Friday Everything

This, my friends, is Friday Everything. Everything and nothing all at once.

 I’ve been pretty busy the past few weekends between travel and work, so I haven’t been able to pick up farmer’s market flowers. I pulled out these three pretty pink straw flowers from my last bouquet. Love that they stay perfect! And they are soooooo my colors.
Late-night snack gone awry that made me laugh out loud last night.
I’ve been eating my weight in grapes lately. 
That box I tweeted about yesterday? Awesome goodies from Bath & Bodyworks. My favorite soaps ever! And I love their shampoo, too. Notice how they are all pink and green? Lol. 
New (to me) scent to try…I know the boy will like the smell of this one 😛
Sigh. I thought I was done with textbooks when I got my Master’s. Guess not. Getting ready for teaching my second class of summer term. Good thing I have a tall glass of grape & cranberry juice mixed with mandarin seltzer. Yes!
Have a good weekend! I’ll try to post an outfit or two this weekend. I’ve got quite the backlog (that keeps getting sniped by Kendi! Grr!).

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