The Good Things

I think I found the good things this weekend. 


*Picking tomatoes from the field. And broccoli, and basil, and peppers. And having the entire car smell like basil on the ride home.

*Playing in the corn rows until drip—drip—-DOWNPOUR! And screaming and running for the porch!

*Spending an hour or two shooting the breeze…until deciding we definitely need some ice cream with hot fudge to round out the evening.

*A revolving door of family comings & goings.

*Devotions to start off the morning.

*A continually full coffee pot all day long.

*Giggling until three in the morning.

*And taking a Sunday afternoon nap to make up for it!

*Trying to take a self-portrait of me + boyfriend (80 million times)

*Taking note of what color the street light in town is from the window–very important, of course.

And I tell you what, I didn’t once think I missed my computer, or my cell phone, or my quiet space (ok, there was that time that I was trying to nap that that revolving door kept revolving). I didn’t miss my Twitter, my GoogleReader, my hot water pressure (ummm….maybe that last one).  But my point is this: The priorities felt right this weekend. The ground felt firm beneath me. The days felt meaningful and relaxing, too. The time felt well-spent, even while watching the news and giving the dog some good pettin’. It felt fulfilling, in a way that, oftentimes, my own little life doesn’t. And that was wonderful to soak up, and to remind me that the simple life–well-lived, deeply rooted in family & faith, is the best life. 

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