Minted Holidays: Custom Wrapping Paper

*I received the Minted items in return for this post and all opinions, images and words are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which support Good Girl Style at no additional charge to you! Thanks!*

Every year, I delight in choosing a theme for my present-wrapping and then taking a picture of the giant pile to keep record of each year’s themes. This year, Minted reached out to see if I wanted to try their brand-new personalized wrapping paper. HOW FUN IS THIS? It’s utterly amazing and I’m super in love with the ability to use wrapping paper filled with photos of all of the family adventures and milestones of the year (HI NIECE OF MINE!).

Here are the trimmings I selected that you see above and below:

Krafted Frames Personalized Wrapping Paper

Bold Washi Gift Tags
Plain Kraft paper
Various ribbons
Black Sharpie
Here you can see everything together here, with the Holiday Bling Scalloped Stickers Scalloped Stickers and a pop of red for holiday spirit and to brighten things up.


To coordinate with the fun Bold Washi Gift Tags, I wrapped a present in regular Kraft paper and covered it with black Sharpie polka-dots. A few of the plainer packages help balance the photo paper.
The beautiful Krafted Frames Personalized Wrapping Paper with my family photos in action!


You might think this is expensive, but it’s really not. It’s only $15 for 5 generous sheets sized at 20″ x 28″. That’s only $3 a sheet for 5 luxuriously thick sheets. Scroll down for a coupon code, too!
 Check out all of their other custom, personalize-able options here!
While you’re at it, you might be interested in one-stop shopping and grabbing your holiday cards, all addressed as the “world’s most beautiful envelope” (gorge!): 

Or pick up some personalized stationary for anyone in your life. These cards are beautiful and I think any lady aged 10 all the way up (or me!) would cherish them, and might even be inclined to send you one as a thank-you note! Love the Sanibel Island Stripes!

AND Minted’s Cyber Monday deals have been so popular they’ve extended it through tonight, December 2nd, at midnight.


  • 15% off + Free Shipping on holiday cards  with Code: 15CM
  • 25% off everything else with Code: 25CM – includes Minted’s Unique Wedding Stationery, gifts, art prints and more!
  • Happy present-finding and -wrapping, my dears! Enjoy every minute!


    There’s so much to tell you in this post!

    First of all, I’m an Auntie for real! It’s so exciting to welcome Avery Kate to the world, the first daughter of my brother and his wife, Stephanie! Isn’t Miss Avery cute??? My brother and Steph ain’t too bad lookin’ either 😉 Love you guys!

    {yeah. I’m related to them. #boom} 

    Stephanie just so happens to be the amazing photographer/baker/writer behind Girl vs. Dough. Be prepared to drool once you head over there. But you should definitely head over there today becauseI’m sharing an amazzzzzing recipe. I’m more than happy to bake delicious things so they can snuggle Avery extra for me.


    Caramel Apple Crumb Cake. Say no more. I swoon thinking about this cake. Even the smell of it is highly intoxicating, not to mention its depth of crumbs and caramel-y goodness. Oooo, you need to make this! Just in case that photo doesn’t get your mouth drooling, how about a video of the caramel drizzle:

    Yeah, that oughtta do it.
    I present to you: Caramel Apple Crumb Cake. #makeitnow
    Now Stephanie doesn’t sit still for long! While pregnant with Miss Avery she also created her eCookbook Quick Bread Love. Woahhhhhhh are there some good-sounding recipes in here, ya’ll! Let me further entice you: Coconut-Chai Tres-Leches Muffins? Yes please. Or perhaps Roasted Blueberry-Basil Corn Bread for those of you with a salty tooth. That’s just the beginning. There are 30 tasty recipes in all, plus Steph’s tips and tricks. 
    Quick Bread Love eCookbook
    *affiliate link 🙂 
    I can guarantee you’ll find something you canNOT live without in this e-cookbook of Stephanie’s! 
    So there you have it: #allthelove. Baby love, family love, caramel-apple love, and Quick Bread Love. 
    So much love!

    My Heart is Full of Christmas

    {pearls, light pink sweater, chartreuse skirt, metallic/brown vest with fur, brown Hunters, red fingernails. in love with this color combo!}
    I’m a sucker for tradition.
    Some traditions are more hysterical than others {that wishbone tradition? this year my mom and I both snapped off a short section and the middle ‘wishbone’ part went flying. oops}.
    Some traditions are tradition even though we have NO idea why we do them anymore {lutefisk and pickled herring stopped tasting good um…forever ago, literally}.
    And some traditions are weighty, worthwhile, and a little bit heart-wrenching. 
    Like laying wreaths on family graves. 
    This is not a tradition that we generally write about or talk about, but it’s a good one. Oh, it’s a good one.
    This is the first year I’ve been present for this tradition, and goodness if the rainy day didn’t suit my mood. I tried hard to smile for these pictures (you should see the ones where I didn’t try. actually, you shouldn’t). I wasn’t somber, really. I wasn’t heartbroken, really. I just felt the weight of it inside my poet’s heart. It feels beautiful to lay wreaths in remembrance this time of year.

    Don’t forget to let your heart feel the weight of tradition. It is healthy to remember and reflect, so long as we seek to take strength from there to carry us forward. We mustn’t belong to the past, but we can let the past belong to us in a deep part of our selves, should we want.

    My heart is full of Christmas.
    It is full of the meaning of the Savior’s birth, so that, as my grandpa’s grave boldly states:

    “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
    because through Jesus Christ the law of the Spirit who gives you life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” 
    Romans 8:1, 2
    What a powerful statement.
    Hold Christmas in your hearts, my dears. Hold memories, blessings, and the hope in the promise that we shall be reunited one day, close to your hearts this Christmas season. 
    Much love, 

    Hot Pink 4EVR

    Hot pink + Natalie = Best Friends 4EVR

    Also, you can tell I was having a wonderful time at a picnic party, because my belt is totally askew and I had no idea.
    Yes, belt askew = obviously Natalie had a great time at a picnic party. 
    It just SCREAMS that, don’t you think? 😉

    In all honesty, though, it was such a wonderful picnic with people I love. And while I’m not technically family, I’m totally family. Y’know? The best thing ever.  I will miss these people dearly. For the past 6 1/2 years, we have built into each other’s lives, seen triumphs and trials together, seen boyfriends/girlfriends/marriages/children/deaths…we’ve been doing life together. That’s the family of God at work. We are created for such community, and being involved in it fills a deep need in our lives, I believe. I am so thankful for that. 

    Dreams & News

    You know how sometimes God softly beckons your heart, and whispers to you a dream? God has given me a whisper-dream from the time I was a little tiny girl. A whisper-dream that I hope, with His grace, I can nurture into a reality that is bigger than anything I could imagine on my own, for His glory. I’m moving back “home” to Minnesota to be with family, where I will be working towards my lifelong dream of starting a bakery. 
    I know it won’t be easy. To be honest, God usually calls us to difficult things, don’t you think? But the best part is, He gives us the grace to get where He wants us going. I sit here humbly, honestly, anticipating many nights of tears and frustration. Nights where my dream takes a totally different direction and I have to struggle with my vision versus God’s. Days of schlepping back and forth, days of burnout, days of aching wrists and back, sweat from painting, hammering, and creating. 
    We pay a price to follow our dreams. But what if we look at it as payment in kind, perhaps, for an opportunity to be all-out for our dreams, to be stretching ourselves into fully blossoming…putting our pennies in the piggy bank so that, down the road, we can crack it open and find that we’ve invested in something much bigger than ourselves, and much more beautiful. I know this won’t come easily. I know that we’re talking years of sacrifice. I’m signing up for something that I’m sure I’ll question time and time again. But my heart and spirit tell me: now is the time. God has ordained me to spread my wings and fly, to His glory. The past few years have been a wonderful training ground of sorts. I feel incredibly blessed to have developed a strong support system, to have gained maturity and experience, and to have sat at the feet of people so well-versed in following their dreams. It will be difficult to leave this life I have here of people, places, and memories that I dearly love. I do not let go of these things lightly; no, indeed, I will always carry them with me. But there are so many people saying, “Go, Nats! Now is the time!” with affection and tears in their eyes. That makes me feel so utterly loved and empowered. 
    So now, I will pack my Subaru with baking pans, vintage clothes, and so much love, and head back to my Swedish roots. 
    “Sometimes right back where you started from is right where you belong.” ~Leigh Standley 
    Indeed, and I cannot wait to begin “belonging” again in Minnesota.
    I am so excited to set down roots and wait for them to “flour”–oh I couldn’t help but throw in one baking pun, you know me.
    And so it begins…

    Great Gift

    {New coffee tumbler, because the lid on my hot pink one broke. Sad face for old one, happy face for new one!}
    OoooooOOooooo! My brother did an AMAZING job bringing me a souvenir from India. Bro, go to India wheneevvveerrrrr you like {and bring me more souvenirs, hehe}. I am in LOVE with this STUNNING scarf he brought me {it deserves three capitalized words and two parentheticals, it’s so amazing}

    {oh you have sharp eyes! yes I did switch boots for awhile}

    Gah! Thank you, Brother! I am so glad you had an amazing trip to India and I still want to hear more about it and see the pictures! 
    This post was going to be a Work to Weekend post, but I just loved both outfits too much, and wanted to give them their own posts. So you’ll see a similar outfit later 🙂 Hope you don’t mind! 
    Pssst….those are capris in the boots. Didja catch that? Sometimes I think I’m so clever.
    Style Secrets:
    Coffee Tumbler: Whole Foods
    Tank: Charlotte Russe
    Jacket: BCBGirls, Thrifted
    Scarf: Gift from India
    Bracelets: ?
    Capris: Gap, thrifted
    Boots: Walmart & Consignment