Blessed & Grateful

{Thanksgiving outfit! Navy lace, mint cords, pearls, hair bow, smiles. Not sure why I didn’t zip my ankle zips. I just never got around to it.}
I keep trying to write something meaningful and poignant about Thanksgiving this year.
I’m a writer. I’m a poet. 
Expressing feelings in words is what I do.
And yet, this year, with my heart so full, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound sappy.
Trouble is, all of the cliche things are true.
I am grateful. My heart is utterly thankful and blessed and worshipful.
I am thinking of those who have passed away, who aren’t with us, who are far away, who are fighting for our country, or who are facing trials & tribulations far beyond what I can imagine this holiday season.
I truly am on the verge of tears thinking of those things.
It feels so much easier to just talk about pumpkin pie and discount codes because those are safer. 
We don’t have to be vulnerable or honest to think about those things. We can joke about them easily. And I made my fair share of jokes this Thanksgiving, to be sure!
But my heart feels so much more, and sometimes it’s hard to find the room to vocalize it or express it. 
My family isn’t really much of the share-your-heart type. We’re definitely the pie-joke type. 
Except on a day like Thanksgiving, I really want to share the deeper heart-things of life.  Maybe that only comes the day after, full of pumpkin pie, having used up all of the turkey jokes, sitting here with a mug of tea writing about it: maybe that’s when my heart gets to express its true thanks. Even if I can’t quite find the right words.
Hopefully everyday I can let those around me know I am so glad that they’re in my life. That I am so glad they brighten my day, make me laugh, hug me, and sometimes, when the mood is right…talk about the deeper things in life, and how thankful we are for each other. For family, friends, and faith.

and gluten-free Mile High Pecan Pumpkin Pie, of course. 

Thanksgiving Outfit

This outfit is so much fun! I just love all of the elements, and can’t wait to wear it again. Also–what do you all think of my new red lipstick? Love it or hate it?
Style Secrets
Hairclip: Goody
Necklace: Von Maur
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage
Hose: J.Crew
Heels: Target


We have a winner, folks! chose Leigh as the winner of the Thankful cards {and fun extra little trinket}. Congratulations, Leigh!!!!!!!! And thanks to everyone who entered, and for all of your sweet comments.

Thankful: Giveaway

{Handmade Thankful cards on handmade ‘leaf’ potholders I sewed a few Thanksgivings ago}

It’s my first-ever giveaway! Granted, it’s very small, but I’m excited nonetheless, and you should be too 🙂
Up for grabs is a stack of these lovely pale-yellow/orange handmade (by me!!) “Thankful” cards. I envision placing them on each plate at the Thanksgiving table. The backs are empty, so you can either write something about each recipient that you are thankful for, or have everyone write something they are thankful on the back and put them all in a big pot. Then take turns guessing who wrote it! Tie them on presents, slip them under doors, leave them under windshield wipers…No matter how you use them, they’re classy and cute at the same time.

{drying on the letterpress machine…see, I have plenty to share}

And did I mention handmade? I made these on an authentic antique letterpress, and I just have to share them. Don’t worry, they’ll come packaged with an extra goodie or two, hopefully in time for your Thanksgiving festivities.

{tied with a scrap of wool}

Since this is my first giveaway, and it’s small, it’s casual. To enter, leave me a comment. If you want an extra entry, follow my blog by clicking “Join This Site” on the right-hand side. Only two entries each, please! And share the news! Giveaway ends Friday night at midnight so I can send them to you in time for Thanksgiving! 

And I just wanted to say: I am thankful for YOU, dear reader. Thanks for reading, for your kind comments, your friendship, and for being awesome.