Things Of Late

How’s your summer going?
Mine has been wonderful so far! 
Here are a few snaps of what’s been going on lately…
I’m TOTALLY smitten with a crown braid: 
These outfit pics were all overexposed, but this dress is so much fun. Strangely, I feel it has a Sound of Music vibe to it…
I’ve been doing some travelling, which for me means “tattoo”ing myself with words like “Sovereign” to combat anxiety and wearing SeaBands. Oh boy.

I finally did the seafoam/yellow nail polish combo, and it’s so cute! Also, these GoPicnics are my favorite thing to eat while travelling. Gluten-free and fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about them.
This beautiful drink is delicious. And the bottle’s a keeper!
Been brewin’ up lots of iced coffee: 
{cold-brew = only way to go}
Playing tennis: 
My friend said, “You look like a piece of candy.” 
Hahahaha. That’d be me. 
Looking like a piece of candy. 
No big deal. 
Also, tennis is one of those things I always wanted to be amazing at…and never got past “halfways-decent.” Or, as the same friend said, “We’re below amateurs.” And I said, “What’s below amateurs?”
On that note, my dears, have a wonderful day!! 

Friday “Morning”

Well, oops, it’s definitely smack-dab in the middle of the AFTERNOON now, instead of morning! A few things…
A good motto to keep in mind…I so need this right now!
Mmmm….treat yourself to a beautiful lunch this weekend, full of good Spring things! I made some iced chai, local greens with strawberries, extra sharp cheddar, and raspberry vinaigrette; a raisin-cinnamon GF bagel with MAPLE CREAM CHEESE {super yum}, and a few stuffed grape leaves for good measure.
And get in some good exercise this weekend too! If you’re studying or otherwise need a break, I promise you that even some basic stretching or a quick walk will do wonders for your focus & energy! I’ve been doing yoga recently…just be sure to find a class that isn’t toooooo out there (mine plays classical music), and instead of chanting or meditating, I pray.
Weekend Yoga

Old Navy top
$6 –

Dog Crest Terry Hoodie 7-14
$98 –

Yoga Accessories, Equipment & Props – Gaiam
$9.98 –

I usually wear a version of this to yoga. I I love the organic cotton yoga bras from Blue Canoe. Soooo comfy! Throw a cute, brightly colored cami on top. I picked up a Juicy Couture hoodie secondhand, and it’s great for yoga class. The AE yoga pants are my favorite so far—I love the cute fold-over contrasting waistbands they have! Pick a bright, cheerful yoga mat. I actually made my yoga bag–maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that someday! But grab one with some pockets and a spot for your water bottle, for sure! As you can see, I’m a sucker for hot pink 😉 

And lastly, I tried my hand at a weekend playlist for ya’ll. Nothing too new/exciting, but some tunes I’ve been listening to…and what’s a playlist without some Taylor Swift? Am I right or am I right?! 

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I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Workout Wednesday

It’s probably going to be Thursday when you read this since I’m not posting it until almost-bedtime on Wednesday, so don’t be thrown off all day by the title (I know I would be). And if you are, just drink another cup of coffee. It’ll do ya right and besides, it’s almost the weekend–so chin up!

I’m a ballet dancer at heart. But despite loving to wrap the ribbons on my pointe shoes, I always longed to dance on ice. It seemed so freeing to be able to essentially do ballet while gliding. Ahhh, the freedom and beauty (and difficulty)!
   This winter, I signed up for some adult skating lessons to learn the basics and improve my skills. My mom was a figure skater, complete with her own backyard practice rink, but I’ve always just enjoyed it and never taken a lesson before.
I am absolutely LOVING this addition to my routine, and learning the basics makes it a new workout (um, hello there, lower back muscles, haven’t seen you in awhile since my dancing days!)
I love to skate in leggings, legwarmers, and a skirt for ease of movement. This really leaves my body free to concentrate on grace and form from my ballet days. Plus, I’m just totally enamored by the look and it gave me an excuse to pull out my old legwarmers! After class, I’ll plug in my iPod and skate by myself for awhile.
Here’s a look at what I wore (similar items):



$18 –

Forever 21 light weight pants
$5.80 –

Forever 21 cable knit glove
$7.80 –

Forever 21 fringe scarve
$7.74 –

Aeo Earbud Earmuffs
$12 –

27″ Stirrup Legwarmers – Style #194 at Discount Dance Supply
$7.95 –

My version:
Scarf: Gift
Turtleneck: Express
Leggings: Tag sale
Corduroy skirt: Tag sale
Leg warmers: from ballet days
Arm warmers: Local store
Socks: TJMaxx, wool
Ice skates: Gift

Workout Wednesday

Switching it up from a Work-to-Weekend Wednesday to a Workout Wednesday! I wanted to start showing you the outfits I wear for working out to encourage us both to get out there and work out! I also have a completely disproportionate amount of workout clothes to how often I work out (they are so fun, though!). I decided I NEED to start using them! So here’s {nearly identical pieces to} the outfit I wore for a walk/run over the weekend.
run/walk winter

$40 –

$50 –

$18 –

$90 –

$36 –

$17 –

$15 –

My Version
Duofold Crew: Free at tag sale
Nike Pro Running Pants (fleece-lined!): Thrifted, $3
Smartwool Socks: $12
Running shoes: Nike, gift from parents
Vest: Columbia, ?
Strawberry Earbuds (yes, I actually own these!): Gift from bro
Fingerless gloves: Gift from Swap
Hat: Local boutique
ipod: Gift