the dollar store tonight to get more glue sticks for my glue gun. Super important information.
{A “Sprinkle” of cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, along with a nutmeg to grind.}
Now, I know, I know, I’ve kept you waiting. Sorry. Here it is: 
Eggnog Chai Latte 
by Good Girl Style
A little less than half of a mug of eggnog (make sure your eggnog is gluten-free if necessary; some aren’t)
A little more than half of a mug of hot, strong coffee (to fill the mug, obviously)
A “Sprinkle” (1/32nd of a teaspoon) of: cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg
A splash of vanilla
Sugar to taste (I used approximately 1 tsp., some like it sweeter)
Whipped Cream
A dash of cinnamon to top
Heat the eggnog until very hot but not scalded. (Easy way: just throw it in the microwave). Stir in the spices and vanilla. Add the coffee. Add the sugar. Stir well. Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. Makes 1 mug.

Now, I’m pretty sure these would be amazing with the Chai Shortbread Cookies. If I had any left. But you can feel free to bake up a batch and share with me.
(PS. Make one of these lattes for your mom. She’ll love you for it)

Friday Morning Musings

It’s a quiet Friday morning here–my favorite kind. I awoke late, and turned on my pretty little reading lamp. Stumbled to the kitchen, arranged a cup of tea, a buttered piece of toast, and some strawberry yogurt. Brought the meal back to the bedroom, fighting the urge to snuggle back in bed with it, and instead hunted down some museums and recipes and such online. With just the light in the corner from my little bedside lamp, it feels rather wonderfully old-fashioned in here; as though I were going to sit in the corner with my quill and write a letter, or a great American novel. Instead, I click-clack away on my laptop, creating a blog post. And now, I shall return to my bed with my second cup of tea and my book! Wake me upon lunch time should I snooze 😉
(I am currently reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, which I have been completely enamored with since I saw the HBO series a year or two ago. I have since bought the DVDs and the books, and turned many people into fans of the series. It is only too bad it seems to be on an interminable hiatus 🙁 I HIGHLY recommend it! Go get it now. It is so soothing, and beautiful, truly being filmed in Botswana. Let me know if you want more details!)

Chartreuse & Latte

{Ooo, love that movement in the skirt!}
A few things:
1.) This color combination….well, I’m not gonna lie: it’s interesting. And I never would have thought of it had I not found this wonderful vintage belt at the thrift store. But I think I’m a fan.
2.) I always though midi-length skirts were tough to wear. But judging by the number I’ve been donning recently, they can’t be that bad. Or else my posts are just terrible and no one’s telling me 😛
3.) My shirt is latte-colored. Which compels me to tell you about these amazing babies. The Cappuccino flavored one is delish. They taste like melted coffee ice cream, or a thicker Frappuccino, or maybe even a Wendy’s Jamocha shake. All amazing things, my friends, to be saying a PROTEIN drink tastes like! Now, I’m a girl who has a tough time getting enough protein. And it seems like every boyfriend I’ve ever had has “gifted” me protein powder. BLECH! So finding these? I’m totally hooked! 
Don’t bother with the chocolate one, it still tastes yucky, and I haven’t tried the chai yet nor the vanilla.
Style Secrets
Necklace: F21
Ring: H&M
Tee: Gap
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: from a friend
Heels: Elie Tahari, TJ Maxx

Midsummer’s Eve

  Apricot-Lavender Crisp and Lingonberry Juice  
{to celebrate my Swedish heritage on a particularly Swedish day, Midsummer’s Eve, when the treats were served}

{the weather has been so horrid all week, taking pictures in my kitchen is like trying to take pictures in a dungeon. Sorry for the poor lighting}
{remember how I told you here that I loved the cookbook Organic and Chic? This is another recipe from that book}
This combination is amazing. My co-worker almost died in delight when eating this. Deeeee-licious. We decided to make jam this summer with apricots and lavender. Wonder if anyone else has ever done that before. If not, we’ll make millions, it will be so delicious. Please don’t scoop me and start selling it tomorrow 😛
Anyway, we also had this…

Because, despite the brown hair, I’m quite Swedish and yeah, sure, you betcha, I’m quite proud to be!

Friday Everything

This, my friends, is Friday Everything. Everything and nothing all at once.

 I’ve been pretty busy the past few weekends between travel and work, so I haven’t been able to pick up farmer’s market flowers. I pulled out these three pretty pink straw flowers from my last bouquet. Love that they stay perfect! And they are soooooo my colors.
Late-night snack gone awry that made me laugh out loud last night.
I’ve been eating my weight in grapes lately. 
That box I tweeted about yesterday? Awesome goodies from Bath & Bodyworks. My favorite soaps ever! And I love their shampoo, too. Notice how they are all pink and green? Lol. 
New (to me) scent to try…I know the boy will like the smell of this one 😛
Sigh. I thought I was done with textbooks when I got my Master’s. Guess not. Getting ready for teaching my second class of summer term. Good thing I have a tall glass of grape & cranberry juice mixed with mandarin seltzer. Yes!
Have a good weekend! I’ll try to post an outfit or two this weekend. I’ve got quite the backlog (that keeps getting sniped by Kendi! Grr!).