Right Hand Rings

I’m so excited that I’ve finally found a way that I ENJOY wearing my right-hand ring finger ring! It’s a lovely little watermelon tourmaline stone that my best friend gave me when I graduated with my Master’s. My last project on campus was to make this simple sterling setting for it completely myself in the jewelry studio. I call it my “You Gotta Be” ring. You know that song? “You gotta be bold, you gotta be strong, you gotta be wiser…” well, that song is MY song (and my mom’s). They don’t play it on the radio very often, so we almost always hear it when we feel like we need to hear it, and it is such a good feel-good get-back-up song. 
If you haven’t heard it, here it is, in all of it’s 90s glory:

But I digress. Anyway, my ring. I just never felt comfortable wearing it on it’s own. It would twist around, and just felt—out of place, since I don’t wear any other rings on my right hand on a daily basis. And I’ve had a little “bubble ring” for a few years, but it always sort of hurt my thumb (where I usually wear it), and it never crossed my mind to wear it anywhere else. 
found here
Then I saw this lovely picture from Joanna Goddard on some other blog (sorry, totally forgot where), and it just clicked into place for me. I love wearing these two together. Just love it! 
My “You Gotta Be” handmade ring and my “bubble ring” from a local craft fair…I prefer the bubble ring underneath the tourmaline {also note to self: shine up my sterling pieces, they are looking grubby}
Also on the subject of rings, I was in a jewelry store last weekend, and the lady told me I had nice, slender and long fingers. I looked at her like she was crazy. This is actually the second time someone has told me that, but I highly disagree, and have always thought my fingers were fat. So I’m pretty sure jewelers just tell you that so you buy their rings and think your fingers are slender and pretty. 
And also on the subject of rings, I’m totally wanting this little one now. 

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