Sunday Afternoon

Ahh, the Sunday afternoon after a nice long weekend. I’m enjoying a great day, and hope you are too. Are you catching up like I am?

{enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa while reading the sweetest note from my dear grandma}

{my new bathroom rug makes my bathroom much more cheerful! love it for $5}

{I’m so behind on my reading of magazines. This is my to-read pile, and after I took the pic I found an InStyle, another WholeLiving, and another Natural Health to add to the pile. There’s already a Natural Health  or two stuck in there. I love all of these magazines, but sometimes I get behind. Don’t you?}

I hope you enjoy the last bits of your weekend! 


  1. I hear you! After a couple of chock-full weekends, boyfriend and I purposefully decided to head home a day early so we could both catch up on things & relax a little in our own spaces, y'know? Hope you get some relaxing in this week! (P.S. I hardly made a dent in the magazine stack!)

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