Resist It

Lately there’s a song that’s just been playing over and over in my head. Jason Reeve’s “Old-Fashioned Letters” (it’s sad so don’t say I didn’t warn you!) and there is one line…
“I want to run, but I resist it.”

Ugh, goodness gracious this line. I want to run, but I resist it. You know it takes a lot of effort to run, but it seems to take MORE effort to stay. 
Staying is hard. 
Waiting is hard. 
Being in a difficult transition, with no direction, and a whole lot of anxiety–yeah, staying there is hard.

When the big things are out of whack, I need to learn to be better at leaning into them. Leaning into HIM, leaning into the Word, and leaning into the waiting. 
Because waiting?

It’s actually refinement.

And I always wanted to a refined lady, polished and graceful in the waiting.



Country Girl Natalie

It’s so funny. Today my friend sent over this picture, and said, “If you go fishing, this is how I envision you’ll look.” I just had to laugh and say, “I was playing country girl yesterday and I wore a very similar outfit.” See:

We were experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Isaac, so it was rain & fog on and off all day. This outfit took me from the office to the farm perfectly well! 

I’m telling you: A farm bathed in fog, wrapped in love, warmed with the happiness of old friends…it was wonderful. It was just what I needed: a tour of the lush vegetable garden, a good romp with the new little baby cow, and collecting eggs in a red pail. We enjoyed a dinner composed of everything fresh from the farm, served in cast iron, with linen napkins and monogrammed silver. In the quiet after dinner, we started to catch up on life. Old friends need to do that, you know? To sit, and stare at the last of the beeswax candles burning down into the silver candlesticks, and to say to each other, “So, how are you?” in a voice that begs the real answer.
The night ended with a round of hugs from some of the best hug-givers I know, and the most precious gift of a beautiful, beautiful cake plate. I will cherish it. 

See how the dress has little gold polka-dots? So cute.
Just because I happen to like fashion doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE a good “country girl” day. Oh yes, I love a good Country Girl Day. And I absolutely adore this certain family who occasionally takes me in as one of their own, lets me play country girl, feeds me, encourages me, and sends me on my way, bearing the most beautiful gifts and a heart full of inspiration and happiness.
Thank you.

GGS Goes Shopping: Spring at Kohl’s

I very rarely go shopping. Actual, real, new-clothes shopping, that is. I go thrifting…well, we won’t discuss how often I go thrifting. So when I went to run an errand in a shopping plaza that had a Kohls, I couldn’t resist the allure of checking out the new additions to the LC Lauren Conrad line. While I haven’t been to a Kohls in absolute ages, they have really upped their game, I gotta say. It was a breath of fresh air to look at the colors, textures, styles, and cuts that are current. I’m so used to sifting through dingy colors and ratty old t-shirts at the thrift store! I wanted to share a few of my favorite faith-based fashion finds for spring (modest, budget-friendly, and adorable) from shopping in-person.

Let’s pretend that we’re shopping together! Here are my favorite things that I would pull from the racks and hold up to show you:

Shopping @ Kohls

You saw that adorable Elle lace peplum top in my last post–it was the most expensive of the things I actually purchased, but I am so excited to wear it all sorts of ways this summer. I also picked up the black/white/hot pink top. It is just so darling! The orange skirt was so cute, but I’m not sure midi-pleats and I get along (someone with more delicate ankles than me, please wear this!). Gray cropped trousers don’t look like anything special, but they were quite adorable on–and the little belt is actually a bow. The blue floral top is just about the softest thing you’ll ever wear (and cute to boot!). A little chiffon peplum vest could go over just about anything..and go from work to weekend easily, too! And who doesn’t love stretchy mint jeans or vintage-inspired sunnies? 
I hope you enjoyed “Good Girl Style Goes Shopping”! Let me know if you like this concept for a series, and maybe I’ll take you shopping with me next time, too. But it will be your turn to get the coffees 😉

Monday Mid Day

Ribbons in hair: I wore ribbons in my braids this weekend, and it is my new favorite. Reminded me of being a schoolgirl, and how much I simply adored picking out new ribbons for the new school year. Boy, did I have a collection! I always had a ribbon or giant bow in my hair. Bonus: I saw an elderly woman with a ribbon in her hair, too! Adorable!

Shoes: Totally love these shoes Lauren Conrad wore to the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic….

{not my photo…found on Tumblr}

New Favorite Gluten-Free Lunch: Cedar’s Black Bean Salad and Sweet Potato Fries (they MUST be Ore-Ida)

And Monday is almost a wrap, folks! Where did the day go?!