Monday Hello

Time for a Monday blog & vlog! Just a little hello and catch-up (and a weird thumbnail image!) 🙂 

I did a little beach chair re-vamp, too…spray-paint and some vintage fabric and trim can do wonders for a rusty beach chair 🙂 

New beach chair was thoroughly enjoyed. A bit too thoroughly, as I am THOROUGHLY sunburned 🙁
But mostly, the past 2 weeks I’ve been MIA on set for a cookbook photoshoot I styled.

And I FINALLY got a copy of the Darling Magazine with 8 of my BRAND-NEW, PRINT-ONLY poems in them! Grab your copy now at Anthropologie, WholeFoods or a local cool retailer (ask your local stores to carry it if they don’t already!). 
Darling Summer 2015 issue available to order online here too 
But it hasn’t been all work and no play…
Tee hee. 
Have a great week, my dears!


Meet Blowfish Shoes

New favorite shoes alert. But first: a story.
I once had a pair of white and cork heels that I got compliments on every.single.time I wore them. And wear them, I did, until they were completely unwearable, unrepairable, and I tearily said goodbye to them (is tearily not a word?).
Sad story, right?
Becaaaaaauuuuussseeeee…look what I found!
I know this will be my new compliments-all-the-time can’t-stop-wearing-em shoe. The Illi Wedge in Faux Straw is just seriously amazingly beautiful, comfortable, and best of all: affordable from Blowfish Shoes.
A perfect wedge, just like the kind Duchess Kate likes to wear. 
The perfect summer shoe, to go with any summer dress. 
The cutest little almond toe shape with a little toe-box pleat.
A really soft interior that’s an amazing shade of blue.
And a real rubber sole to keep me from slipping during summer adventures.
Seriously, I’m in love.

I hope you all know I only ever talk about things I really am crazy about. And these shoes? Crazy about ’em.
Also lovin’ on this beautiful linen Tibi dress, but that’s playing second fiddle to these straw shoes.
{I also just like to say my straw shoes. Giggle.}

Blowfish Shoes has got it down. Great shoes, great customer service, great attention to detail. 

Not to mention…they’re generous too! Giveaway time tomorrow, friends! Stay tuned 😉

Sunnies: local store//Earrings: local store//Bangles: F21 & J.Crew//Dress: Thrifted//Heels: c/o Blowfish Shoes


I’m feeling so happy and blessed today. It was a wonderful weekend–it was sweaty and hard work to throw a 2-day tag sale (alllllllllllll day both days), but such a blessing, too. I met some great people, had wonderful conversations, gathered so many ideas, drank a lot of coffee, enjoyed fellowship & company of friends, and was thrilled to make some gas money for my move.

I ended the weekend with a cookout and several toasted marshmallows, with more good friends!

This darling little dress? Well it is bound to become a great friend in my closet, too. I’ve worn it twice since I got it last week! 


Friday morning, my french press broke. Not even the glass! I was washing it and the plunger just snapped off. Crazy. Anyway, one of my best friends is such a dear and she gifted me this HOT PINK french press. 
The best. 
Friendship is oh so dear. 
I’m already loath to leave, and start over on that front.
Enjoy your Monday! I hope you have the day off…but if not, put a smile on and enjoy the day anyway. Why not, right?

Thursday Brights

Good Morning!

I hope you have a beautiful, bright Thursday, friends.
One that refreshes you with detailed love from God’s heart, shown to you through friends, family, and even strangers. I just love when God uses strangers in my life for a very specific purpose. Do you know what I mean? When you’re feeling sorry for yourself and you go to get a coffee on your lunch break, and you have the best conversation with the barista, who gives you your coffee for free? Or you can’t think of ANYONE to take over your nursery shift on Friday, but then a friend calls and asks if she can take your shift that day if you’ll cover hers on Sunday morning? Or your boss happened to stay late last night and leave a nice note on your desk? I think all of those details are love that God brings into our lives, to show us how much he cares. To lift our hearts and spirits. Oh, how much he loves us, through and through. 
And in light of that, I just have to throw my hands with hot pink and silver fingernails in the air. 
Blessings back to praise, 
{Linen Pants: waaaaay old Libertine for Target, Sequin Tank: Talbots, Ikat Cardi: Target, Bangles: J.Crew, Sunnies: Local Store, Earrings: F21, Silver Mocs: London Sole, thrifted}
Have a great day!

Adventuring this Weekend

Gosh I love me a good adventuring day 🙂 It’s my favorite! 
I look like I’m adventuring on a safari–but fear not! I was merely traipsing around suburbia. 
I’ve coined the term “Adventuring” for one of my absolute favorite activities–the discovery-day, with no set plans, no set destination. Only adventures.
You might end up at an adorable old-fashioned thrift shop and find jeans, a vintage nightie, and a perfect white button-down.

You might end up at a wonderful antique store with a basket of old letterpress letters (love)!

Depending on where you live, you might even end up at the beach! 
My adventuring has had me meeting well-known artists, eating amazing local foods, encountering folk dancers on a small New England green, and more!
Try it this weekend 🙂
Whether it is a small adventure or a big adventure, just you, or a bunch of friends, here are some of my tips:
1.) Make snacks and drinks part of your day. I love an ice cream from a random ice cream stand, or an iced coffee from a little mom-and-pop coffee shop. You can discover lots of wonderful little places, and snacks and drinks are easier on the budget than whole meals. Take the time to sit on the front step and take in the surroundings.
2.) Bring TWO tote bags. Bring an empty one to carry in your purse until you need it. You’ll want to slip your sunglasses in it, literature you pick up from that cool artists open-studio you found or a business card from the funky little bakery. In the other tote bag, keep some ‘supplies’ for the day in your car. I suggest sunscreen, bug spray, a change of comfy shoes or flip flops, a hat, bottled water, a ‘just in case’ snack, a book to read, and a notebook and pencil. 

3.) Choose your tunes–or skip ’em. Some days I love to adventure with all of the windows down and the radio blasting. Other days, I find the quiet soothing to my soul. There is something about the open road that seems to inspire inner thought, don’t you think?
4.) Take photos–or skip ’em. Sometimes I want to capture every detail of my day. Other days, I want my heart to capture all of the memories, so I leave my camera behind. Sometimes I dig out my notebook and pencil and sketch instead. Do whatever feels right at the time!
5.) Stop at Quirky Places, Tourist Stops, and All of Those Things You Said You’d Do One Day. Stop at that cute diner. The florist with the beautiful flowers out front every day. Pop into the record store, even if you don’t have a record player. Stop at places like the Postage Stamp Museum or the Toaster Museum or that roadside stand that claims to have the World’s Largest Hamburger. Because you’re adventuring, right? So be adventurous.
6.) Be incredibly kind to everyone you meet and enjoy the spirit of the day. Enough said! 
I really hope you have as much fun as I do while adventuring. I wish I could show you more pictures, but I’m an internet scaredy-cat, and don’t want to show you all exactly where I live. BUT I was thinking today of the impromptu little stop I took to this cute Iowa town on a road trip last year. I was so happy to find this little Dutch town, its Tulip Festival statues, Christian bookstore, coffee shop and windmill. What a fun interlude in a long road trip! You never know what you’ll find.
(And it makes me smile to look at those happy pictures on a gray day)
Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you on the other side!


Good Days

I’ve decided there’s an easy formula for a good spring day. A full skirt and wellies. Done deal 🙂
You know those conversations that you can only get to after a nice dinner, sweet dessert, and a cup of tea or two? It was a night for that kind of conversation. A night where you can dig down and share life. Fellowship is so sweet! Try to carve out some talking time with a friend or two this week to dig into life a bit more. I know sometimes it seems that we don’t have time for talking. What a waste of time when you could be accomplishing something! Or blogging/tweeting/etc., right? Oh, how wrong we are, sometimes. Sit on the porch with a friend. Sit and talk. And listen. 
You’ll be amazed, I know it.

Orange & Blue

I got these orange jeans and was’t quite sure how to style them until I saw this picture. I just had to recreate this outfit as soon as possible! I’m so glad I did because this is one of my favorite outfits. It just felt really, really great to wear, and perfect for spring. You know those kinds of outfits? They really make the whole day seem better, don’t you think? Now I hardly want to take these orange jeans off. I’ve worn them twice so far, and just threw ’em in the wash, so I can’t wait to wear them again. I never would have thought in a million years that orange jeans would become my new favorite!
Style Secrets
Sunnies: Target
Tee: Gap
Linen Motorcycle Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: American Eagle
Jeans: Thrifted
Bracelets: J.Crew
Heels: Thrifted

Have a great day!