Shop Your Closet

Or Target, you know, but Target and my closet are practically one and the same. {but these are actually in my closet}

Anywhoo—take a look at these gorgeous suede babies…

Gorg, right? Wear with everything sort of shoe. Welp, I happened to pick some up at Target this spring that are almost identical.

Mine, Target clearance, $8
{Target currently has a version for $30 that is even more similar to the J.Crew version because it doesn’t have the side-stitching. View it here. And check out the low version I’m wanting in purple for fall)

I absolutely love mine and wear them all the time, and didn’t even know J. Crew had a version until my bestie pointed it out. These have definitely already earned a favorite spot in my shoe rotation. I’ve worn them on the blog here {Royalty and a Commoner} and here {Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough}, two of my favorite outfits in recent months. And they look high-end, too? Extra score.

Pretty sure I saved myself $220 by buying the Target version. {boyfriend, did you read that?}


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