Don’t Hate Me

{yes, those are crocs.}
I know, I know. You can’t stand those bloggers who are constantly writing, “I went to Paris!” “I went to New York!” “I went to Seattle!” I hear ya. So don’t hate my “I went to Colorado!” post, if you can manage. I’m sorry. It just happened. Like, literally, just, as in: I bought my ticket fewer than 24 hours before I was there. Because, you know, I’m so chic and awesome that I travel whenever, wherever I want. Kidding. Wow, so kidding. 
So I didn’t really take any outfit photos at all. But, in my regular old vacation photos (psh) I am: get this: wearing an outfit! Imagine that! So in reality, I DID take outfit photo! Even if it’s not a super-exciting one, because it was stupid-hot. {if only I had gone for that saloon-girl “old-tyme” photo I was thinking about. Along with the fake Wanted poster with my picture on it I almost made, too. I could have put that up as my outfit post. hehe}

{reasons I would have cropped out the head in the photo: 1.) I was my brother, who has actual photoshop skills. 2.) I was a ‘real’ fashion blogger and such things mattered, and/or 3.) it wasn’t almost 1am}

Also—I had to buy these sunglasses while I was at Target before my day of sight-seeing. I went to the bathroom, and dropped my sunglasses on the floor (major ew!). As I was washing them in the sink, they snapped. I saw my mom already paying with a LONG line behind her, so I literally grabbed these sunglasses without a second thought, ran past the line, and snuck these into the purchases in the nick of time. Good thing I totally love them!

Obviously, I’m a bit giddy tonight. Blame it on all the caffeine, or the great date, but either way, this day shaped up. Yessiree, it shaped right up.
Style Secrets
Hat: Thrifted ($3)
Sunnies: Target ($12, the ones I brought with broke, so I grabbed these while there)
Earrings: F21 ($1.50)
Ring: Boutique While Travelling ($8?)
Tank: J.Crew/thrifted ($3)
Skirt: American Eagle ($15)
Crocs: Local store (no idea)
Purse: Roots (Consignment store, no idea)
Water Bottle: Kleen Kanteen with WaterGeeks filter

Edits (added in light of morning): Yes, I am wearing shorts under my skirt. And yes, it fits the fingertip rule. 

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