Monday Mid Day: Weekend Finds

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! I did, and I wanted to share some of my weekend favorite finds with you:

Vintage “Grandpa” Ties…winter wool + summer plaid
{to be determined what exactly these are for}

 His + Hers mugs from a local potter

Sparkly tank top from a tag sale
Very cute J. Crew sweater from a tag sale

1/2 off these Thank-You notes I’ve been wanting for over a year! Patience is a virtue!
{I wanted them for my master’s graduation thank-yous, but found some cheap-o copies at Wal-Mart that were even better: a mini graduation cap illustration that said “thanks”}

1/2 off one of my favorite Yankee scents 
{I ADORE their regular buttercream, so had to try the strawberry}

I’ve eaten this dinner for 3 nights in a row, it is SO my new favorite. This gluten-free pasta is the best I’ve ever tried. I hope you can find it 🙂

 And, of course, I had to make a simple new arrangement for my new candle!

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