Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas here and there. This one rocks!

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, there’s really nothing more special than TIME spent together, making memories. I love my momma so much I can’t even tell you….she’s one of my very best friends and I’m so glad I get to call her “mother.” I also get to call her artist extraordinaire, because she is, fancy degree and paint-stained hands and all. Her artistic spirit is definitely something I inherited from her (though NOT her artistic talent!).
Since my mom is an artist, she is constantly looking for new inspiration. Combining inspiration-seeking with memory-making? The perfect Mother’s Day gift. So here’s what I would give my mom if there was any way I could: A Sunday afternoon, blissfully spring-like and with the only purpose of the day being inspiration-gathering wherever the wind blows us. 
But since I don’t live near my mother anymore (in fact I now live quite far away), I would send something more lasting than flowers.
It’s beautiful, artistic, and it is a plant that lives on the moisture in the air. 
I don’t know, it just sort of seems like a metaphor for motherhood. 
Sometimes it seems like moms live on the crumbs of our love, not necessarily fed with encouragement and words of praise by their children regularly. More likely screamed at, cried to, hung up on, all while ultimately loved and thoroughly adored. But they have to come to know that through osmosis sometimes–to find the “moisture in the air” and the love in the hurt feelings. We children are not always great at saying, “Hey mom, thanks! You’re the best, and if you needed my kidney I’d probably totally give it to you (maybe. but definitely).” 

That’s why we send air plants in sea urchins. Duh. 
LOVE YOU, MOM! You’re the best!
(we’ll cross that kidney bridge if we ever get there, ok?) 


Weeknight Project: Tub Teas

It’s almost Mother’s Day! And that means it’s time to whip up a special treat for the beautiful women in our lives. 
This is a quick and fun project that turns out so cute! A relaxing bath is a rare luxury in just about any household, and one that is sure to be savored. Encourage a moment’s peace with these sachets of relaxing herbs for the bath; they are affectionately termed Chamomile-Lavender Tub Teas.

Gather your supplies: Fabric scraps, thread, needle, scissors, parchment tea filters, ribbon, and herbs of your choice. I used chamomile & lavender for a relaxing blend. You could also use mint & lavender, dried lemon peel, dried rose petals, etc. to create your own blend. You should be able to buy these ingredients in the bulk department of a natural foods store.
Fill the tea filters with your herb mixture. Then, carefully fold the top down by pulling the two corners in to create a point. Then tuck the point under, and fold once more, like a tea bag top (keep one out for reference, if you need it!). Quickly hand-sew a long length of ribbon (long enough that it can be tied to the faucet of the bath and be in the water) in place at the top of this fold, securing the fold as well. 
Then, cut out hearts or use your pinking shears to cut little square fabric “tags.” I did some of both. I recommend using cloth as opposed to paper, since it might get wet. Sew this tag to the other end of the ribbon. Voila! 
Time to package them up! I used my favorite little waxed paper bags and washi tape to recreate another ‘tea bag’ feel for the outer packaging. 
I’ll send these along with a few spa goodies: luscious lip balm, cucumber makeup remover wipes, lotion, and a candle. {click the linked words for my suggestions!)
You could also make a tea-themed gift, with tea to drink, a cute tea infuser, and a good book. Why not throw in a Dayspring mug, too? I love Dayspring’s cheerful, encouraging mugs, and they are only $10! 
Make sure to include a note for mom that these teabags are to infuse a lovely, luxurious bath soak. 
Call your mom, pop a letter in the mail (now so you don’t forget!), or craft up a cute little weeknight project to lavish the love on moms! They deserve it.