Heard You Were Up All Night

LOVE this song, Stronger, from Mandisa. Girl is on K-Love all the time, and she rocks it. What a beautiful girl, inside and out! Thank you, God, for letting her share her gifts with us 🙂

“Hey, heard you were up all night, thinkin’ ’bout your world ain’t right, and you wonder if things will never get better….hold on, just a little bit longer, He knows that this is going to make you stronger, stronger! The pain won’t last forever, things will only get better..‎Try, and do the best you can. Hold on and let Him hold your hand. Go on and fall into the arms of Jesus!
Also, everything I bought at the Co-op last night coordinated:
 That beautiful jacquard dishtowel? $5, fair-trade and all that jazz. Score.
And those Guacamole chips? Addicting-ly awesome. I may or may not have eaten most of that bag already. 
And lastly…only really super important letters and cards get the last of my beloved Eames stamps. I love using pretty stamps. Love it. Fave right now? I am hounding my local post office for this Forever Garden of Love stamp. And doesn’t that font remind you of my blog font? Since these are forever stamps, I will load up! Love it so much!!
Anyway, goodnight. Hope you can sleep well 🙂

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