A Green Trench Coat

I hate to say it, but it’s starting to get a little chilly around the edges of the days now. Really I don’t mind one bit, because I’m a layers-girl. Layers give so much additional visual interest to an outfit, especially the opportunity for a texture switch, which I love. 
This green shortie trench coat (trench. coat. green. short. just making sure you got that) has been in my closet for awhile, but I wasn’t sure how to wear it. The cut is odd with jeans and a top and it’s a heavy piece that can overwhelm other floaty dresses. Luckily, this thick textured dress from Tibi was the perfect foil. The cinched waist (isn’t this such a fun vintage belt?) creates just the right resting spot for the short jacket. 
This outfit would transition well into fall…can’t you see it with my knee-high blue suede boots? But since it’s still summer, I’ll keep wearing my summer faves: my basket-weave Blowfish Shoes wedges. 
Do you have a piece lingering in your closet that you aren’t sure how to wear? 
Let me hear about it and maybe we can come up with some ideas for it!

Birthday {Part II}

So you’ve seen the outfit. This one:

{threw in a vintage edit ’cause I’m happy}
Buuuuuuuuuut you haven’t seen the cake yet 🙂
Now you have! Light pink frosting with rose petals all around. Tall candles. Beautiful platter.
But, actually, you still haven’t really seen the cake. 
Because, I mean, look:
Ombre green mint-flavored layers inside 🙂
My favorite colors! My favorite flavors! Gluten free!
A lot of people say I shouldn’t make my own cake, but most of the time I really don’t mind. It’s just so FUN and I really get to go all out. 
I was laughing so hard because when I tried to blow out the candles, the rose petals flew everywhere! Note to self: remove any small, loose, light objects from cake platter before blowing out candles 😉
{Birthday banner from grandma above & DIY garland below}
Thanks, everyone, for making my birthday so special. 
I’m just so grateful we get to do life together…good and bad, near and far. Thanks for being in my life and for sharing life with me here on my blog. Here’s to another year!

What are the Odds?

What are the odds that this skirt and this shirt are in almost-exactly the same shade of chartreuse? One is a bit shinier than the other, but otherwise, I could be wearing a dress, don’t you think? They were bought years apart, one from a thrift store, one from a tag sale…one is a Japanese brand and the other is a modern boutique-y brand. Love it.
{leggings underneath to keep nice and toasty & covered when the wind blows}
What are the odds that is was 60-something degrees this mid-November day? 
Slim but glorious. 
What are the odds that my whole entire family moved back to the same area within a few weeks? 
Crazy but true. 
What are the odds that tomorrow I’m making a Mile High Pumpkin Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving? 
Very, very high. 
What are the odds I will resist the temptation to eat a sliver of that pie until Thursday afternoon?
Mmm…. negligible.

What are the odds that I have no idea what sort of face I’m making in that photo above, that I got another cold, that I had practically a million cups of tea today, that I ate lunch at 3:30, and that I am crazy-excited to watch The Voice tonight? 
All extremely high.


Some days, you have to get up, get dressed, and go make something happen.

Or, at the very least, get a cup of coffee in a hot pink cup that really makes you smile.

And by “get dressed” I mean…borrow clothes from my mom. Let’s not discuss how much I want to “permanently borrow” this gingham shirt of hers.

I have to say, I had a really great day while wearing this outfit, and while I didn’t necessarily “go get” anything super awesome today, at least I tried. Points, right? 


This outfit is jam-packed with texture. A metal necklace, a silk shirt, a cotton scarf, a tweed jacket, corduroys, and suede wedges.

I’ve been thinking today how God sometimes takes things from us for a season. 
Our God who gives and takes.
Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes God says, “Here, you know what? We’re going to take this thing and put it on the shelf for a bit. Let’s focus on something else for a little while.” 
This feels so scary. It feels very unsettling. 
But the cool thing is, our God is a detail-oriented God. 
And oftentimes, He takes things we thought got shelved, and He works them back into our lives in the coolest ways.
You know, He works them together like mixing different textures. It may sound silly, but its true…He puts together our lives with the finesse of a God who cares about the details. A God who cares about the beautiful big picture.
Oh I just love that.

Fall Textures

It felt like Autumn today. 
So I broke out my new little fall sweater (new = 25 cents from tag sale!) and paired it with some classy patent pumps for a texture swtich. These pumps have a rattan heel, which I thought matched the texture of the sweater nicely. 

And I don’t really have much else to say except I’m tired.

So I’m going to have some coffee and get to work on business plans. 
Sounds good-ish, right? 
{trying to pep-talk myself, ha}
Have a good one!

Sunny with a Chance of Preppy

It was a sunny weekend! Sunny with a chance of preppy 😉 
I took that chance of preppy–not a style I do often, though I adore it. I just generally inch towards vintage-girly more so than the straight lines of preppy. 

Braided gold flats with a tiny wooden heel certainly feel preppy to me. Very nautical. 
I picked up these bright green bermuda shorts, thinking I could use them as a summer version of colored skinny jeans. Do you think colored shorts translate as well? 
The shirt is yellow gingham, but it’s hard to tell in the photos above.
I got SO many compliments on this sunny yellow nail polish. 
I’ve been wanting to try the yellow nail polish trend for a few summers now, but kept telling myself I had plenty of nail polish to use up first. But when a perfectly yellow bottle of Sally Hansen showed up in the clearance bin for $1, who was I to argue with my deep-seated inner yellow-nail-polish love? 

It lived up to my expectations and I just adore it for summer. It will definitely be a regular part of my summer nail polish rotation. 
Don’t worry, seafoam green…we’re still friends, too. In fact, I think you and sunny yellow will play nicely together, like this:
{found online…anyone know which blogger this is?}
Because aside from the fact that she’s wearing way too many accessories, those amazing polka-dot pants paired with yellow & sea foam green alternating nail polish are crazy-inspiring. 
Have a great week, my dears! You’re looking lovely this Monday morning!

Bright Mother’s Day

All anyone had to say about this outfit was, “Bright!” They lost their ability to speak in complete sentences because apparently this outfit is so “Bright!” and distracting like a shiny object to a toddler. They would point, jaw down, “Bright!” And I am only slightly exaggerating 🙂 
I’m totally into yellow as of late…and it’s a color I never thought I could wear. The conclusion thus far is that as long as it is warm yellow–mustardy—then I can wear it. When my mom was here we did an experiment and all of my cool yellows looked significantly better on her skin tone, so off they went in her suitcase. 
What do you think about this in-between yellow? Is it quite right or quite wrong? 
Style Secrets
Citrine earrings: Borrow from a friend
Blouse: F. by Faconnable, thrifted
Skirt: Bloomingdales, thrifted
Bracelets: Walmart and J.Crew
Purse: Vintage
Flats: Old as the hills (?)

Have a great week!

Colored Jeans Rundown

At first, I didn’t think much of this colored jean phenomenon. I bought some dark green jeans just because they were the color of one of my alma maters. This was in 2008, before the craze really took off. I remember wearing them to school one day with a simple white tee and some gold flat sandals, thinking, WHY did I get green jeans? Am I a crazy person? To be honest, I put them in my “donate” pile several times! 
Of course, now these dark green jeans are oh-so-very tame. 
Let’s talk colored jeans.
Still wearing them, 4 years after that first “Am I crazy?” thought! This sweater with the same green in it  creates a harmonious line for the eye. The nice thing about these dark-green jeans is that they transition to all seasons. {Outfit 1} These jeans are F21 and cost $10. They are nice and lightweight, though not stretchy, per se. And easy way to break into the trend.
Pinky-red jeans! I have actually found a lot of ways to wear this color, and a combo with mint (an idea taken from the J.Crew catalogue) was a fun one! If you’re stuck for ideas on how to wear the jeans, you can check out J.Crew or other websites/catalogues for more ideas! {Outfit 2}Brand is BDG, which I think is from Urban Outfitters, generally? These I got at a tag sale for $1. They fit well and I wear them a lot, but they don’t like to stay tucked in neatly (they get wrinkly easily).

My light pink jeans are fun to wear monochromatic-ally since I own a few light pink things (seen here), or with a bright contrast of red! Since the light pink jeans are almost neutral, a bright color works well with them. {Outfit 3} The light pink jeans are Gap Pencil Cut, and I love them. Thrifted (under $10–can’t remember exactly). They are soft, stretchy, and the perfect color. 

My mint jeans are so much fun! I loved wearing them in winter, for an unexpectedly fresh look. Winter white & black really let the mint color shine. Goodness, wearing these puts me in a happy mood! {Outfit 4}
I paid $22 for these at the consignment store. That is generally too much for me, but I just had to have them! Unfortunately, I have to admit they are rather thick and kind of uncomfortable to wear. Some weird brand I can’t find online? Love Park? 

Lastly, break out that color wheel! Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, making them complimentary colors. You can’t go too wrong pairing them! This was my favorite outfit, I think because the outfit really goes for it! This outfit projects oodles of confidence. {Outfit 5}These are my absolute favorite jeans. They were $4 at the thrift store, and they are by far the most “out there” colored jeans I have. Strangely, they are also the ones I’e worn the most, and I’ve only had them a few weeks! I think that is because they are incredibly soft, stretchy, and fit very comfortably. These fit very well and are just the right level of tightness around the ankle, and don’t sag or stretch out, so they look the best tucked into boots, and rolled up. The buttons and rivets are little peace signs 🙂 Xhilaration brand jeans from Target. Unfortunately, I think Target only has Mossimo brand colored jeans right now, which I can’t vouch for, I’m afraid.

Go grab a pair, wherever you can find ’em, and mix up some fun outfits this spring! 

Mint Jeans & Teenage Years

It’s only Tuesday? I feel like it’s been an awesome, busy week so far. Good effort everyone. I call an early weekend, ok? Aaaaaaaaand cue the movie marathon and ice cream sundaes. 
Ok, so maybe it doesn’t actually work that way. Drat. 
Today was rainy, rainy, rainy. Rainy. (photos from a few days ago) And the Lord was gracious enough to bless me with a rather cheerful attitude for the day. Don’t you love that? Love it.
Sometimes, I try to reclaim my teenage years, and I use sky blue eyeliner. Can you see it? So much fun, and I love the way it catches the light.
Until next time! Chins up, my dears!