Monday Mid Day

It’s Monday already? It’s Mid Day on Monday already?! It’s JULY 11th ALREADY?! It’s 7/11/11 folks. That just tickles me.

Time-warp. Twilight zone. Average intelligence. {inside joke from this weekend, that last one. annoying, i know. sorry
Monday’s Song:

Trust me–happy music can be hard to come by. Which is why I’m excited that Colbie Caillait’s new CD comes out tomorrow! She always has happy music, and I think this one will be especially so because she just fell in love, and I’m sure the music will reflect that. 

Pretty Little Thing:

Those chocolate-cherry scones I baked up? A few of them were tucked into little natural waxed paper bags, and tied with some cute washi tape (my new obsession!!!!!! the cutest ever! click here for more adorable tape than you could ever imagine. and it’s like masking tape, so it peels off easily and is reusable, and won’t take paint off your walls. the jackpot!! ) for some friends :

The cutest new laundry detergent on the block:

Perfect for hand-washing! This is actually just what I need. I usually grab some body wash or shampoo from the shower to hand-wash my delicates in a little tub in the sink. But last week, I noticed one of my body washes left a stain where it landed in a glob on the garment. Not cool at all!

Have a lovely Monday, my lovelies! 


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