Ugglebo Clogs for Autumn

What says Autumn more than….
Tights! Sweaters!
Mustard yellow!
Burgundy! Tights!
Hmmm…what else?

Vintage tote bags with a bird pattern?
Am I missing something?
OH! YES! Clogs!
These beautiful handmade-in-Sweden clogs are beautiful heirloom pieces. The quality is outstanding. The leather is gorgeous and soft, the wood is solid, the construction is old-fashioned, handmade, generations-worthy, well-done work. They have been made the same way in the same little Swedish factory since 1965. I love the way these “rock” when I walk. See that pretty cut of the wood where it meets the sole? Gorgeous. Ugglebo means “Owls Nest” in Swedish, hence their adorable owl logo.
My one sadness when it comes to Ugglebo clogs is that they run extremely narrow. I had originally picked out these stunning babies: 
You can see the beautiful that eggplant color of  the “Berry” Lisbon clogs. I very dearly wanted to keep them but they were simply too narrow. I just had to send them back in favor of the Etnas you see above, and I sized up. Unfortunately, that means my Etnas are about 1/2 size too big to fit the width of my (pretty-average) foot. The super wonderful customer service representative assured me they were working hard to get their sizing appropriate so we can all wear all of their beautiful clogs. Until then, I figure I’ll be wearing socks inside them soon enough 🙂
Above image courtesy Ugglebo clogs
Friends, if you need some great-looking, comfortable, beautiful clogs for fall and winter, I highly recommend Ugglebo! I have several pairs of Swedish clogs, and these are incredibly beautiful and feel more “solid” that my others. Not only that, but the customer service is unparalleled (especially compared with a more well-known Swedish company based in Sweden with a rather distasteful slogan).
Thank you, Ugglebo!

Disclaimer: Ugglebo sent me these clogs free of charge for review, and the words, pictures & opinions are my own. The links are not affiliate links. Thanks, Ugglebo!

Style Week: Part 1

Meet Sarah Elizabeth of Yellow Clover.
She’s kind of awesome.
And super sweet. 
And we met at the fabric store.
And you guys, she’s an amazing fashion designer.
She was very kind to let me visit her studio to explore the beautiful world of her clothing line and how it comes to life. The large, light-filled studio was filled with beautiful fabrics, inspiration pictures, and swoon-worthy garments. 
{Natalie and Sarah}
Yellow Clover clothes are like a best friend. They’re the clothes that make you feel full of youth, energy, and beauty. And they are chock-full of handmade details. The clothes are infused with a sweet personality that has just enough edge to stand out. These are quirky, cool-girl clothes, but still feminine and accessible.

I want people to feel special. I use different linings in the pockets, or vintage buttons–something special for the wearer, so when you wear it, you feel like it’s yours.
~Sarah of YellowClover

{garments have different, wonderful tags}
{Sarah’s sewing space}
“I have it all in my head. I don’t usually sketch, because it never turns out like that.” Sarah says of her design process. “I design what I’d like to wear. If you aren’t comfortable, it isn’t fun. If I had to use three words to describe my line, I’d say: Feminine, Vintage, and Youthful.”
Three of my favorite words, Sarah!

{Sarah’s sketches in the studio}

{trademark hand-embroidered detail}

{how amazing is her trademark ruffle waistband?}

This top would be amazing…  a.) tucked into a pencil skirt, with a fabulous necklace, b.) with wide-leg palazzo pants, c.) with skinny jeans and high espadrilles, or d.) with shorts and gladiator sandals, or e.) with a jersey maxi skirt…should I keep going? I’m sure I could come up with a whole alphabet of possibilities. 
Sarah’s previous lines have been inspired by Victorian furniture, reworked men’s clothing, and 1920s style (her favorite period of fashion and design). Next up for her fifth line? The Fountain of Youth. 

Her Fall/Winter 2012 collection is inspired by The Fountain of Youth–rocks, water, moss, and ethereal beauty. It was presented at StyleWeek Providence 2012.
Sarah was kind enough to invite me to the fashion show, so I’ll be able to show you the finished, styled pieces straight from the runway at StyleWeek 2012. A little bit of high-glamour fashion comin’ right up, girls!
Sneak peek, you beg? Ok, sure, I’m happy to oblige!

Wait until you see this darling dress (with tons of trademark hand embroidery) styled on the runway! 


We have a winner, folks! chose Leigh as the winner of the Thankful cards {and fun extra little trinket}. Congratulations, Leigh!!!!!!!! And thanks to everyone who entered, and for all of your sweet comments.

Friday Littles

I’ve been scouring Etsy for a new keychain, because my new office comes with THREE new keys. Totally an excuse to support some handmade peeps, right? Here are my faves:

Also, if you’re trying to keep your keys themselves pretty….these keys are awesome.
I’m in a totally happy mood this morning, so I may be sharing more today 🙂 Then again, boyfriend is visiting, so I may not! Hehe. 

I’m a Rebel

 I now own a Canon Rebel T2i camera, and it is truly humbling me. I feel like it’s this huge gift and responsibility I’ve been entrusted with… I have no idea how to best do that. There’s a deep desire within me to be a good steward of this camera. To use it well, for good, to be generous and loving with how I use this gift. But first, I need to learn how to use it.

Well, actually, the strap was nekkie. So to procrastinate learning how to properly work my camera, I decided to make it pretty instead. That is just so me, isn’t it? Doing the least-necessary pretty little thing first. It’s my life M.O. Guess I need to learn how to make dishes and laundry pretty. Then maybe I’ll do them (apartment is a major disaster zone after being sick all week).

Also note: if your name is Stephanie and you’re my sister-in-law, a version of this might be coming your way for Christmas. Just sayin’. Only yours will be better because it won’t be the first one I’ve made 😛

Update: Post edited because I still have a cold and I was up early and apparently can’t function properly. Sheesh.