Happy Endings OR Breakups, Bangs, and Bacon

I’m feeling great! I might get bangs!
~ABC’s Happy Endings

Welp. Here are a few ways to have “Happy endings” even after…not-so-happy ones. Like breakups. But I’m sure you’ve figured that out, you little detectives you. And my not-so-subtle hints {oops}.
Anywhoo, all is well and tonight, I have a happy ending. Happy, like:

(aka “My Husband Will Crazy-Love Me Someday for Making Chocolate-Covered-Bacon Sundaes” imho}
And dancing to this song:
Because this song allows for some amazing dancing. {despite the kinda weirdo video, sorry about that}
And besides, I might be feelin’ a little hot to trot with my new haircut…
yep, it’s truly me. promise.
So I’d say that makes for a few happy endings tonight. 
Sweet dreams!


My Valentine’s Day turned out to be one of my favorites yet! How was yours? Gosh, I’m one loved-on and spoiled girl! Chocolates, flowers, and an impromptu dance party–might have been one of my favorite Valentine’s Days yet, and nary a boyfriend in sight! <3
I hardly slept at all last night. And then I woke up before my alarm. Kind of a bummer, but I used to be SUCH a morning person, so this was actually a nice surprise. I enjoy a little space to the morning before the day really gets going. I like to sit in my bed, warm and cozy with my down comforter pulled up tight, and I ponder the day, and send a few prayers up. Then I slip into my favorite slippers and make a mug of tea, pick a song for the day (if one hasn’t been in my head already, as it usually is!), and then it’s into the day!

I found the link for the little Owl image I used on my Valentines. Find it here!

Lately, I’m loving happy little love ditties:
“Falling for You (Piano Version” by Sean Fournier (an oldie but goodie)

That’s all for now!