Vintage Style Dress: Just Call Me Mrs. W

Just saying hello to the neighbors 1950s-like, you know! White picket fence, tomatoes on the porch, and plenty of patriotic bunting…this coral 1950s vintage style dress has me feeling like Mrs. Maisel. Just call me Mrs. W!

The dress is by one of my favorite designers, Lesley Evers. Her clothes are such high quality, handmade in California. I have this dress in THREE different patterns. It’s so flattering with the fitted bodice and a full skirt. Box pleats make the skirt full without looking overly puffy. I wore this dress to church and someone said I had “Jackie Kennedy vibes” which is like my ULTIMATE compliment to receive, except perhaps for Mrs. Maisel or Princess Kate vibes…

There are also POCKETS so that means it’s pretty much perfect. My hat is by my dear Behida Dolic. The shoes are almost-decade-old Blowfish. If you’ve been here for awhile, maybe you’ll remember this OLD post where I first got these shoes. That was when I lived in Florida! Here’s another adorable outfit with them, too. These are good’uns. Keepers. As are this hat and dress. They might be expensive at first, but they’ll last for years.

I love the vintage style. Both actual vintage and vintage-like. Yes, there were issues in the past. I look back with rose-colored glasses, to be sure, because I didn’t live it. But I can take the parts that I deem good enough to bring forward.

The keepers. Things like big sunhats, perfectly twirly dresses, saying hello to neighbors, patriotic bunting on a white picket fence, growing my own vegetables and herbs. Things like taking time to appreciate the way this dress feels on, that it was handmade, that these shoes have been on so many journeys with me, that wearing them makes me smile and it makes people who see me smile. Those are things worth bringing forward into EVERY day, don’t you think? I think so.

Outfit Deets

Dress: Lesley Evers

Sunnies: Random, not sure!

Hat: Behida Dolic

Shoes: Blowfish

Ooh La La: Americana or French Style?

Americana or French Style?

Do you think this style is retro-Americana or vintage French style? The background says America, but the outfit says France! Don’t you love the word Francophile, which means a person who loves or admires French culture. It’s just fun to say, too…Francophile. So call me a committed Francophile, despite my porch decorations.

Ooh La La!

This outfit is so fun for June…it just shouts SUMMER at the top of its lungs. The striped, French-inspired red striped t-shirt with navy blue embroidered “Ooh La La” is so fun. I love the half-sleeves too…you don’t see those too often and I think they are super flattering. It was thrifted, of course, for 25 cents on quarter day!

I look ready for summer camp!

I paired this cute tee with vintage washed-silk pleated, paper-bag-waist shorts. Also thrifted on half-off day for $2.99 they are vintage Express. Of course, POCKETS add to the appeal of these shorts and they are flowy enough to feel like a skirt. They are keeping me ultra-cool, perfect for this 90-degree heat-wave we’ve been having. I haven’t decided if they’re flattering or not (I’m leaning towards not…leave your vote in the comments!), but they are comfy indeed!

What do you think of the vintage silk shorts? Let me know in the comments if they’re keepers or not!

I wore my rose-gold FitFlop sandals and my new bespoke straw hat. The FitFlop sandals were purchased during their Black Friday sale, of course (always shop a sale!).


I purchased my handmade hat full-price as an “I finished writing my new book!” splurge from my friend Behida Dolic’s atelier in Hudson, NY. She’s a true artisan, creative, beauty-maker, love-giver, and all-around fantastic human being, so it was worth every. penny (AND IT WAS A LOT OF PENNIES). But it makes me feel like a million bucks, truly!

Then I added my favorite red lipstick to complete the French Riviera-inspired look. It’s Jane Iredale’s lipstick called “Natalie,” which is obviously perfect. Don’t you just want to hop on a boat and eat gelato when you look at this outfit? It has a bit of an Audrey Hepburn vibe, don’t you think?


Outfit Deets

Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co.

Hat: Behida Dolic Millinery

Lipstick: Natalie by Jane Iredale

Earrings: J. Crew


Shorts: vintage Express

Sandals: FitFlops

Nails: RedAspen Nail Dashes in Megan’s Mint Julep

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What is Half Sleeve Length in Clothing?

Half Sleeves, Yes Please!

Fashion Dictionary

In women’s clothing fashions, a half sleeve is a type of sleeve length and style. The sleeve ends *AT the elbow* or *3/4 of the way TO the elbow on the upper arm*. This type of sleeve length is between a short sleeve and a 3/4 sleeve length. As such, they may also be called elbow-length sleeves, but often end just above the elbow. This type of sleeve is regularly found on tee shirts, camp shirts and dresses. The sleeve can be tight to the arm, balloon-style, or loose.

Kate Middleton, or Duchess Kate, is fond of the half-sleeve and is often seen wearing it. She has worn this sleeve length in everything from a simple, casual white tee-shirt to a formal, full-length evening gown.

Who Should Wear a Half Sleeve?

A half sleeve length is flattering on most body types because the sleeve length tends to hit at the narrowest part of the waist. If you have a short-torso and the sleeve lands where your pants do, opt for a shorter sleeve, such as a cap sleeve or standard short sleeve.

This sleeve length is also good for either showing off toned arms (in tight sleeves), or covering less-toned arms in looser sleeves that cover more arm.

Pin Me for Future Reference!

See more photos of this outfit post for an example of a half sleeve tee shirt, this time worn with pleated shorts.

How Should I Wear a Half Sleeve Length?

Shop Dress Here! (aff. link)

This sleeve length is flattering with wide-leg pants and bell bottoms for a 1970s-style, because the longer sleeve length will help balance the visual weight of the wider bottoms. Again, make sure the sleeve is still hitting above the waist and they are not in alignment. It’s all about proportions! The half sleeve top is also flattering with a midi-length skirt or on a midi-length dress. Kate Middleton often opts for this sleeve-length which balances out cropped trousers or midi skirts/dresses as well.

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Boss Lady Jumpsuit

Posing during a book signing at The Toadstool Bookshop in Keene, NH
GUYS. This BOSS LADY Jumpsuit is just perfect for summer Happy Pretty Messy book signings. I love how it is structured and work-appropriate (for me), but also just fun and carefree. It’s ideal. AND IT HAS POCKETS. And, um, did I mention its only $14? Yeah, you heard right, it’s only $14 from Tobi. They sent it to me for free to review. My honest review? LOVE. IT.

Wearing the pink clogs mentioned in Happy Pretty Messy, of course! 

$14 you guys. Pockets. Strapless or straps. Perfection.

I love it. You will too.

You’ll shine it in, I know you will.
Get your boss lady (jumpsuit) on.

Le Tote Review and FREE BOX for YOU!

Le Tote Free Tote
I have had my first LE TOTE box for 1 month and the second one is on its way to me…I am TAKEN by this service! I LOVED every single piece they sent me and wore each piece 2+ times. You can see the items they sent me and my initial impressions in my Unboxing Vlog HERE and you can try it yourself for free by clicking here! (affiliate links!) 
Some of my favorite outfits with items from the box: 

Tarte top and Octavia necklace

The Tarte top had a racerback and HIGH tulip hem! 

Wore several times, but loved it with these J.Crew floral shorts and blue sandals!

Next up is this gorgeous blue and black striped swirly wrap skirt! 

So very chic! I loved this and the way the wind made it move. Also wearing with the necklace (I pretty much didn’t take this necklace off all month).

Tunic dress with great details…little tiny feathers all over! 
And the hem is longer in the back. AND no surprise I’m wearing the necklace again!

I also received a zebra scarf I wore on chilly nights. I really loved how everything in my box was coordinated and I could easily make outfits out of them all month. 

I can’t wait to see what I get in my next box. The SECOND the post office scanned my return bag (so easy and free), Le Tote emailed that they saw it was on it’s way and they were starting to style my next tote.
You can purchase any of the items at a discount, but after much mulling I decided to send all of these items back and rent some more!
YOU can try a Tote for FREE for 14 days using this link and code (affiliate link):

I hope you try it and LOVE it as much as I do!

Le Tote First Box Free

Catch-All Catch-Up Post

Life has suddenly just exploded with sunshine lately! And sunshine = busyness in this case. Aside from WORKING ON MY BOOK (we are working on cover details now, guys! Crazy-exciting), I’ve been…
Enjoying endless sunshine this winter…SO good for the soul! 

Signed up for a membership at the local rock-climbing gym because I am LOVING IT LATELY. Can’t get enough. I used to go rock climbing at the indoor gym quite often, and this summer got outdoors for a bit of climbing. Of course my climbing shoes are pink and called “RockStar” (ha get it?!?!). I have fallen in love once again and I dream of routes and problems (a problem is what you call a bouldering route…metaphor for life, amiright?).
I’m not vegan, but my friend owns an amazing vegan restaurant and I’ve been addicted to this Superhero Hot Chocolate filled with all sorts of good things for you. In particular it has Shilajit, which is a mineral from the Himalayas. I don’t know much more than that, but I DO know it’s crazy-good and I can’t get enough.
While I haven’t been doing many outfit photos lately, you can find them from the studio on my Instagram. This is H&M black skinny jeans, Sorel boots, ON cardigan, Gap London tee and a random star scarf from who-knows-where.
It’s almost February! We are SO making progress on this winter-thing. 
“The cold never bothered me anywaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!”


Hey you guys!!! It was MA BIRTHDAY last week and I must say, it was quite a lovely day. Full of friendship, love, caffeine, surprises, fun little interactions and comments from strangers (how could they not, with my outfit?), and so much more. What a gift it was, truly, so good for my spirit and refreshing for my soul.
I wore a peachy-pink tulle dress that was quite ballerina-ish, with a cashmere spring-green ballet wrap cardigan. It was topped off with my blue fur collar and my favorite-ever scarf from ages ago.


Birthday flowers from best friend.


Of course there was a bow in my hair. And giant mink earmuffs ’cause FLUFFY.

Sprinkle cookies with candles for breakfast 🙂 Because birthdays only happen once a year.

And now into the new one!

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Dress Like a Cupcake

I’m not going to lie, some days I dress like a cupcake on purpose. Pink, frosting, fanciful, fur, all the things. 
monday 015
Yes, those are pansies on my pants (J.Crew just gets me, y’know?). And dalmation flats. And a pink fur coat. Because FRIDAY, ya’ll. 
FRI-YAY! MORE COFFEE! #caffeinecrazy 

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For the Love of Fuschia

thursday 008b
I am the queen of awkward outfit photos, don’t mind me. They’re a slight bit fuzzy because I also move at the last second and it’s hopeless. I mean, I don’t know why the paparazzi aren’t following me around snapping glamorous photos all the time, but in the meantime, I’m stuck with me, my tripod and my self-timer. 
Aside from that, I’m just super into this rolled-jeans and leopard-smoking-slippers look, right?! Divine for fall. 
thursday 011
And a gold exposed zipper on this wool tulip-hem shell from J.Crew is so good. Sooooo good. 
thursday 003
Of course, a fuschia 60s-style jacket and some fuschia lipstick top it all off as the icing on the monochromatic-outfit-cake. 
In other news, I just spilled my entire fresh cup of coffee on the rug/floor, so there’s that. I just felt you should know that so we could share the sadness in solidarity. 
Also, here’s a little happy ditty for you today to make you smile. 
“What a day for feelin’ alive!” 

Has it not been just the most gorgeous October? 
This girl thinks so!


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Chartreuse and Chambray

I feel so very Audrey-Hepburn-meets-Taylor-Swift in this outfit. OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE if Audrey Hepburn met Taylor Swift? Mind. Blown. Cannot even fathom. 
But seriously, remember these Audrey Hepburn outfits? NAILED. IT.
Anyway, I’m getting off track. A sliver of midriff showing just makes me all cuh-ra-zay apparently. Even if it’s a totally demure sliver in just the front.
One of the weird things about grief is that I’ve been able to wear all of my “just barely fits” items and So this lovely skirt of mine, with it’s beautiful pleats, gets to come play in the sun (and rain. if you follow me on snapchat:goodgirlstyle you’ll notice I got totally soaked in an unexpected downpour, sigh!). 
Of course the accessories of the summer over here are my gladiator sandals (Sam&Libby) and my wood watch (JORD). 
Add in some vintage earrings and some awesome Betsey Johnson sunnies and I’m all set. 
I’m determined to make the best of the rest of summer. 
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