Dear Kates Yoga Pants and Bralet Review

I love Dear Kates “performance underwear” and I’ve told you about them a few times before. 
Last summer, they launched a Kickstarter for their new line of yoga pants and shorts, and you know I had to be in on that! They had a few delays in production, but did the BEST job of managing expectations and keeping customers in the loop and excited during the months that followed. 

My Kickstarter goodies (and a few extras to review) arrived with brand-spakin’-new packaging and two luxurious Vosges Haut Chocolate chocolates. I adore Vosges and was thrilled to see their trademark deep purple box in my package. Dear Kates also gave everyone a free online yoga class for waiting so patiently. Good things come to those who wait!

My yoga pants, panties, and bralet are all new favorites that I will be wearing often, no doubt. This time I ordered Mediums in everything, since my Smalls were a bit too snug last time. These yoga pants don’t have a ton of stretch. Instead, they skim over your skin, which is nice but takes a bit of getting used to. Sizing varies on the items from DK, so take a look at each item before you order. 
The real star here is the bralet, in my opinion. While the yoga pants are super comfy and thick, I am more impressed by the darling little bralet that is perfect for yoga, slackline and wearing under loose tees around the house. The little keyhole (where the two cups meet..hard to see in photo) and delicate crossed straps are lovely. I do wish it were a bit more stretchy as the thick material can take a bit of work to get over one’s head 😉 I love that the yoga pants have a band around the tummy (perfect for keeping things nice and smooth!). My yoga pants fit a bit higher in the front that the back, but did not fall down in the back, just sat lower. I’m not convinced about the crotch seam…I think that could use a bit of re-engineering.
My Ada hipsters in a Medium are perfect, and my Dear Kates favorite. The lace top is feminine and delicate, but the thick yet silky fabric beneath it feels wonderful. I highly recommend these! 
The pros win! Let me know if you try DearKates yoga pants, bralets or performance panties. Don’t forget to give me a shout-out by using this code for $20 off your yoga pants

Dear Kates Yoga Pants and Shorts

Remember when I told ya’ll about the wardrobe secret weapon of Dear Kates underwear? Jenna and her team are back with an even more impressive undertaking: yoga pants and shorts!

They incorporate the attention to detail and “cute factor” of Dear Kates, as well as the Underlux fabric that makes them so fantastic (three words: no. camel. toe. #justsayin). They’re leak-proof and VPL-proof. And they’re guaranteed to make your tush look amazing, soooooooooo who isn’t on board with all of that?

as if that isn’t enough: a hidden key pocket, K stamp detail on the back waistband, and never-see-through fabric.

Their Kickstarter already raised $100,000 (their two stretch goals were reached to incorporate contrast color stitching (I’m all about the watermelon or ocean view!) and a longer short length. Their new goal is to add a sporty bralet to match (which one will win?! They are all so cute!).

Get in on the awesome-ness at Dear Kates Kickstarter campaign here
The campaign ends on Saturday, June 28th, so get in while the gettin’s good. Discounts and goodies for backers galore! And yep, I’m in on it, too and pledged. Join me!

Winners and Life Lately!


Email me and I will send you details and your code 🙂 YAY! Can’t wait to see what new specs ya’ll pick out! Be sure to tweet or instagram me 🙂

Around here it has been all vintage dresses and wonderful picnics, just the way I like June! Don’t you agree?

 {vintage dress complete with pockets!}
{my favorite vintage cooler shaped like a picnic basket}
{his and hers drinks…mine was the DELICIOUS Strawberry-Rhubarb agave soda, and his was the grapefruit San Pellegrino}
{cold cuts, sharp cheese, homemade potato salad, chips and fruit snacks}
PS. You can find more of my summer adventures on my brand-new instagram! 🙂 
We also had a stack of magazines to read and played Frisbee. Perfect summer evening. 
Here’s to many more picnics this year!
And more giveaways with more winners!

Your Wardrobe Secret Weapon: Dear Kate

It’s probably no surprise I like pretty underthings.
But I’m also a fan of practicality, and sometimes function wins over form (has anyone ever found a pretty nude strapless bra that is smooth? If so, please let me in on that secret).


But I’m about to let you in on a fabulous secret, something generally only your best friend might tell you. Have you heard of DearKate’s “revolutionary underwear”? They’re form-meets-function-meets-awesome.


These are underthings you can rely on. They’ve got you covered and feeling good all day long, no matter what the day brings: running, Zumba, yoga, comedy night out, extra confidence that time of the month, or visiting the White House (as I read in their testimonials section!). Any time you don’t want to leave anything to chance (and who does?) reach for DearKate.


They have athletic styles and everyday styles, all carefully crafted in NYC and packaged adorably like a letter. I chose an everyday pair from the Ella collection, with polka-dot lace and a little bow in green (how could I resist?).


Love the polka-dot mesh/lace and the thick but breathable (and silky smooth!) lining. I will caution you to be careful washing these in the machine straight-up (without a lingerie bag) because I made that mistake and they got snagged a bit. I also recommend sizing up one size.


I am so pleased to have found these and Dear Kate was kind enough to send me a pair to review so we can all ditch pantyliners, be free to live as boldly as we’d like & still wear beautiful underthings. I think that’s pretty revolutionary! These are not affiliate links, but I know Dear Kates are a bit on the expensive side so you can use code “goodgirlstyle” to get 25% off your order through April 30th!


Might I suggest you use it on their brand-new Vera collection? SO CUTE and I loooooove the color! Because I love you so much and DearKate is so generous here’s the code again:


 I highly recommend keeping at least one pair of these in your lingerie drawer. 

Bootights & Stripes

Oh stripes, how I adore you. Oh cupcake hair, how I adore you (see, cause my bun looks like a swirl of frosting?). Oh giant sunglasses, how I adore you.

Also adoring these new lace-up boots that were a bit of a steal from the consignment store. I bought a bunch of clothes to the consignment store the night before my move. My car was already packed to the hilt, and I was entirely exhausted, but I had one bag of “good” clothes that wasn’t coming with me. I used the credit I earned for these boots, knowing full well I had absolutely no room in my car for them. In desperation, I managed to cram them under the front passenger seat. I think it was worth the effort, because of their shearling lining, lace-up front, and Chukka-boot styling. What do you think?
{pink fingernails}
Ok, now I’m excited to share the best part of this post! 
I think you all know my penchant for wearing skirts and dresses in winter, since the “how-to” it is my most popular post. Well, I am just so excited to have something totally new to add to my winter wardrobe: Bootights.

You guys, it’s a tight with a sock, too!
I’m really just thrilled to have found this company. Their thick, premium-quality, made in USA tights combine a sock into the tights so that you don’t have to ruin your tights in boots, have your feet be slipping inside boots, or layer thick or unsightly socks over your own tights. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?! It can get ugly when you have a gorgeous outfit on and then throw on cheesy off-season holiday socks over your tights in your boots because it’s all you could find….only to show up for a fancy dinner party and be asked to take off your shoes. 
These are the Flannel Pinstripe tights. They are really thick and luxurious, with a very thick and cozy calf-length sock attached to the tights. I was worried that the seam attaching the two would be flimsy and cause them to rip, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. The sock makes these tights especially warm inside boots, and I felt cozy and comfy all day, even in my ‘dressier’ boots. The tights definitely have a control top, so be aware for those holiday food-laden parties 😉 They have many patterened tights that will be perfect for the upcoming festive party season (click on the title of the tight for more info)!
I’m going to update my “How to Wear Skirts & Tights in the Winter” post this year, and I will be SURE to include this amazing new find. If you live where it’s cold, these are an incredibly valuable addition to your winter wardrobe. They are a little pricey, but they are made in USA and definitely high-quality. When it comes to tights, I’ve noticed that you really get what you pay for. And there’s always Santa!
Seriously, these would be great (and punny) stocking-stuffers. 
I crack myself up.
Now, I just need to get their other cute ones. I’m thinking Herringbone and Clark Cable (ha).

*These tights are c/o Bootights in exchange for the words, images, and opinions in this post, which are my own, honest and unbiased. Thank you, Bootights!