Lately it has been….soaking up sunshine.

Finding my own happiness on cloudy days…

Supplementing with coffee when necessary (do you like my fake fur cup sleeve?!)

Enjoying time in the Great Outdoors (would you believe I’ve been trail running? truth), with friends, relishing every moment, in awe of the fact that it isn’t even June yet, and I get to enjoy a few more months of this. #Happy
Have a great first weekend of June, friends!

Oh, and here’s a song for ya…

Monday Morning Song

Good morning, lovelies! Into the week we go—big mug of black tea in hand, and my new leopard-print sunglasses on my head! {gotta love the dollar bin at the thrift store!}

I woke up with this song in my head, and I figured that was a clue to share it. 

“Lord, I want to yearn for You, I want to burn with passion over You, and only You.”
Have a great day!

Happy Endings OR Breakups, Bangs, and Bacon

I’m feeling great! I might get bangs!
~ABC’s Happy Endings

Welp. Here are a few ways to have “Happy endings” even after…not-so-happy ones. Like breakups. But I’m sure you’ve figured that out, you little detectives you. And my not-so-subtle hints {oops}.
Anywhoo, all is well and tonight, I have a happy ending. Happy, like:

(aka “My Husband Will Crazy-Love Me Someday for Making Chocolate-Covered-Bacon Sundaes” imho}
And dancing to this song:
Because this song allows for some amazing dancing. {despite the kinda weirdo video, sorry about that}
And besides, I might be feelin’ a little hot to trot with my new haircut…
yep, it’s truly me. promise.
So I’d say that makes for a few happy endings tonight. 
Sweet dreams!