{gold glitter cards from target in dollar store frames//(in)courage Postcards from God’s Beach House held up with flowered washi tape}
I’ve been working on a few little details for my apartment lately. Just happy-pretty things. Nothing fancy or expensive here! In fact, nothing much new aside from the gold glitter “art”…everything else I already had–just rearranged or re-appropriated!

{marimekko tin//milk glass vase//milk glass tray//locally handmade bowl//flowers from a friend//liberty of london for target lucite box//pink aviators//clock (gift) from pottery barn//old-as-the-hills etched glass jewelry box I’ve fixed a million times}
{naptime diaries printable & two pages from Life:Beautiful with scripture//bird on branches hooks from joanne’s//thrifted scalloped cream wall box//weekend hats//basket with scarves & umbrellas//planners ready for the week//old schooldesk with library books}
obviously hoping to replace the shoe rack from target with a cute little wooden bench-cubby-thing, but I haven’t found anything good at tag sales yet!

{close up! gold glitter!}
{other happy little details lately}
I really believe that our surroundings affect us profoundly.
I love “making home” and “pretty-ifying” as I say 🙂
It does my heart so much good!

Weeknight Project: Mason Jar Soap Pump

How cute is this? And Pinterest-y, if we’re being honest. 
Best yet, it cost me $3 and about half an hour.
That’s some Pinterest-y cuteness I can afford!
1 Mason Jar with 2-piece lid
1 pump from another bottle (hand sanitizer or soap pumps work great! You’ll want it to be long enough to allllmost hit the bottom of the jar)
Super glue gel
X-Acto knife and awl or another tool to get the hole started

Use the X-acto knife to score an X where you want the hole to be in the flat part of the lid, then use the awl and pliers to open it up so that the thickest (top) part of the pump you chose will fit snugly. The hole doesn’t have to be perfectly centered, because the rim of the pump will cover it a bit on the top.

Make sure you carefully fold down the metal pieces on the underside so no one will get hurt! Then, line the rim of the jar band with super glue gel and push the flat lid down so the two lid pieces will become one. Let dry thoroughly.
Make sure the pump fits, and hold it steady while you take a bit of super glue to secure the pump on the underside of the lid. Let dry. 
Fill your jar with soap, screw on the lid, and enjoy your handiwork! 
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Weeknight Project: Sugar Scrub

I have been the happy recipient of two jars of this lovely body scrub, this most recent batch from my friend, and last Christmas, a similar jar from my sister-in-law, so I never had to make myself a jar. Happily, my friend included the recipe so I could make some more when I ran out. 
And lucky for you, she’s letting me share.
Thanks, dear!
I love Weeknight Projects: the kind you can whip up after dinner, while watching a movie, or after the kids have gone to sleep and you sneak a cup of tea and a few moments to yourself. They usually involve products around the house or inexpensive items. This sugar scrub is no exception! With a few basic pantry ingredients, you can create an indulgent, pretty, and useful sugar scrub. Unlike other exfoliating sugar scrubs I’ve tried, this one isn’t too oily, so you don’t need to worry about it making your shower slippery. It is especially indulgent to use before shaving. I recommend following up with a lovely body oil right out of the shower to seal in that soft skin! My friend sent along the Refresh scent (Green Tea & Grapefruit) from this line.

Vanilla-Orange Sugar Scrub
borrowed from Whole Living, with a minor modification

1 tsp. honey
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup sugar
zest of 1 orange
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix thoroughly and keep in a jar in your shower. Rub all over body to exfoliate. Rinse well. 

I picked this Philosophy body wash/shampoo up on clearance after the holidays. It smells truly fantastic (as all of their products do), and it coordinates so nicely with the scrub! I can’t be the only one who gets a kick out of having color-coordinated shower products, right? Right?

Ahhh, don’t you feel refreshed now? 


Casual weekend duds.

Neutrals with a pop of color in the form of hot pink jeans and hot pink earrings.

I’m in love with these stretchy, no-snag hairbands that also look great on your wrist when not in use. I am always getting comments because I wear an ugly hair band around my wrist at all times. Funny story: In my brother’s wedding, I had one on my wrist in ALL of the bridesmaid pictures, and into the wedding. When I looked down during the prayer and noticed it was there, I took it off and threw it into the grass while everyone had their heads bowed. 
If only I’d had a cute one!!

 Here’s my pink and gold sparkly one (I made them):

Have a great week!

Christmas Catch-Up

A little bit of Christmas Catch-Up is on the docket for today…a few things I never got around to sharing. 

I made the advent wreath this year! SO pretty, I LOVE an advent wreath!

In my room, I had this pretty big bowl of vintage ShinyBrite ornaments, a few mercury glass balls, and my favorite glittery Eiffel Tower ornament. I twirled in some silver ribbon and my one of my Christmas cards from this year (they were totally Taylor Swift Christmas cards and I am not ashamed to admit that!).

Made some Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Creme with Homemade Whipped Cream & Peppermint. YUM!

We made SEVERAL batches of my Grandma’s famous white-chocolate popcorn (with green & red colored sugar) and caramel corn. 
Popcorn-Gift-Bag-Making Station!

I made DIY versions of these (way too expensive) awesome Anthropologie hairbands for some of my friends! 
Love them.
Just a few fun things from Christmas I wanted to share before it was totally way lame to do so. 
Hey, I’m still well within the 12 Days of Christmas (which come after Christmas, but you knew that, right?).

Pink & Glitter

We had a snow day this weekend, and what better time to wrap up all of my pretty packages than on a snowy Sunday? Oh my heart is happy!
{get ready for tons of photos}
I find great pleasure in a giant passel of packages wrapped beautifully and coordinating. While there is charm to hodge-podge wrapping, too, this is the way I currently prefer to wrap all of my presents. They just look so pretty and dare I say, glamorous?

All of this was from my stash…having just moved, I couldn’t afford to shell out money on brand new, full-price wrapping paper. The cocoa cups paper is a holdover from last year; the last bit of the precious roll. The pink and gold paper is from my stash…rather vintage-y and yet, modern, too. 

The gold bows and gold ribbon are from my craft stash, too. The pink tags, green twine, and the brown “icing” bags were picked up this summer at one of those fancy boutiques in one of the fancy towns. You know the kind…where the only thing you can afford is some teeny tiny paper bags and a yard of baker’s twine. Granted, they are super cute little paper bags!
And since it was snowing, snowing, snowing, what else to do but bake up the traditional Christmas cakes that take some old-fashioned TIME? You have to beat this batter for 20 minutes by hand, and that’s after chopping all of the nuts and fruit. Then you’re supposed to try, try, try to let it sit in the freezer until Christmas. But let me tell you, it really is worth it. 
Enjoy your Christmas preparations, friends!

Adventuring this Weekend

Gosh I love me a good adventuring day 🙂 It’s my favorite! 
I look like I’m adventuring on a safari–but fear not! I was merely traipsing around suburbia. 
I’ve coined the term “Adventuring” for one of my absolute favorite activities–the discovery-day, with no set plans, no set destination. Only adventures.
You might end up at an adorable old-fashioned thrift shop and find jeans, a vintage nightie, and a perfect white button-down.

You might end up at a wonderful antique store with a basket of old letterpress letters (love)!

Depending on where you live, you might even end up at the beach! 
My adventuring has had me meeting well-known artists, eating amazing local foods, encountering folk dancers on a small New England green, and more!
Try it this weekend 🙂
Whether it is a small adventure or a big adventure, just you, or a bunch of friends, here are some of my tips:
1.) Make snacks and drinks part of your day. I love an ice cream from a random ice cream stand, or an iced coffee from a little mom-and-pop coffee shop. You can discover lots of wonderful little places, and snacks and drinks are easier on the budget than whole meals. Take the time to sit on the front step and take in the surroundings.
2.) Bring TWO tote bags. Bring an empty one to carry in your purse until you need it. You’ll want to slip your sunglasses in it, literature you pick up from that cool artists open-studio you found or a business card from the funky little bakery. In the other tote bag, keep some ‘supplies’ for the day in your car. I suggest sunscreen, bug spray, a change of comfy shoes or flip flops, a hat, bottled water, a ‘just in case’ snack, a book to read, and a notebook and pencil. 

3.) Choose your tunes–or skip ’em. Some days I love to adventure with all of the windows down and the radio blasting. Other days, I find the quiet soothing to my soul. There is something about the open road that seems to inspire inner thought, don’t you think?
4.) Take photos–or skip ’em. Sometimes I want to capture every detail of my day. Other days, I want my heart to capture all of the memories, so I leave my camera behind. Sometimes I dig out my notebook and pencil and sketch instead. Do whatever feels right at the time!
5.) Stop at Quirky Places, Tourist Stops, and All of Those Things You Said You’d Do One Day. Stop at that cute diner. The florist with the beautiful flowers out front every day. Pop into the record store, even if you don’t have a record player. Stop at places like the Postage Stamp Museum or the Toaster Museum or that roadside stand that claims to have the World’s Largest Hamburger. Because you’re adventuring, right? So be adventurous.
6.) Be incredibly kind to everyone you meet and enjoy the spirit of the day. Enough said! 
I really hope you have as much fun as I do while adventuring. I wish I could show you more pictures, but I’m an internet scaredy-cat, and don’t want to show you all exactly where I live. BUT I was thinking today of the impromptu little stop I took to this cute Iowa town on a road trip last year. I was so happy to find this little Dutch town, its Tulip Festival statues, Christian bookstore, coffee shop and windmill. What a fun interlude in a long road trip! You never know what you’ll find.
(And it makes me smile to look at those happy pictures on a gray day)
Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you on the other side!


Weeknight Project: Chevron Weekly Planner

I love that Weeknight Projects are usually super cheap or free. This one? $1 or free if you happen to have a cork board laying around. I grabbed mine at the dollar store. 
Use masking tape to tape off some lines for your border. I made my border 1″ all around. 
Then, I freehanded my chevrons with a simple white paint pen. It’s a good idea to let this dry outside, as those paint pens aren’t necessarily good for the brain cell count…y’know?

When it’s dry, you can use it to pin up pictures, inspirations, or a calendar page. I love, love, love this perpetual calendar that was gifted to me, and thought it would be a perfect way to organize my week at a glance. 
“do something creative every day” ~ Great motto!

Cute flower thumb-tacks, with twine attached to my pink pen so I can keep track of all of my upcoming events!
And “all of my upcoming events” are a LOT, so it’s a good thing I’ll be organized!
Whatever happened to that whole “lazy summer” idea?!