Autumn Baking

Oh, autumn is so lovely! It’s all about the good things: sharing, warmth, family, thankfulness, and God.

And Halloween, but us ‘churchy’ types tend to gloss over that in favor of “Trunk or Treat” or “Nut Night” or similar church-directed activities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about church-directed activities, and I myself enjoyed many a “Nut Night” dressed as a clown, or a bunch of grapes (that was a moment of genius on my mom’s part, not gonna lie). 
All of that is to say, I generally don’t ‘celebrate’ Halloween per se, but I’m not above some orange pumpkin muffins with Halloween-y themed decorations. Like fall leaves cupcake liners, cemetery gate-inspired cupcake holders, and spiderweb napkins. 
Now let me tell you my secret: These are PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKIN gluten-free muffins (using this recipe from King Arthur Flour and all-natural Sunspire Peanut Butter chips!)! And they are delicious. Now don’t give away my secret, or I may have to release the bats & spiders! Muahahahahahahahahaha.
I got some other Autumn-y goodies at the Dollar Store:
The napkins & cupcake liners, of course. And some feather eyelashes cause I’m a dork and I want to try them (and because boyfriend said he would laugh at me if I did), some pretty hair clips, Thanksiving cards & pretty stickers to seal them with (3 for $1)!


  1. Those are SO CUTE! They're so beyond perfect for halloween. I think I might borrow your idea and make some of these for my little halloween party. so cute!

  2. Can totally relate with your Halloween experience as a kiddo. I was queen Esther one year. Try explaining that to the school kids. Social experiment fail. Hahahah. Great post and yummy looking cupcakes. 🙂 happy nut day!!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks, ladies! You are all so sweet and I can't wait to check out your blogs, too. Love the linkup! P.S. Added the link to the Gluten-Free pumpkin muffin recipe I used, and Sunspire natural peanut butter chips. YUM! {the cupcake holders were from King Arthur Flour}

  4. Hi Natalie! I loved reading this post! I'm super excited to try out this peanut butter pumpkin recipe!! The black liners are adorable. Thanks for sharing :o).

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