CV and Works

A curriculum vitae (CV) is pretty standard in my line of work. It’s a resume, essentially, for the more academic sort of world. And last night I was mulling over a conversation with my boyfriend, and for some reason, the CV popped into my head.

A CV lists your accomplishments, right? It lists every honor, award, cool thing, charitable thing, and impressive thing you’ve ever done, at least professionally.

And I thought to myself, Is that how I’m living with God? Working on my CV constantly, hoping that I can list every award, honor, cool or charitable or impressive thing I’ve ever done, and, at the end, show it to God and see if it gets me into heaven? It is so tempting to live that way, isn’t it? That’s how the world works.

What really got me is that if truth be known, I bet a lot of people’s CV are “fudged”, you know? Oh, that sounds impressive, let me put it on there, even though it really wasn’t. Let’s see, I volunteered for 5 minutes, but they won’t know the difference when I put it there. I was supposed to be at that conference all week, but I was only there one day–who is going to know? sorta stuff. Do I do that with God? There, God, I gave my $5 to the youth group camping trip, are ya happy? sorta stuff.


“You were bought at a price. Do not become slaves to men.” ~1 Corin. 7:23

“Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded. On what principle? On that of observing the law? No, but on that of faith. For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law.” ~Romans 3:27, 28
Because, while yes, works are a part of the outpouring of our hearts and faith, we are not justified by works. And when we try to show God our CV, he shakes his head. It makes him sad, you see, because when we decide we need works, we are putting ourselves under the law, thereby NEGATING THE EFFECTS OF THE CROSS.
I’ve had this thought before, and discussed it a few times, but I felt I needed to write it down in light of my new CV illustration from last night, lol. I mean, can you imagine? We are shunning the cross when we try to work out our faith with works.
But don’t forget I mentioned that works are the outpouring of faith and justification. Works are the outpouring of our hearts when our hearts get and match up with the heart of God. 
Lord, show me Your heart. 

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