Monday Mid Day

Time for a pick-me-up or two!
A Sweet Treat:
Take lunch on the porch with a novel, some iced chai, and some Cool-Whip (guilty pleasure of mine), fresh raspberries, and a crumbled Nana’s gluten-free ginger cookie. YUM!!! The spice of the chai and cookie go so well with the bright pops of raspberry and the cooling Cool-Whip.
A song I’ve been listening to today:

{never mind the video, it’s just the best version I could find on youtube}

On my List:
You guys, these look totally awesome! Want! Click here for link!

Monday Mid Day

It’s Monday already? It’s Mid Day on Monday already?! It’s JULY 11th ALREADY?! It’s 7/11/11 folks. That just tickles me.

Time-warp. Twilight zone. Average intelligence. {inside joke from this weekend, that last one. annoying, i know. sorry
Monday’s Song:

Trust me–happy music can be hard to come by. Which is why I’m excited that Colbie Caillait’s new CD comes out tomorrow! She always has happy music, and I think this one will be especially so because she just fell in love, and I’m sure the music will reflect that. 

Pretty Little Thing:

Those chocolate-cherry scones I baked up? A few of them were tucked into little natural waxed paper bags, and tied with some cute washi tape (my new obsession!!!!!! the cutest ever! click here for more adorable tape than you could ever imagine. and it’s like masking tape, so it peels off easily and is reusable, and won’t take paint off your walls. the jackpot!! ) for some friends :

The cutest new laundry detergent on the block:

Perfect for hand-washing! This is actually just what I need. I usually grab some body wash or shampoo from the shower to hand-wash my delicates in a little tub in the sink. But last week, I noticed one of my body washes left a stain where it landed in a glob on the garment. Not cool at all!

Have a lovely Monday, my lovelies! 

Monday Mid Day

 Monday Mid-Day Pick-me-ups!! Not that I need a pick-me-up. I’m pretty darn happy! 😀

A free song: 

Cloverton’s “Take Me into the Beautiful” I posted a few Mondays ago is the free song download on K-Love this week! Click here to download to your iTunes!

An awesome hair-styling product:

                 Mom, this one’s for you. The Aveda Confixer is really expensive, but I scoured the shelves at a few stores to find this one, which I believe is very close, and at least $5 cheaper (though still a bit of a splurge!). It’s a fantastic liquid gel that you put on prior to styling.

Thrift Store Scores of the Weekend: {you’ll be seeing these in outfit posts soon!}

Have a beautiful and happy Monday! I have a Weekend-to-Work for you this week, so get excited! 

Monday Mid Day

Monday Mid-Day (my fun font in the title doesn’t have a dash, sorry it looks weird) pick-me-ups!!

A beautiful song even more beautiful played live:

Princess Kate’s most gorgeous dress from June 9 (she looks so beautiful, but a bit too thin. Eat something at the next gala, Kate!):

{more pics of her outfit here, found on a google search}

A scene from a pretty picnic that I had with the boy yesterday:

{Lucy’s gluten-free cookies in the late-afternoon sunlight)

Also check out Jen’s adorably-adorable outfit today. I love it so much!!