Pinterest Faves from Jen @ Boone + Owl

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today I want to introduce you to my new friend Jen from Boone + Owl. She’s a kindred spirit for sure and you should go check out her fun blog! She loves Anthropologie, Chipotle, and Jesus, too, so if those are your jams you’re gonna love her! You can find my post featuring my favorites sunglasses & lipstick pairings for the summer, over on her blog today
In the meantime, here’s Jen with one of my favorite series’ she does, her Pinterest Favorites: 
Pinterest Favorites of the Week, DIY Sequin Blazer, Breakfast Smoothie, Photography Tips, Interviewing tips
Happiest of Mondays! I’m Jen and I blog over at Boone + Owl where I share fashion, beauty tips, recipes, a DIY or two, and a dash of all the other happy things in life! Every weekend I share nine of my favorite pins from my countless hours on Pinterest. Do you ever sit down to pin just a few things and then find yourself still pinning three hours later? Story of my life. Sigh. Anywho, I thought I would share a few of my recent Pinterest Favorites with all of you! I noticed something. There are always at least two favorites that are recipes in every Pinterest Favorites post. Look, I like to eat. Food is delicious! My favorite quote this week also has to do with food. I should really balance this out with a workout pin. Hey, there’s always next time. 
All right, moving on to this week’s favorites..
Ham Lentil and Kale Soup. I love food. I particularly love food that is yummy and fresh! I’ve made kale soups in the past, but none quite like this one. The flavor paring sounds way too delectable!
“You Only Live Once, Lick The Bowl”. Yes. This is my quote for the week, and just YES. Food is delicious. Cake batter is even better. Lick the bowl. This is my ode to yolo. Don’t ever tell anyone I said yolo.
Lash Curling Extreme. I’m sure you’ve heard of heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer to get a better curl. Well, I found this and gave it a try. I’m just going to be honest and tell you that I 100% burnt myself the first time. I was really gung-ho about it and didn’t check the curler to see how hot it was. The heated curler actually works very well and it is absolutely worth trying. Just make sure you check how hot it is first like the tutorial suggests!
How To Top Knot. Do you still struggle with the top knot? I do. At least when it comes to doing a top knot with straight hair. I can do it with curly hair no problem. If you have any issue with a straight hair top knot, this tutorial is nice and helpful!
Simple Breakfast Smoothie. I don’t know about the breakfast part. I’m more of an afternoon smoothie kind of person. There’s healthy + yumminess in this smoothie so it doesn’t count against your calories.. right? I mean it’s spinach. And bananas. And an orange. Blueberries.. Raspberries. Yeah, that does’t count!
9 Fashion Blog Photography Tips. This is such a helpful post! Yara shares some great tips. If you want to improve your photography skills this post is worth a read!
Career 101: Interviewing. This post was put together by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. She shares 8 tips and I thought they were quite helpful.
Stripes + Elbow Patch. I really really love elbow patches. I still don’t have a single top with elbow patches. It’s not okay. Do you know any shops that have some cute options to choose from? Let me know in the comments if you do! This pin is here because it’s so cute. That’s really it!
DIY Sequin Blazer. Blazers are fantastic. Sequin is sparkly and that’s a very good thing. This combination is so fun! It’s pretty easy to do and would add a spectacular pop to an old blazer that needs revamping.
All right, that’s all she wrote! I hope this brought you some pinspiration! What’s your yolo stance on cake batter bowl licking?
Go give Jen some love ya’ll, and don’t forget I’ve got my favorite pairings of sunglasses & lipsticks on her blog today! 
(and Jen!)

Spring Things

Enjoying the sunshine, bright lips, and big sunglasses! 

Slowly working on my office and pulling a few pretty things together here 🙂 

Over the weekend I made some strawberry sauce and lemon curd. YUM!
Then I baked some blueberry muffins to enfold all of that delicious lemony-goodness. It was also delish on shortbread cookies, obviously. 
Then of course I had a LOT of dishes to do.
Good thing I have these pretty sink things to make it happy! Pretty colors & aromatherapy soap for the win! 
{hot pink pot scrubbie//method frosted fir hand soap//mrs. meyer’s lemon verbena dish soap//mrs. meyer’s radish hand soap//green sponge//wood veggie brush}
I’m obsessed with Mrs. Meyer’s products. And that tiny bottle? Target $1 section (with attached coupon for $1 off a big bottle, so it’s win-win). That’s also where I found this little crate that is going to be perfect to use as part of my Easter table centerpiece! (it’s hanging out on my office shelf above right now!) 

PS> Radish sounds weird but it’s actually one of my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s scents, and for some reason reminds me of the cute kitchen I had in my condo in Florida! 

And the bunny towel? Smitten. My grandma lovingly embroidered that. I adore it (and her!).

Show me your happy little Spring things on Twitter? Hashtag it #allthehappythings!


#allthethings and giveaway winner!

It’s Wednesday, which calls for a #allthethings post…the little random tidbits of life that I’m enjoying lately.
{cheerful birthday present for a friend}

{the very last sea-salt-topped peanut butter cookie…amazing!}

{Indian scarf & hot pink vest & j.crew striped wool sweater}

More little things: 
1.) New YurBud earbuds for my iPod
2.) A new bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different face lotion (on bonus right now!)
3.) A “kiss” ice pack (gift from my mom, comes in handy when I fall on the ice or burn myself on the heater…I may be slightly clumsy)
4.) Swedish Sea Salt soap…in LOVE with this detoxing, exfoliating soap. I’ve picked it up at a few different places, but this most recent bar is from Urban Outfitters.
5.) Little fox ring dish (birthday gift) with my Kate Spade heart ring
6.) Sugar Rose fresh tinted lip balm 
7.) Raspberry Glace Clinique lipstick (part of the current bonus)
8.) The Sephora Grapefruit/Gold nail polish I wore on my birthday
to announce the winner of the Monogram Necklace Giveaway from Onecklace
Email me (goodgirlstyleblog at gmail dot com) and we’ll get you set up with your $50 credit! I can’t wait to see what you choose!
Thanks to everyone who entered, remember you can still create your own here: 
(just click anywhere other than on the pin it heart when you hover on the image)
Monogram Necklaces (Ads)
Have a great Wednesday, friends!

Friday Vlog

The vlog on books of the week! 
If I seem a bit tired, that’s because I am. I’ve been in a bit of a rut this week, terribly homesick and feeling the weight of all of the change in my life. Drawing me closer to God, no doubt. All good things, right? This song has been my heart lately. (“Nothing is Wasted” by Elevation Worship). Those lyrics, gah, my heart.
I hope you have a GREAT weekend! 
I want to go to some MUSEUMS!
Much love, 

Coffee Date Vlog 4

Happy Friday!
And now the random things!
1.) Seriously, if you haven’t tried the snacks from yesterday’s post, I highly recommend them all! I love being a small blogger because it means I can write about whatever I want…including SNACKS!

2.) I saw Lee Strobel speak this week. Y’know,
The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus (and Case for a Creator, Case for Easter, etc.) author? So that was kinda cool. Until he walked by me and sis-in-law taking photos in the hallway with my remote and the camera stacked on a bunch of random stuff as we dissolved into giggles over trying to get a picture (of us, not him). So that was kinda awkward.
3.) Some people are getting Emerald Green and Kelly Green confused, even major fashion bloggers. Emerald Green is the 2013 Color of the Year and it is a jewel-tone, meaning it is dark, saturated, and rich-looking with a blue undertone. Kelly Green on the other hand is much brighter and yellower.

I love them both, but I just had to get that off my chest. Stepping off soapbox now.
4.) I sure hope no one ever looks at my Google Search History. Because I seriously just Google-d “How to Sell Your Life Story for a Movie.” Yep. 
5.) You guys, “We Bought a Zoo” is no longer available at my RedBox. How do they expect me to watch it, HUH? I would like to know!!!!!!!!!! #caffeinecrazy
Over and out, my friends! Have a great day!
(Linking up with Rags to Stitches!) 

Coffee Date Vlog

Happy Friday! 
Today I’m trying out something totally new: a vlog or video blog! 
Nothing monumental, just a “coffee date” chat and linking up with Rags to Stitches!
Um, so, like, this is me, you guys (embarrassed look). This is my first vlog so go easy on me!
Let’s see, what else is new? 

1.) I wrote about my beloved New England state, Vermont, for Elembee blog.

2.) You can “like” me on Facebook now! (if my video hasn’t scared you off!) I share a lot of new stuff on here that isn’t on my blog. 

3.) This post went a little crazy on Pinterest. Have you tried it, or pinned it for later?
4.) Here’s a link to the book I mention in my vlog.
Have a great weekend, my dears!

Good Monday Morning

{first snow + Minnetonka mocs}

Good Monday Morning, lovelies! Goodness me, I haven’t done a GMM post in forever 🙂 But where there’s sunshine, there’s happiness, and where there is happiness, there is inspiration. So, since it is a sunny morning this AM, I’ve got a GMM post for you! 

~taking in the happy explosion of color and pattern in my apartment while sporting a crown braid. Vintage couch, vintage beach bag, clothes steamer, chevron satin pillows, Kaffe Fassett wool hooked rug, closet/vintage clothing explosion on left.~

I’ve had these pictures of my old apartment on my desktop since I moved, because I enjoy looking at them. The space was very happy…very Natalie. I loved that anytime someone new came over they would glance around, smile big, and say, “Natalie lives here.” I love the little corners, and thought I’d share a few with you this morning.

~city skyline porcelain tray from Urban Outfitters~
~Mercury glass votive holders from local store~
~Etched glass frame from a tag sale (brand new!)~
~Katie Daisy card framed~

~Curly Girl leftover calendar page~
~Birds + branches coat hook~
~midweight coat, heavy coat, rain coat~

~Vintage yellow desk~
~Vintage lamp, files, cell phone, etc.~
~”Wag More, Bark Less” sticker~

~Vintage lamp~
~Marimekko Tin~
~Giant clothespin~
~Liberty of London pen holder~
~Pointe shoes picture~
~Pink scissors, fan from Japan, palm cross kept from Palm Sunday~

~Clean water around the world is one of my missions. This Hope photo holder with a picture of a family that we donated a water purification system to, gives me HOPE too, and reminds me to be selfless and grateful.~

Also wanted to share this great, great poem by William Stafford that was the Poem of the Day from The Writer’s Almanac (psst…they have 20% off in their store with code “DANCE” today only, and that’s not an affiliate link!).

Any Morning
Just lying on the couch and being happy.

Only humming a little, the quiet sound in the head.
Trouble is busy elsewhere at the moment, it has
so much to do in the world.
People who might judge are mostly asleep; they can’t

monitor you all the time, and sometimes they forget.

When dawn flows over the hedge you can

get up and act busy.

Little corners like this, pieces of Heaven

left lying around, can be picked up and saved.

People won’t even see that you have them,

they are so light and easy to hide.

Later in the day you can act like the others.

You can shake your head. You can frown.

“Any Morning” by William Stafford from The Way It Is. © Graywolf Press, 1999.

Have a GREAT Monday and a beautiful week!