Purse & Travel Essentials

Kleenex~Sephora Mini Brush/Mirror~Burts Bees Gloss, Tinted Lip Balm, and Pomegranate Lip Balm
~Victoria’s Secret Little Darling lotion~Hand Sanitizer~Moleskine Notebook~Business Card Case~Altoids~Tums Freshers~Card Case for Membership/Punch/Gift Cards~Pen~LaraBar~Kate Spade Wallet

Since it is winter now, these two babies are my absolute essentials: Lotion and hand sanitizer in the cutest, most useful little tube from HumanGear. When they shared a leash for Lottie, they also sent me two of their GoToobs, the civilized travel tube. So I just have to tell you about them for a minute here because they are awesome!
{Medium and Small GoToobs}

 These beautiful, silicone tubes are so intuitively designed, they are sure to make travelling a much smoother experience. When I saw they were recommended by my favorite travel expert (the adorably pregnant-with-twins Samantha Brown), I knew I had to try them out.

What makes their tubes so fantastic? To begin with, they are squeezable. If you’ve ever had cheap “travel section at big box store” plastic containers for travel, you know that they are rigid and prone to leaking. And forget about ever cleaning all of your lotion outta there! Let’s be honest, you usually end up throwing them away after a trip because they are so inconvenient, right? No longer! These GoToobs make a great gift for yourself or any intrepid traveler. They’ll love you forever, I’m pretty sure. And I do mean forever, since GoToob offers a lifetime warranty on their products. 
Look how pretty they are! Love the pink, orange and clear. They also come in blue/green/clear, all in 3 sizes (Small – 1.25 fl. oz., Medium – 2.0 fl. oz., and Large – 3.0 fl. oz.). They have a no-drip valve, a wide opening so you can get in there to really clean it out and reuse it, a special built-in labeling system so you’ll never put body wash in your hair again, the medium size has a suction cup to stick to the shower (!), and they are all BPA- and PC-free and FOOD GRADE. So you could put your special barbeque sauce in one to bring it camping. You could use it for toothpaste, then conditioner, and then you could use it for spicy mustard! I mean, it’s just so cool. 
The medium, filled with shampoo, easily attaches to the shower wall via the built-in suction cup.

Ready & waiting for my next trip!
What are your purse or travel must-haves? 

*Thanks to Katrin at HumanGear for her awesome customer service and for providing me with these products for review. This post is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Things Of Late

How’s your summer going?
Mine has been wonderful so far! 
Here are a few snaps of what’s been going on lately…
I’m TOTALLY smitten with a crown braid: 
These outfit pics were all overexposed, but this dress is so much fun. Strangely, I feel it has a Sound of Music vibe to it…
I’ve been doing some travelling, which for me means “tattoo”ing myself with words like “Sovereign” to combat anxiety and wearing SeaBands. Oh boy.

I finally did the seafoam/yellow nail polish combo, and it’s so cute! Also, these GoPicnics are my favorite thing to eat while travelling. Gluten-free and fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about them.
This beautiful drink is delicious. And the bottle’s a keeper!
Been brewin’ up lots of iced coffee: 
{cold-brew = only way to go}
Playing tennis: 
My friend said, “You look like a piece of candy.” 
Hahahaha. That’d be me. 
Looking like a piece of candy. 
No big deal. 
Also, tennis is one of those things I always wanted to be amazing at…and never got past “halfways-decent.” Or, as the same friend said, “We’re below amateurs.” And I said, “What’s below amateurs?”
On that note, my dears, have a wonderful day!! 

Ladylike Lace

Someone told me I looked like I should be walking down the streets of Paris in this outfit.
Sounds good to me! Laduree and the Louvre and L’Opera Paris are all missing me. 

Until then, I can walk around the streets of my New England town and say, “Oui,” and “Non,” and shake my head a lot. That seemed to be how the Parisians do things. Oui?

Fingernails a’la TiffaMade! Gah I love them. So like the colors of the macarons at Laduree.
{darling website; do visit it. and, of course, the Paris tea room is stunning, too}
For my hair, I tried one large victory roll on the back. It’s sort of like a reverse Gibson tuck. 
Maybe it’s a Natalie tuck. Or a Natalie roll. It’s a Natalie Tuck & Roll. 
Sounds so sophisticated, non
Style Secrets: Necklace: Target, Blouse: Kohls, Belt: Claire’s, Skirt: BCBG, thrifted, Heels: Consignment store 


Palm Springs

Happy Monday!
 Mrs. Lilien has had me on a Palm Springs kick. Palm Springs is calling me and my vintage swimsuit to a swanky Palm Springs hotel with a swanky pool. Of course, this vintage late-1960s Barkcloth, with the most amazing design, cupcake buttons, and…yes…sequins, is coming with me. But I might have to check a bag…this thing weighs about ten pounds!

I love all of the visual weight from the pattern and texture, yet it fits beautifully so it doesn’t look overwhelming. Vintage MUST fit well or it’s not worth your time, my friends. 
But Palm Springs? Palm Springs is always worth your time.

“Excuse me, which direction is the pool?”

This pattern reminds me so much of the new Kate Spade Florence Brodhurst design: 

Doesn’t it have a lot of similar elements? Everything old is new again! 
Have a GREAT Monday, my dears! I’m so excited for this week and I hope you are, too. It’s mid-July, high-summer, and I’m ready to make the most of every second of it. 

Overflowing Happiness

This past week and weekend has been absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful with overflowing happiness. I give it ALL back in praise to God, the source of it all. My boyfriend and I went on a quick trip to Iowa for a special project {to be announced later} and to visit my family. I am still just giddy with the goodness of it all. The fun-ness! See, don’t I look happy:

Yeah, maybe just a little bit happy.

{eyes are open, promise}

Style Secrets
Necklace: Gift from Israel
Tee: Old Navy; hand-me-over
Cardi: J.Crew, thrifted
Scarf: hand-me-over
Belt: Coach, thrifted
Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, tag sale
Boots: Consignment trade-in

More of the good things: 

Being {Home}; Pretty red coat and gingham curtains; Boyfriend with coffee from a favorite diner

And we stumbled upon a great little Christian bookstore, too, called Branches. I picked up what is destined to be a new favorite: 

This beauty. {image from dayspring}

The verse is 
“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” 
Psalm 4:7

I think it was a suitable souvenir, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure you’ll see it in future blog posts.
Remember, God is the only one that can bring us back to life. This song has been on repeat tonight—such a good reminder that our God does and will fill our hearts with greater joy. Amen. 
Breathe Your Life, by Chris and Conrad

Don’t Hate Me

{yes, those are crocs.}
I know, I know. You can’t stand those bloggers who are constantly writing, “I went to Paris!” “I went to New York!” “I went to Seattle!” I hear ya. So don’t hate my “I went to Colorado!” post, if you can manage. I’m sorry. It just happened. Like, literally, just, as in: I bought my ticket fewer than 24 hours before I was there. Because, you know, I’m so chic and awesome that I travel whenever, wherever I want. Kidding. Wow, so kidding. 
So I didn’t really take any outfit photos at all. But, in my regular old vacation photos (psh) I am: get this: wearing an outfit! Imagine that! So in reality, I DID take outfit photo! Even if it’s not a super-exciting one, because it was stupid-hot. {if only I had gone for that saloon-girl “old-tyme” photo I was thinking about. Along with the fake Wanted poster with my picture on it I almost made, too. I could have put that up as my outfit post. hehe}

{reasons I would have cropped out the head in the photo: 1.) I was my brother, who has actual photoshop skills. 2.) I was a ‘real’ fashion blogger and such things mattered, and/or 3.) it wasn’t almost 1am}

Also—I had to buy these sunglasses while I was at Target before my day of sight-seeing. I went to the bathroom, and dropped my sunglasses on the floor (major ew!). As I was washing them in the sink, they snapped. I saw my mom already paying with a LONG line behind her, so I literally grabbed these sunglasses without a second thought, ran past the line, and snuck these into the purchases in the nick of time. Good thing I totally love them!

Obviously, I’m a bit giddy tonight. Blame it on all the caffeine, or the great date, but either way, this day shaped up. Yessiree, it shaped right up.
Style Secrets
Hat: Thrifted ($3)
Sunnies: Target ($12, the ones I brought with broke, so I grabbed these while there)
Earrings: F21 ($1.50)
Ring: Boutique While Travelling ($8?)
Tank: J.Crew/thrifted ($3)
Skirt: American Eagle ($15)
Crocs: Local store (no idea)
Purse: Roots (Consignment store, no idea)
Water Bottle: Kleen Kanteen with WaterGeeks filter

Edits (added in light of morning): Yes, I am wearing shorts under my skirt. And yes, it fits the fingertip rule. 

We Need Your Perfect Love

“Oh, great and mighty One, with one desire we come: that You, that You would reign in us! We’re offering up our lives, a living sacrifice….We need Your perfect love…that Your love would define us.”
Please, Oh Lord, reign in us!!! To let your PERFECT LOVE DEFINE US, that the world may know You reign! Amen. Amen!!