Christmas Catch-Up

A little bit of Christmas Catch-Up is on the docket for today…a few things I never got around to sharing. 

I made the advent wreath this year! SO pretty, I LOVE an advent wreath!

In my room, I had this pretty big bowl of vintage ShinyBrite ornaments, a few mercury glass balls, and my favorite glittery Eiffel Tower ornament. I twirled in some silver ribbon and my one of my Christmas cards from this year (they were totally Taylor Swift Christmas cards and I am not ashamed to admit that!).

Made some Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Creme with Homemade Whipped Cream & Peppermint. YUM!

We made SEVERAL batches of my Grandma’s famous white-chocolate popcorn (with green & red colored sugar) and caramel corn. 
Popcorn-Gift-Bag-Making Station!

I made DIY versions of these (way too expensive) awesome Anthropologie hairbands for some of my friends! 
Love them.
Just a few fun things from Christmas I wanted to share before it was totally way lame to do so. 
Hey, I’m still well within the 12 Days of Christmas (which come after Christmas, but you knew that, right?).

Weeknight Project: Jar Cozy

This is my Cuppow. Cuppow is an awesome new(ish) product designed and produced in New England by two cool guys. Cuppow turns a canning jar into a travel mug. Now, I had been drinking from my canning jar {thanks, Leigh!} as a travel mug for many months before I came across Cuppow. But Cuppow makes the experience much more fulfilling…you feel like a human drinking from a normal cup instead of trying to slosh the liquid into your mouth minus spills, hippie-style. So it’s kinda a great invention (and cheap, too. and beautifully packaged

 Cuppow solved one of my canning-jar-awesomeness problems. But one more remained–the jar lost heat quickly. My tea was cold before 10am! This was a major no-no for me, since I drink my tea all. day. long. On a whim, I decided to make a cozy for my jar. I started (late at night, as these pictures show) with some fabric, felt, and a favorite old tee shirt from high school, along with a paper pattern I made quickly based on the jar. There’s no real particular pattern for this, I just cut a piece of paper and fitted it around my jar the way I wanted, then added room for a seam allowance. 

A zig-zag stitch around the edge of my clever slogan tee secured it to the main fabric and mimicked the background design. Then I cut a piece of felt and fit that inside the layers for added warmth.

And sewed all the layers together. Then I made two tabs from ribbon, and sewed velcro on the tabs and other end of the fabric. This way my cozy comes off and is easily washable in the event of spills.

Since the glass jar is slippery, and I didn’t want the cozy to potentially slip and cause me to drop the jar, I cut a piece of pink shelf-liner that I just  put on with my cozy. This makes it totally secure, and I never feel that the cozy is slipping. I thought about attaching the shelf-gripper to the cozy itself, but then it wouldn’t be washable. The two generally peel off together, and I just roll them up for next time! Perf! 
Also, of course, when I’m travelling, I use the metal canning jar insert lid, and then just switch it out for my Cuppow when I’m actually drinking. This makes it so easy to throw the jar in my bag without worrying about spills.
 It’s done! 
Your jar is now super eco-friendly, super-awesome, super-easily-drinkable, and super-awesomely labelled with the quirky “MissPerfect” sleeve. 
Happy sewing, and happy coffee/tea drinking!

Saturday Projects

Hello dears! It’s Saturday, and around these parts, that usually means a few projects! 

Fixing the zipper and a spot or two on a new vintage dress! I drool over that color!!!!

Installing my new coat rack minus drill/level/stud finder. But it’s nothing a little costume jewelry, a jade-colored screwdriver, and some muscle {thank you, bootcamp workout weight lifting as of late} can’t handle.
{yes I know the background picture isn’t centered! it’s still a work in progress!}

And some sewing…well, actually, this happened awhile ago, but I haven’t shared it yet. 
And, of course, chillin’ since I still feel sorta sick. What are you up to this weekend, loves?
Be well and have fun!


I made some Valentines.
I’m planning to hand them out like Bachelor roses. 
“Will you accept this valentine?”

I mean, really, who could say no?!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ve been working on these super fun Valentines all week, like a school girl, making sure the boys get the mushiest ones, and the girls get the “Best Friends 4 Ever” ones.

Actually, mine all say, “I think you’re a hoot!” Hehe. But I did carefully hand write names like in school 🙂

Cute, quirky, love-struck owls downloadable free online but I canNOT find the link anymore (please leave it in the comments if you find it!!)
Arrow idea from Carolyn at Homework

I’m a Rebel

 I now own a Canon Rebel T2i camera, and it is truly humbling me. I feel like it’s this huge gift and responsibility I’ve been entrusted with… I have no idea how to best do that. There’s a deep desire within me to be a good steward of this camera. To use it well, for good, to be generous and loving with how I use this gift. But first, I need to learn how to use it.

Well, actually, the strap was nekkie. So to procrastinate learning how to properly work my camera, I decided to make it pretty instead. That is just so me, isn’t it? Doing the least-necessary pretty little thing first. It’s my life M.O. Guess I need to learn how to make dishes and laundry pretty. Then maybe I’ll do them (apartment is a major disaster zone after being sick all week).

Also note: if your name is Stephanie and you’re my sister-in-law, a version of this might be coming your way for Christmas. Just sayin’. Only yours will be better because it won’t be the first one I’ve made 😛

Update: Post edited because I still have a cold and I was up early and apparently can’t function properly. Sheesh.