Tunic Time

We’ve had a few nights lately with the hint of an autumn breeze in them, so today I took a look in my closet and thought, “What summery things haven’t I worn yet?” This tunic was the first to answer, “Me! Me!”

So I took it out for a day on the town {y’know, glamorous stuff like work, the grocery store, and the car repair place}

{ooo, oooo, don’t my curls looks slightly Duchess Kate-ish here?!}

{daisy ring}

{kate spade sandals}
sunnies: local store//tunic: thrifted bcbg//jeans: old navy//ring: kohls//sandals: thrifted kate spade

Sixties Sunday

I love Sundays for so many reasons. I mean, hello, I get to celebrate Jesus, have a day off, worship with my friends, go out for brunch…and obviously, pull out my favorite vintage dresses.

I had half a mind to chop this late-1960s dress right above my knee (thinking it looked a bit, “I grabbed the shower curtain and made it into a dress” when left long). The next day, I walked by Lilly Pulitzer and saw this dress in the window. Sold! (well not the Lilly dress! but the idea of keeping it long). 

I wore this fun dress to church and to brunch with some friends. We sat outside under a big straw umbrella and chit-chatted about life while eating banana pancakes and drinking orange juice out of wine glasses. Just the way a Sunday should be. 

Into the week, my friends!
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Back to Smiles

I’m glad to show you smiles today 🙂 
Glad to show you my cute new leopard headband from Oh, Sweet Joy and my Radiant Cosmetics lipstick.
Totes in love with both of them.

Which is good, because this week has been hard on me. If I’m honest, the year has been hard on me. A year ago yesterday, a week out from Christmas, a relationship with a man I thought I was going to marry ended. So my heart has been all sorts of heavy lately. 

I tried to write about eight hundred blog posts about it, but none of it felt settled enough to share. I don’t feel settled enough to share. I’m still a bit of a hot mess (totally tearing up right now). And that’s embarrassing to admit, a year later. I feel like I should be fine, should be moving on, should be dating and happy. But the year really took a lot of life and love out of me, and I’m still searching for healing. A few months ago a friend asked me if I was dating, and I kid you not the word sounded foreign to me. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I think if I really shared my heart about the subject, I’d never be able to put it back together again, so I guess I’ll keep carrying on with joy in the little things and trying to get back to smiles. Happy Natalie is so much more fun 🙂
Much love, my dears! 

Happy Repeats

There has been wonderful light in my eyes lately.
{have you noticed?}

But it makes me feel bittersweet, too. 
My heart leaped inside me, saying, Oh, I see what was missing
And the realization that I was missing something, something that came and went and will remain gone…
it’s utterly bittersweet. 

Now you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But no matter. I’m hoping you can relate somehow, in a poetic way. I’m hoping you might say, “Yes, Natalie, I have been there. I have had light in my eyes that shone with bittersweet tears, too.”

And maybe you have a royal blue skirt that makes you happy. So happy that you have worn it three days in a row the first week you got it. It may not be a royal blue skirt…but I bet you know what I mean. 
Sometimes a happy repeat outfit that we know makes us feel good is just what we need to sift out the bittersweet and keep only the beautiful light. 
And when that fails, drive North in the rain to get a hot chocolate. 
‘Cause, speaking from experience, that works, too. 

Late Summer

Back to sundress weather, with a sweater! I love this weather, and can’t get enough. 
In Minnesota, I call it “Shorts & Sweatshirt” weather.
I wish you could see the darling detail on this dress better. It has “apron” style pockets, and little bows on the shoulders. So fun and cheerful! It’s a garden-party of a dress.

I’m working hard on fitting in lots of wonderful summer adventures before fall arrives, and before I move.
That means ice cream after work, hanging laundry on the line, going to tag sales, picnics, going to the drive-in (gah I haven’t been this year! I MUST go!), hiking, etc.

And BAKING, of course! There are oodles and oodles of farmer’s market inspirations…have you guys discovered the late-summer raspberries that are amazing right now? I can’t get enough.

Have a great weekend, friends! 
Make the most of every moment…but don’t forget that relaxing counts, too!

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Guest

What does one wear to a New England farm wedding? Late-August, just-hayed fields, heat, bugs…no heels, no air-conditioning, late-afternoon to late-evening…I mean, I was a little stumped.

Especially since I have never been to a wedding where I wasn’t part of the wedding party! When you’re a bridesmaid, you don’t have to worry about looking great, because the bride has already got that covered for you {remember this beautiful dress I wore for my cousin’s wedding and this pretty yellow one from my brother’s wedding?}.

This is what I ended up wearing. What do you think? Flat “snakeskin” sandals, an old-favorite floral dress, bright ikat cardigan, and pretty hair/makeup/jewelry details. I’m still wondering if it was a bit casual. Then again, the cute invitation said to, “Dress to impress the goats.” Ha! I love it.
Do you think they were impressed? 

Miss Mollie

This is one of those dresses that looks utterly “meh” on the hanger. You think, “Shapeless column dress in a print that looks like a vintage curtain…no thanks,” right? But put it on…bam. Something happens, and it’s utterly charming. 

I’ve got a think for late-60s, early 70s maxi dresses lately. This 70s creation is by Mollie Parnis Boutique, one of the iterations of designer Mollie Parnis‘ brand. She dressed many First Ladies: Eisenhower, Ford, Johnson and several Kennedys. Now, she dresses ME, who thinks it would be fascinating (if not terribly exhausting) to be a First Lady (maybe for a week)

Braided gold rope sandals (F21), a stack of bangles (thrifted & J.Crew), vintage necklace, and 70s sunglasses
I never thought I’d wear this red/orange/pink vintage wooden-bead necklace as much as I do. It’s in the same category as blue suede shoes and orange jeans, the “Who’da Thunk?” subcategory of “Most Worn Clothing Items.” 
I suppose when I say things like, “Who’da Thunk,” I’m erasing any First Lady poise and potential I had…and also mocking every word on my fancy graduate degree. 

Summer Layers

Did you feel it?
That subtle beckoning from autumn in the form of a cool breeze, reminding us to get our fill of gelato, berries and warm nights on the porch before things turn crisp?

I can’t lie, it felt a little bit wonderful. I’m not actually ready for fall, but I AM ready for a break from this extra hot summer! Just a few weeks of perfectly-warm days would be most excellent. I haven’t been to a drive-in movie yet, and I haven’t had my fill of maple creamees either. 

When we get down to it, I love layers because they are cozy. I’m such a creature of comfort. I’m SUCH a sweatshirt girl. Luckily, this light orange sweater is a linen blend, so I can have my layers and my summer, too! 🙂 
Now, weather, please cooperate with my plan for the next few weeks. K, thanks.

Summer Looks: Palm Beach Pretty

This might be my favorite so far! One would be tempted to assume I’d go “Red Hot Summer” but this—this pretty, sophisticated palette, oh it does make my heart flutter so! Stunning yet subtle pinks, grays, and palm branches along with a sophisticated hat and pink shades for keeping your face out of the sun. You’re probably an heiress of some sort, so you’ll need your bling…vintage inspired earrings and a big cocktail ring, along with a stack of bracelets…yes, even in the summer. You don’t plan on actually swimming in that beautiful backyard pool, do you? And of course you wouldn’t even consider a dip in the ocean, but you’d be perfectly content lounging in your cabana, then slipping on lace, polka dots, and ballet flats for an al fresco dinner.

Palm Beach Pretty Summer Look