Resist It

Lately there’s a song that’s just been playing over and over in my head. Jason Reeve’s “Old-Fashioned Letters” (it’s sad so don’t say I didn’t warn you!) and there is one line…
“I want to run, but I resist it.”

Ugh, goodness gracious this line. I want to run, but I resist it. You know it takes a lot of effort to run, but it seems to take MORE effort to stay. 
Staying is hard. 
Waiting is hard. 
Being in a difficult transition, with no direction, and a whole lot of anxiety–yeah, staying there is hard.

When the big things are out of whack, I need to learn to be better at leaning into them. Leaning into HIM, leaning into the Word, and leaning into the waiting. 
Because waiting?

It’s actually refinement.

And I always wanted to a refined lady, polished and graceful in the waiting.



Waves & Being Mermaids

This skirt reminds me of waves because of the turquoise swirls and the tiered scalloped edges, topped with a “whitecap” of the white ruffled shirt.

I spent yesterday at the beach with my friends (read my post on how to pack your beach bag here) and really experienced the waves with a heart for the metaphor found in them. Thanks, in no small part, to this song, which has been soaking deeply into my heart this week. 

I’m not sure I can describe it. Not yet, anyway, this experience of ebbing and flowing with the waves, of the physicality involved in trying to avoid the waves, the fear that can so easily overcome us when facing waves. I was struggling to keep my back to them, to close my eyes and mouth and grin and bear it…and then I looked to my side and I saw a beautiful friend, embracing the waves like a mermaid, swimming through them with a purely joyous smile on her face. She was at home in the waves, while I was in survival mode. 
God tells us there will be waves. I repeat: There will be waves. 
We can choose to embrace the waves and realize that they are part of our story, part of our refining, and that God’s hand is always on us. He’s got us. We won’t get lost. When we swim under a wave, let us find the beauty in those waters until we surface again. And when we surface, we’ll take a big gulp of fresh air and feel stronger than we ever did before. Stronger, more full of the beauty of life, and more free. 
Let’s be mermaids, darlings.
Sunnies: GoFish Clothing//Shirt: J.Crew//Skirt: Thrifted//Sandals:F21

Pink Fur & Mermaid Sequins

I’m not sure which animal was killed to create this pink fur coat, but I sure hope it wasn’t a Care Bear. 
Oh wait, it’s fake fur. 

How much fun is all this texture?! Fur jacket, paillette (big round flat sequins, usually matte) “Mermaid” top, jeans, and suede ballet flats. I love being able to wear this fur jacket and sequins for a casual outfit. Sometimes you just gotta say, “Today’s a fur jacket day!” even if there isn’t any special occasion.

Pink fur kind of IS its own occasion. 
And so is Thursday night.
So I think that calls for a jump-up-and-down, throw-your-hands-in-the-air worship song, right? Totally.
Happy Almost-Weekend!

Calling & Answering

I heard this song for the first time four years ago. Almost exactly four years ago. This beautiful song that makes me cry.
“I called, You answered….
and I, I want to be where You are…”
I heard it in a desperate hill country, in a place filled with violence and poverty. 
Filled with beautiful people, amazing mountains, and incredible culture (along with some questionable food).
A country with Erica Lisbeth, this darling girl pictured above, who lives in Imbabura province in Ecuador and attends a Christian & Missionary Alliance church. The very same Imbabura where the Otavalo natives were unreached and unfriendly to the Gospel.  Until God called Evelyn Rychner.
God called Evelyn and gave her a heart for Imbabura. A big heart like the one carved into the mountains there by two landslides. Art at the hand of God is visible all over this place; in piles of spices in the markets, in the strains of familiar worship songs sung in the Quicheau language, and in the smile of a little girl who took her favorite sparkly sticker off her Bible, ripped it in half, and stuck the other half on my Bible. 
{Praise God we get to worship together forever in Heaven! I can’t wait to give her another hug!}
Like Evelyn and so many before her and after her, God calls us to places on His heart, and writes them on our hearts.
He has rescued us. How can we not share that?
See it’s this reciprocal thing.
When we call, He answers us. And when He calls, I sure hope we answer Him yes.
No matter how weak we feel in the moment. He will give us the heart for it.
“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’
And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!'”
Isaiah 6:8

You rescued us. 
May we want to be where You are, Lord.

Have you sought God’s “travel plans” lately? Where is He that He wants you alongside Him?
Your own home? Downtown in your city? Or maybe even halfway around the world?

Except for Brokenness

Hello lovelies! Just had to pop in this morning because I’m sitting here, listening to this song on repeat, nearly in tears, getting ready for the day. These lyrics are so my heart right now.

“When I have nothing to offer You except for brokenness, You lift me up.” 
So I guess that means we have to offer Him our brokenness, much as I want to keep schlepping it around, heavy on my back, head down, steam-rolling my way through the woods to the nearest hermit cabin I can find. 
“My God, I’ll trust You. I’ll find you on my knees.” 

Kiss Slavery Goodbye: Shades of Pink

Wearing my Radiant Cosmetics Daphne lipstick all this month to support #KissSlaveryGoodbye. You can read more about this awesome company, awesome mission, and awesome lipsticks here and here.
My heart has been so encouraged this week with help from a coffee date with my sister-in-law, the women in The Influence Network, and so many kind words from friends & others. Thank you, lovelies, for lifting my heart!
This awesome nail polish from my December Birchbox is my new favorite! It’s a silver/purple/pink depending on the light. Don’t you think it’s fun? 
Have a great week! 

(in)RL Conference Sign-Up

Girls, get your calenders out 🙂
Because I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to be part of Dayspring’s Incourage In-Real-Life ((in)RL) meet-ups! I co-lead one of inCourage’s groups for single ladies (we are starting up again in February, be on the lookout for more information), and I just love what they do to encourage community among women. This is one of their initiatives…they like to think of it as a “free girls’ weekend that doesn’t require a plane ticket.” 
Registration is FREE, and the weekend starts with a webcast on Friday, April 22nd, and moves on to small community-hosted groups all over the country on Saturday, April 23rd. This year’s theme is “Staying Rooted In Community Through Tough Times.” Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic time?
You can check it out and register HERE (and if you register today, you get a few extra perks!).
Hope you can find a community and join!

Robin’s Egg Blue

{Goodness gracious I love this color!!!}
{and at first I thought I’d never find an outfit to wear that little cardigan. Ha!}
{I’ll just consider myself Zooey Deschanel’s sister, mmmkay?}
{nail polish that matches nature}

{baubles that match each other}

{vintage-y flats}

{those delicious colors again}
This darling little robin’s egg dress is one of my new favorite things. I have it hanging up in the living room just because it’s so pretty. I get that from my mother, who always used to hang pretty things up for me to look at when I was sick. Color is good for the soul, don’t you think? Especially in early spring, when the weather is still just teasing us. I can hardly wait to wear this nice rayon/linen dress in summer.
Style Secrets
Sunnies: TJ Maxx
Scarf: VS gift with purchase
Earrings: F21
Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: F21, thrifted
Bangles: Thrifted and Walmart
Leggings: Thrifted
Flats: Dress Barn, thrifted