Almost-Winter Wedding Attire

I love a good wedding, no matter the time of year! This LC Lauren Conrad dress has served me well through all of the seasons, and transitions into winter well with some opaque tights.
If it happens to be chilly, it’s simply the perfect excuse to wear my vintage capelet. And a shot of color with my vintage green clutch.
I love the details here…you can’t quite see the velvet bow above my side bun, my 1920s-ish earrings, and the wooden heel on the Missoni for Target pumps. 
Yay for weddings! Such a fun excuse to get dressed up and celebrate all things lovely.

New Girl Dress

I always love it when Zooey Deschanel on New Girl wears something I can identify so I can totally steal her look. I love her style! So cute. Here is one of the cute dresses she wore tonight on the show, and it’s from Modcloth:
Super cute AND named after The Lumineers. 
So winning. 
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Resist It

Lately there’s a song that’s just been playing over and over in my head. Jason Reeve’s “Old-Fashioned Letters” (it’s sad so don’t say I didn’t warn you!) and there is one line…
“I want to run, but I resist it.”

Ugh, goodness gracious this line. I want to run, but I resist it. You know it takes a lot of effort to run, but it seems to take MORE effort to stay. 
Staying is hard. 
Waiting is hard. 
Being in a difficult transition, with no direction, and a whole lot of anxiety–yeah, staying there is hard.

When the big things are out of whack, I need to learn to be better at leaning into them. Leaning into HIM, leaning into the Word, and leaning into the waiting. 
Because waiting?

It’s actually refinement.

And I always wanted to a refined lady, polished and graceful in the waiting.



Pink Polka Dots

I’ve been lapping up every second of this November sunshine. Just sitting in the window like a cat, keeping it open a crack to get the crisp air inside. I soak in the sunshine and store it away for the days that are gray. 

This skirt is like a big security blanket. 
I’ve thrown it on with boots to return a movie right at the strike of the 9pm return deadline, I’ve worn it out in the rain to get Chinese food well past a decent dinner hour, and I’ve worn it to work and church. You’ve seen me throw the bottom hem up in a knot because I will admit it IS a tripping hazard. Which for me is life-threatening since I’m just a bit clumsy.  

Here I paired it with pearl earrings to mimic the polka dots, a pink polka dot tee, and my polka dot sleeve blazer. Then I threw on my new favorite blingy-bling ring. Bam. This ring practically walks into the room before I do.

Before I trip on my skirt and fall into the room, that is. 
One of these days, no doubt. 

Beauty with a Purpose {Part 2}

I can’t stop smiling. I tried. But it’s really, really hard because I’m wearing this amazing hot pink lipstick. And it not only feels good, it does good. As I said yesterday, this beautiful makeup from Radiant Cosmetics helps fight human trafficking by raising awareness and donating funds.
I also can’t stop wearing this lipstick. I wore it to church. I wore it to work. I wore it on the weekend with a white tee shirt and jeans. I wore it to the polls to vote. 
It is just so much fun. I can’t get over it. And how fun is it with a polka dot (that are actually tiny hearts) peplum top and bright pink Swedish clogs? Swoon.
So let me just gush about this lipstick a little bit more. Look at it! It’s gorgeous! The tube is lovely, shiny, and heavy…you can tell this isn’t your drugstore lipstick. I also adore the Radiant logo. Nicole sent me a personal, handwritten note with those beautiful cards in the background…I loved the personal touches and great customer service. They really do care.
Here I tried not to smile for a moment, so you could see the lipstick.
It went on very smoothly, very pigmented, and lasted forever. I put this lipstick on in the morning and proceeded to: eat celery and lunch, drink from a water bottle all day, drink coffee from a to-go cup, eat dinner…and at the end of the day? 
Still as bright pink as can be. I didn’t even layer it. I just put it on my bare lips. That’s staying power. 
I also used the beautiful Pirouette (shimmery light beige-pink) and Ahoy (matte navy) eyeshadows. Above I used just the Pirouette with a silver gel eyeliner. 
I also wore the Ahoy and the Pirouette with blue eyeliner:
Subtle, but still very fun. 
Beauty with a purpose in products that I love and would purchase anyway?
That’s something I can stand behind. 
Next time you need a pick-me-up and are tempted to buy a standard-issue Sephora lipstick, think Radiant instead. I know you’ll love it. I can’t wait to add more Radiant Cosmetics to my makeup bag. And speaking of makeup bags, they have cool ones handmade by ladies in Uganda. Even more awesome.
Thank you Nicole and Radiant Cosmetics!
These products were given to me in exchange for my honest review in the words and images in the two posts I created. Since they were given to me, there were no profits to be donated to fighting human trafficking. To counteract that, I happily donated to one of the organizations that Radiant partners with, Love146. Maybe you’ll be inspired, too!


My dear church family threw me a party with the theme of Bittersweet. You know? The beautiful fall vine/berry that is red and orange? I’ve always loved it. 
Photo by Chelsea of Frolic Blog from Here
And of course a “Bittersweet” theme is just perfect for a farewell party this time of year. They had orange tablecloths, vases full of bittersweet, and the most beautifully decorated cake with Bittersweet piped on. So pretty! I was totally a crying mess.
Cake decorating skillz by one of my favorite people from church!


My cousin had this darling polka-dot dress and I just had to ask her if she’d mind if I got one! Isn’t it the cutest!? 

Of course, I had to have the party earrings—the bling, if you will, to kick this outfit up a notch.
It’s hard to leave such precious friendship.
But everyone has really sent me off with a lot of love (and photographs, handmade presents, little travel things, chocolates, and more) to carry me forward.
Bittersweet, indeed.