Sixties Sunday

I love Sundays for so many reasons. I mean, hello, I get to celebrate Jesus, have a day off, worship with my friends, go out for brunch…and obviously, pull out my favorite vintage dresses.

I had half a mind to chop this late-1960s dress right above my knee (thinking it looked a bit, “I grabbed the shower curtain and made it into a dress” when left long). The next day, I walked by Lilly Pulitzer and saw this dress in the window. Sold! (well not the Lilly dress! but the idea of keeping it long). 

I wore this fun dress to church and to brunch with some friends. We sat outside under a big straw umbrella and chit-chatted about life while eating banana pancakes and drinking orange juice out of wine glasses. Just the way a Sunday should be. 

Into the week, my friends!
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A Little Bit of This

{thrifted scarf, thrifted merino plum sweater, H&M blazer, F21 jeans, thrifted boots}
No big, fancy outfits around here lately, just a few everyday-doing-this-thing-called-life outfits.

{Caroline G. necklace, Target sweater, Gap cami, F21 jeans &  boots}
This was such a gray day, you can tell by the lighting. I was wearing a dark purple sweater, and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “This shirt is making you look tired & sad. You need color.” So I swapped for my yellow sweater (current clearance at Target, fyi!), my peach Caroline G. bubble necklace, and my hot pink Radiant cosmetics lipstick. Much better!

{Thrifted tee, thrifted sweater, J.Crew cords, H&M ring, Minnetonka mocs}
Crushing hard on this color combo of seafoam and raspberry lately. 
And who doesn’t love some Minnetonka mocs?
The snow was swirling in an ethereal way this morning: circular, horizontal, dream-like. 
I felt like I was inside of a snowglobe, truly.
Quite lovely. 

Bright Mother’s Day

All anyone had to say about this outfit was, “Bright!” They lost their ability to speak in complete sentences because apparently this outfit is so “Bright!” and distracting like a shiny object to a toddler. They would point, jaw down, “Bright!” And I am only slightly exaggerating 🙂 
I’m totally into yellow as of late…and it’s a color I never thought I could wear. The conclusion thus far is that as long as it is warm yellow–mustardy—then I can wear it. When my mom was here we did an experiment and all of my cool yellows looked significantly better on her skin tone, so off they went in her suitcase. 
What do you think about this in-between yellow? Is it quite right or quite wrong? 
Style Secrets
Citrine earrings: Borrow from a friend
Blouse: F. by Faconnable, thrifted
Skirt: Bloomingdales, thrifted
Bracelets: Walmart and J.Crew
Purse: Vintage
Flats: Old as the hills (?)

Have a great week!

Braid Failure

I’m compelled to admit it: I tried a Katniss braid. 
And I failed. 
I can’t even do something so simple as a wildly popular teenage-film hairstyle.
You see, the french braid across the back of the head diagonally is actually supposed to be an inside-out french braid, not a regular one. Oops.

Negative points for trying to be a teenager again.

Especially when I have no real idea who Katniss is other than that she’s somehow related to the Hunger Games. 
But all of that aside, I loved this mix of colors and textures for spring. A sequined tank top, patterned cardi, and wool tulip skirt and some cowboy boots. 
Style Secrets
Hair tie: Local artist
Necklace: Lucky
Sunnies: Local store
Sequin Tank Top: Talbots, via friend
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Thrifted

Three Thrifted Things Thursday

Say that ten times fast! Ha!

You’ll never believe these three things I thrifted that coordinate so well! I got such a kick out of it!

Mod 1960s-esque dress (but it’s H&M)

West Elm tray for my apartment

Coordinating clip-on earrings
I have a feeling my mom is going to want to steal all three of these things. Because she’s coming to visit today!
We shall see, we shall see. 🙂
Happy Thursday!

Velvet Blazer

I remembered this velvet blazer just in the knick of time. I wanted to be sure to get a wear in before the weather turns warm again. And let me tell you, the day I wore this it was NOT warm. But I love the heavy velvet mixed with a spring-like color combination.
Style Secrets
Earrings: F21
Tee: J.Crew, thrifted
Blazer: Thrifted
Jeans: Tag sale
Scarf: Thrifted
Boots: Tag sale
Coat: Thrifted

Fashion & Photography

I love fashion, and I love photography. So an evening spent indulging both passions was truly inspiring. Here’s what I wore to the fashion show to people-watch through my camera lens. And sip lots of Vitamin Water, since they were sponsoring the event.

{Vitamin water & giant ball of gerbera daisies. Chic.}
{more Vitamin Water decorations}

When I saw this ballskirt, I knew it was what I wanted to wear to StyleWeek. And at $8, I could afford something new & special to wear, without breaking the bank.

I love the juxtaposition of the raw silk ball skirt with the military vest.

{neon nails are my favorite!!}
My Outfit
Earrings: Hand-me-over
Ring: H&M
Sunnies: Local store
White shirt: Michael Kors, thrifted
Vest: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Hose: Target
Boots: NineWest
Purse: Missoni, consignment store

One of the photographers told me I was the best dressed photographer in the “Press Pit.” And by that he meant, ‘overdressed.’ Since everyone else was wearing varying degrees of dressiness–front suits to t-shirts. And lots of black.
To which, of course, I said, “I love fashion and photography.” and handed him a business card. Thanks for the compliment, sir! And then another photographer asked to take my picture. So I think that worked out.
What’s the Press Pit, you ask?

It’s where all of the photographers and videographers crowd on a tiny stage to jostle elbows over the best shots. And it’s awesome, if I do say so myself.

And some randoms…
How cute is this “off-duty” model from Sarah’s show {see slicked back “wet” hair} who was heading home with her mom and little sis? Super cute, and I love her scarf. So sweet and fun!
And look at this face below! Girl will probably be famous someday. But she’s a good friend, too, and made me take a picture of her with her friends. Rock on, chica! Fierce.

I’ll end with a photo that embodies so much about the fashion world:

But remember, girls, we don’t depend on brand names or runways to be beautiful. We shine for God. And fashion? Well, sometimes, it’s just the icing on the cake, and we get to enjoy it.

Cashmere Taste

Cashmere taste on a thrift store budget! 

Sometimes a girl with cashmere taste on a thrift store budget makes out like a bandit. This 100% cashmere pencil skirt with adorable pleating was $10, ya’ll. It’s kinda the softest, most wearable skirt ever, and one of my favorite thrift finds so far. I envision I’ll be wearing it all winter, so I’m sorry if you get sick of seeing it! 
Also, I almost didn’t buy these shoes.
But then I did. And they got me lots of compliments (and blisters).
And  one more also: Happy New Year!
May God continue to refine us in the coming year.
Style Secrets
Headband: F21, I think?
Necklace: F21
Tee with Chiffon Sleeves: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted
Hairbow (clipped on skirt): F21
Bangles: J.Crew
Sweater Tights: TJ Maxx
Heels: Thrifted
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Crazy Love/ I’m Bringing Hats Back

 I crazy-love this outfit. I crazy-stupid-love this hat. Gah, gorgeous vintage hat with a pink lining and a bow on the back!!! I wore this to our church Christmas party, where everyone went crazy over the hat! I’ve always loved vintage hats, and have a few to my name that I collected over the years (as a teenager, mostly!). When I saw this one in the thrift store you’d better believe I snatched it up like nobody’s business! I’m on a hunt for more now, so if you find a good source, send it my way. I’m bringing hats back, baby.
This outfit elicited many comments out in the real world! Some of my favorites: 
~At the post office, someone told me her 8-year-old niece would absolutely love my outfit! (I love that young girls like my outfits. Makes me super happy)
~My neighbor said I looked like I belonged in Glamour magazine (hehe! Maybe in 1962!)
~A stranger said I looked like I “belonged in the city” 
~The older ladies at church went crazy over my hat, calling me a “fashion plate” and wanting to know if it was really vintage.
~An older man at church complimented the hat, and my boyfriend approved! 
I just loved that this outfit was appreciated across the spectrum. Warms my heart to go about my business (I wore this to the post office, the grocery store, and a Christmas party), smiling, spreading Christmas happiness. A ladylike outfit does so much for a girl! 
To keep things from being too literal and vintage, I added my moose necklace and some patterned hose. Oh I just love it! I would live in this outfit! The popcorn sweater! The sweet bow top! The high-waisted, pleated skirt! In hot pink and black? Getouttatown. 
Style Secrets
Hat: Vintage
Sunnies: Local store
Necklace: F21
Top: Target
Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Ann Taylor
Hose: ?
Heels: Elie Tahari, TJMaxx
Gushing Enthusiasm: Free with vintage hat

Sunlight in November

The sunlight in autumn just gets me. It is so incredibly gorgeous—but we must take delight in its temporality, for it is dark before dinner time, and for many months. We cannot get mad–sometimes, we, too, say goodbyes before we should. Sometimes we tuck into bed a little too early. Sometimes we wish the days away. No, we cannot be angry with the sun for hiding away from us for a bit. 
For some reason, the warmth of the sun on my hair makes me think of bittersweet things, like sunlight in late autumn. 
But no matter. I’m rather fond of this outfit. Can you ever imagine why? The color, of course! I just love it! The sheerness of the silk blouse and the sunlight–gah! Lovely. 
Style Secrets
Sunnies: Local store
Necklace: Vintage
Blouse: Thrifted
Bangles: Walmart and ??
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: American Eagle
Heels: Aldo