Overflowing Happiness

This past week and weekend has been absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful with overflowing happiness. I give it ALL back in praise to God, the source of it all. My boyfriend and I went on a quick trip to Iowa for a special project {to be announced later} and to visit my family. I am still just giddy with the goodness of it all. The fun-ness! See, don’t I look happy:

Yeah, maybe just a little bit happy.

{eyes are open, promise}

Style Secrets
Necklace: Gift from Israel
Tee: Old Navy; hand-me-over
Cardi: J.Crew, thrifted
Scarf: hand-me-over
Belt: Coach, thrifted
Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, tag sale
Boots: Consignment trade-in

More of the good things: 

Being {Home}; Pretty red coat and gingham curtains; Boyfriend with coffee from a favorite diner

And we stumbled upon a great little Christian bookstore, too, called Branches. I picked up what is destined to be a new favorite: 

This beauty. {image from dayspring}

The verse is 
“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” 
Psalm 4:7

I think it was a suitable souvenir, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure you’ll see it in future blog posts.
Remember, God is the only one that can bring us back to life. This song has been on repeat tonight—such a good reminder that our God does and will fill our hearts with greater joy. Amen. 
Breathe Your Life, by Chris and Conrad


  1. Awww, thanks for that really uplifting comment, Kerry. I've got your blog open in a new window and as soon as I get home from work, I'll read more 🙂

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