Chambray Confession

You know how sometimes, everyone has something, so you resist getting one for no good reason other than principle? And then it goes on crazy-sale at J.Crew and you decide to just test the waters and see why everyone was going so crazy. And the minute you slip on the chambray shirt, you get it
Totally not talking about myself here. 

Well, no matter. I jumped on the chambray shirt bandwagon, my friends, and boy am I sure glad! I have no doubt you’ll be seeing this shirt a lot. And if you might have happened to be like me, uneasy about why everyone was going crazy over a denim shirt, don’t worry. It’s absolutely wonderful, I promise.

And while I’m reppin’ J.Crew just ’cause, this outfit definitely reminds me of something out of their catalogue. Stripes, chambray, glasses, a giant cocktail ring, ankle-zip cords, and bright blue suede pumps?
That has J.Crew-bandwagon written allllllll over it.

Bootights & Stripes

Oh stripes, how I adore you. Oh cupcake hair, how I adore you (see, cause my bun looks like a swirl of frosting?). Oh giant sunglasses, how I adore you.

Also adoring these new lace-up boots that were a bit of a steal from the consignment store. I bought a bunch of clothes to the consignment store the night before my move. My car was already packed to the hilt, and I was entirely exhausted, but I had one bag of “good” clothes that wasn’t coming with me. I used the credit I earned for these boots, knowing full well I had absolutely no room in my car for them. In desperation, I managed to cram them under the front passenger seat. I think it was worth the effort, because of their shearling lining, lace-up front, and Chukka-boot styling. What do you think?
{pink fingernails}
Ok, now I’m excited to share the best part of this post! 
I think you all know my penchant for wearing skirts and dresses in winter, since the “how-to” it is my most popular post. Well, I am just so excited to have something totally new to add to my winter wardrobe: Bootights.

You guys, it’s a tight with a sock, too!
I’m really just thrilled to have found this company. Their thick, premium-quality, made in USA tights combine a sock into the tights so that you don’t have to ruin your tights in boots, have your feet be slipping inside boots, or layer thick or unsightly socks over your own tights. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?! It can get ugly when you have a gorgeous outfit on and then throw on cheesy off-season holiday socks over your tights in your boots because it’s all you could find….only to show up for a fancy dinner party and be asked to take off your shoes. 
These are the Flannel Pinstripe tights. They are really thick and luxurious, with a very thick and cozy calf-length sock attached to the tights. I was worried that the seam attaching the two would be flimsy and cause them to rip, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. The sock makes these tights especially warm inside boots, and I felt cozy and comfy all day, even in my ‘dressier’ boots. The tights definitely have a control top, so be aware for those holiday food-laden parties 😉 They have many patterened tights that will be perfect for the upcoming festive party season (click on the title of the tight for more info)!
I’m going to update my “How to Wear Skirts & Tights in the Winter” post this year, and I will be SURE to include this amazing new find. If you live where it’s cold, these are an incredibly valuable addition to your winter wardrobe. They are a little pricey, but they are made in USA and definitely high-quality. When it comes to tights, I’ve noticed that you really get what you pay for. And there’s always Santa!
Seriously, these would be great (and punny) stocking-stuffers. 
I crack myself up.
Now, I just need to get their other cute ones. I’m thinking Herringbone and Clark Cable (ha).

*These tights are c/o Bootights in exchange for the words, images, and opinions in this post, which are my own, honest and unbiased. Thank you, Bootights!

Take Heart

These days, it’s a daily struggle to keep all of my heart here. To keep it present. 
Half of it is still living a small-town-happy past life, and the other half is living a city-struggling-memories life.

 I have so much more empathy now for anyone who moves. The next time a new girl comes up to me, I will say, “I will be your friend! I will sit with you at the lunch table! I mean, get coffee with you!”  
{this section refuses to get on the ‘centered’ bandwagon tonight for some reason…}

Also, I have only unpacked about 20% of my closet, and I haven’t figured out this “why my hair looks so terrible here most days” thing yet, so I’m really limping along here with style posts. Good thing this blog isn’t just about fashion 🙂 
PS> I had to wear this leopard coat because it was snowing. Again.
Wait for the Lord! Be strong, and TAKE HEART, and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14
Have a great week! 


Weekend Gear: Coffee, sunnies, hat, wrinkly sundress, flip flops! 
After Saturday morning tag sales, it rained non-stop. 
So instead of outdoor adventuring, I enjoyed a low-key weekend around the house. 

Manicure/pedicure essentials…

Pretty pink toesies! (and yellow fingernails)
Hanna Andersson clogs
Supplies for a fun paper project I’m working on. 
Baked some ginger-chocolate chunk scones. Mmm! Sent some over to a dear friend packaged like this. 
Now, it’s into the week!
Let’s begin it beautifully, yeah?

How to Visit a French Bakery

In light of yesterday’s Parisian post, I just had to share this DARLING video I found! It’s just too much adorableness. My favorite part is the little Citron tart section 🙂 Enjoy!
I’m drinking Tazo Early Gray tea out of my Strawberry mug while wearing a shirt rather like this and a skirt made out of sweatpant material. It feels delicious to cozy up on a slightly chill, gray summer morning instead of sweating my way through another 90-degree day. I’m just not such a fan of the heat. 
I’m thinking: some baking? Some writing? Some antiquing?
Have a great Friday, my loves!

This & These & That

This is my super-tired face. And sadly, this was the best of the batch of photos. Yowza. 
We’re back to gray skies, too. I need some chai STAT.
But I think the rest of the week is supposed to skyrocket into the high-80s. Ew.
These are my stripes rolled up over the spring green.
These are my lavender fingernails.

These are my chevron socks in my cheetah flats. 
And that is my casual Monday outfit. 

Things I Think When It Rains

I’m tired. 
And did I mention it’s still rainy?
So I thought, why not monochromatic, and stripes with more stripes?
And then I thought…I normally pair gray and mint with silver. But what if I paired them with gold?! What then, huh?
Anything seems like a good idea when it’s been raining for days weeks.
Actually, I don’t think gold flats and a gold/green ring did any harm. 
In fact, I might like it.
I might try it again on some non-rainy day.
If that ever happens.

I’m putting my foot down. 
The rain’s gotta stop. 
You got that, rain? 
K, good.

Extra Weekend

 This is my It’s Monday. But it’s still the ‘weekend’! expression.
With Monday being a holiday we had an extra day to wear our weekend duds! If you know me, you know that practically no weekend ensemble is complete without a splash of neon!  Monochromatic with a pop of neon is always right, but since neon is such a trend right now, it’s even more on point.

Add sparkles, stripes, braided belt, lace-edged skirt, and ‘snakeskin’ sandals for even more visual interest. 
Did you notice how this outfit is really, really simple in its foundations? It’s a tank, sweater, an ‘easy’ bottom (skirt with shorts underneath to keep things modest), and sandals.  How quickly could a tank top, sweater, and shorts look uninspired and boring? Mixing up the details are what really make the outfit stand out.

{hot pink details}

Style Secrets
Sunnies: Target
Sweater: Tag Sale
Tank: Tag Sale
Skirt: American Eagle
Purse: Consignment Shop
Sandals: Thrifted
Nail Polish (not on in pics): Pixi

Have a great week!