Oh how I spent today wishing it were the weekend! It was gray, rainy, and my heart just felt a bit downcast. So I decided to share a few of my favorite weekend things, even though it’s Wednesday…

Favorite Snacks

Favorite Snacks by fashionatalie 

Amazing tea I discovered on my road trip!
The BEST yogurt in the BEST flavor…anything strawberry rhubarb is kinda my favorite, but this is above and beyond.
Udi’s Cranberry granola is so delicious for this time of year.
Pamela’s Chocolate-Chip Coconut “Whenever Bars” are a delicious GF treat.
This chocolate bar was a gift…and man, was it delicious!
It’s that time of year again…I’m getting out my Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic, one of my favorite health products. 

And here’s the outfit I desperately want to be wearing right now….
Weekend Cozy

H&M print dress, $40 / H&M , $48 / H&M , $13 / H&M , $13 / Wallis low boots / Muk Luks military glove

Sweatshirt DRESS = GENIUS. Pair it with a cute vest, polka-dot tights, tall fair isle boot socks, cute ankle boots, and some great gloves. 
Now I think it’s time for tea and reading…that oughtta help me through till the real weekend!

Little Links

And does someone want to tell me exactly how and when it got to be noon on Friday? ‘Cause I can’t wrap my brain around that one this week. 
Here are some little things!
A little inspiration!
I’ve been really into carrying my collection of tote bags as purses lately. Here’s a “Kate Spade Hearts Japan” one from after the tsunami. 

Ok, I will! I may not live in a dorm room anymore, but I love my IU sweatshirt on the back of my home desk chair. 

This is the vintage glass whose mate I broke :-/ Inside is actually a delicious ginger drink made from homemade ginger syrup. So refreshing on a hot summer night!

A shoe shot from an outfit I never got around to sharing. 
Flowers for the week plus an almost-too-ripe local tomato.

I just LOVE the light in my kitchen in the late afternoon and how it illuminates the magnetic poetry.

And I made good use of that tomato, along with organic greens, the most perfectly-ripe avocado, milti-grain bread, salt, pepper, and uncured bacon. And organic Washington state sweet cherries for dessert. Mmm!

Have a great weekend, dears!!


Weekend Gear: Coffee, sunnies, hat, wrinkly sundress, flip flops! 
After Saturday morning tag sales, it rained non-stop. 
So instead of outdoor adventuring, I enjoyed a low-key weekend around the house. 

Manicure/pedicure essentials…

Pretty pink toesies! (and yellow fingernails)
Hanna Andersson clogs
Supplies for a fun paper project I’m working on. 
Baked some ginger-chocolate chunk scones. Mmm! Sent some over to a dear friend packaged like this. 
Now, it’s into the week!
Let’s begin it beautifully, yeah?

Things Of Late

How’s your summer going?
Mine has been wonderful so far! 
Here are a few snaps of what’s been going on lately…
I’m TOTALLY smitten with a crown braid: 
These outfit pics were all overexposed, but this dress is so much fun. Strangely, I feel it has a Sound of Music vibe to it…
I’ve been doing some travelling, which for me means “tattoo”ing myself with words like “Sovereign” to combat anxiety and wearing SeaBands. Oh boy.

I finally did the seafoam/yellow nail polish combo, and it’s so cute! Also, these GoPicnics are my favorite thing to eat while travelling. Gluten-free and fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about them.
This beautiful drink is delicious. And the bottle’s a keeper!
Been brewin’ up lots of iced coffee: 
{cold-brew = only way to go}
Playing tennis: 
My friend said, “You look like a piece of candy.” 
Hahahaha. That’d be me. 
Looking like a piece of candy. 
No big deal. 
Also, tennis is one of those things I always wanted to be amazing at…and never got past “halfways-decent.” Or, as the same friend said, “We’re below amateurs.” And I said, “What’s below amateurs?”
On that note, my dears, have a wonderful day!! 

How to Visit a French Bakery

In light of yesterday’s Parisian post, I just had to share this DARLING video I found! It’s just too much adorableness. My favorite part is the little Citron tart section 🙂 Enjoy!
I’m drinking Tazo Early Gray tea out of my Strawberry mug while wearing a shirt rather like this and a skirt made out of sweatpant material. It feels delicious to cozy up on a slightly chill, gray summer morning instead of sweating my way through another 90-degree day. I’m just not such a fan of the heat. 
I’m thinking: some baking? Some writing? Some antiquing?
Have a great Friday, my loves!

Little Heart

I felt like blogging a little something extra tonight, my dears. Some might call that procrastination; I prefer to think of it as generosity. #tomatotomahto
I had an empty, sad little spot under my calendar wall that needed a bit of cheer. This cherry-red enamel 
heart catch-all for 25 cents at a tag sale is just so spot-on, I couldn’t have found anything better if I had an unlimited budget. It is so Swedish to me, which absolutely warms my little Swedish-heritage heart. Teeny tiny clothespins also warm my heart. I mean, hello? So cute, right? 
This song has been in my head!
Alright, alright, back to work now! 

Good Morning!

Gooooood Morning! It’s Friday! 
Sooo…I’m wondering. How did donuts ever manage to get the “breakfast food” distinction, while just-as-sweet treats like cakes, cookies, etc. were snubbed and called “dessert only”? I’m not sure who decided that. Give me a banana, cheese stick, and piece of chocolate cake for breakfast, and I can power through the day. Granted, I do NOT indulge for breakfast very often, and do not think it is necessarily the best way to start my day, but being an adult does have its advantages. Like eating cake for breakfast.
 I just remembered: this was Kate Spade’s adorable advertising/motto earlier this year! 
Amazing and so much fun. How cute are those outfits?!
Have a great day!

Sunshiney Morning

{azaleas, still a bit wet}

It’s sunny this morning! It’s sunny! I feel like harps and trumps and angels should sing!
I’ve already been up and inspired with this lovely sunshine streaming in—I potted some beautiful fuschias for my front step.

Fuschias are one of, if not totally, my ABSOLUTE favorite flowers. Well, they are my favorite non-bouquet flower…they are just so incredibly beautiful, fun, girly, and colorful. They come in all different color combos, some more fancy and layered/ruffled than others. 
I’m pretty sure they are just about the most perfect Natalie flower you could ever find—they are fairy flowers, ballet costumes, cupcake toppers, just flirty, girly, and FUN FUN FUN.
My favorites!

See! They match my pointe shoes!
Whenever I’m feeling happy and lovely, I put on my flat ballet shoes or pointe shoes. I haven’t actually danced en pointe for many years, so I just dress-up in those 🙂 But my flat shoes…oh yes, I dance! Dancing makes my heart feel so much lighter, more beautiful…and expressed. How often do we get to feel that our hearts are fully expressed and poured out? I feel that dance can absolutely be worship too–I put on some praise music, and dance my heart out before God. Oh it is so beautiful. 
Well, those are the things for this happy Friday morning!
xo, my dears!


This isn’t new, but it’s new to me. And it might be new to some of you, so I had to share. This story and song really spoke to my heart tonight.