Great Gift

{New coffee tumbler, because the lid on my hot pink one broke. Sad face for old one, happy face for new one!}
OoooooOOooooo! My brother did an AMAZING job bringing me a souvenir from India. Bro, go to India wheneevvveerrrrr you like {and bring me more souvenirs, hehe}. I am in LOVE with this STUNNING scarf he brought me {it deserves three capitalized words and two parentheticals, it’s so amazing}

{oh you have sharp eyes! yes I did switch boots for awhile}

Gah! Thank you, Brother! I am so glad you had an amazing trip to India and I still want to hear more about it and see the pictures! 
This post was going to be a Work to Weekend post, but I just loved both outfits too much, and wanted to give them their own posts. So you’ll see a similar outfit later 🙂 Hope you don’t mind! 
Pssst….those are capris in the boots. Didja catch that? Sometimes I think I’m so clever.
Style Secrets:
Coffee Tumbler: Whole Foods
Tank: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: BCBGirls, Thrifted
Scarf: Gift from India
Bracelets: ?
Capris: Gap, thrifted
Boots: Walmart & Consignment


  1. Bold style moves 🙂 love them!!! and your scarf is so cute. When I saw the title I thought that the gift was a coffee cup. haha.

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