Revitalize Part 4

Time for another one of my tried, true, and tested remedies for “un-slumping” yourself! This one is all about trying new things and challenging your brain and body.

Ya’ll I am ADDICTED to slacklining! Slackline is like a tightrope but it’s a flat line and it’s slack, so it’s bouncy and a bit more difficult. This was totally new to me this year, and I am amazed at how exciting it is to find a new hobby. Slackline is so good for my body and my brain. Plus it’s FUN! The new challenge of applying focus, balance, and commitment (three core principles of slacklining) are really clearing my mind and opening my creative spaces again. Slackline isn’t for everyone, but it’s the principle that matters: try something NEW and SCARY, and see where it gets you. Chances are, it will get you a lot further than you think!



Revitalize Part 3

This week I am sharing some tips that worked for me on the difficult (but necessary and entirely worthwhile) business of un-slumping oneself! 

So we’ve read our Bibles and eaten a healthy breakfast. Time to hit the pavement!
Running/walking (and hot pink shoes!) are part of a great revitalization routine. I went for wog (what I call a walk-jog) BEFORE work today. Seriously, who am I and what are these amazing things called endorphins? They clear the head, clear the stress, clear the adrenaline and anxiety.
Truth be told, I really used to hate running with a passion. I’m still such a beginner, and starting from zero, but my body has started craving runs. I don’t plan to run hard or fast anytime soon (or ever really), but I’ve found it a great outlet of late. I highly recommend an exercise routine that works for you as part of your revitalization.


Hello Mornings

This post was supposed to be part of a series I meant to start on the blog this week—bah humbug, then I got sick. So we’re starting that NEXT week!

BUT I had to post this one today because Today is the LAST day to sign up for HelloMornings!

HelloMornings are online (twitter, facebook, or instagram linked) maximizing-mornings, scripture-reading, exercising, planning, and living Godly lives accountability groups. And these ladies? So legit. Each group has one or two “Accountability Captains” and we check in in the mornings, read our scripture for the day, and discuss and pray together. I started with the summer session and it has been life-changing. Truly I can’t think of a much better way to start my day!

There are a few spots left in several groups, so I highly encourage you to sign up and join us! Click here to find a group! And if you need help, feel free to email me 🙂 I’m not leading a group right now, just a participant, but I’m happy to help and point you in the right direction.