Tutorial! False Eyelashes

{no it’s not a coffee tutorial. but coffee makes everything better. so get some coffee while you read, k? also, if you listen to this song while you read, it will make me seem cooler. glad we got those two important things settled}
After my photoshoot a few weeks back, I have been totally smitten with false eyelashes. I just cannot get enough of them! I’ve picked up a few pair, and some tips along the way. False eyelashes don’t have to be over-the-top unless you want them to be–and most of the time, I just want them because my natural lashes are, well, puny. So here, I’ll show you step-by-step how to do everyday wear false eyelashes for a beautiful, classically pretty finished look. 
First: The Lashes. 
#1: Forever21, $1
#2: Photoshoot, ?
#3: Andrea #53, $6
For the tutorial, I’m wearing #3, the Andrea lashes.
1.): Great Lash BIG mascara. Love the bigger brush. 
2.) Brushes (both are BareMinerals), Wide Tip Angle brushe, and Dual Shadow Brush
3.) Eyelash Glue (the one with the pink ribbon is sold with the Andrea lashes, and is much better than the clear glue that comes with the F21 lashes)
4.) E.L.F. Cream eyeliner in black or cocoa (I have Cocoa)
5.) BareMinerals “Retro” eyeliner 
6.) Eyelash Remover
7.) Cute bow, because it’s cute
8.) Normal eyeshadow you plan to wear
9.) Tweezers if you want them to apply the lashes (not necessary)
Then start with a clean, happy, overeager face. 
{it’s my first tutorial!!!!}

Apply a THIN line of glue on the top edge of the ‘band’ of the eyelash. This white glue dries clear, so don’t worry. Let it get tacky for about 30 seconds. 
Then carefully use your fingers or the tweezers to place the eyelash band as close to your own lashline as you can. Take your fingers and smooth it from one end to the other, pushing down so it is right on the lash line and even. Blink a whole bunch of times because it will feel weird at first! Proceed to apply the second eyelash on your other eye.
Two false eyelashes, applied.If there’s a glop of glue somewhere, dip a Q-tip into some makeup remover and swipe it off, so your makeup will apply smoothly.  
Then, pick your eyeliner and line those lashes real good! Wiggle the brush and get it in there so it covers the ‘band’ of the lashes. I LOVE the BareMinerals stuff, it’s so quick, easy, and natural. My boyfriend’s sister-in-law turned me on to the cream eyeliner, and it’s pretty amazing and super easy, too. Apply a few coats of mascara to “stick” your own lashes to the falsies.
I did one of each so you could see the difference. Looking at the picture, the left is the cream eyeliner, and the right is the bareMinerals. Don’t they look great so far?
Then finish up your regular makeup and get your smile on.
‘Cause you are lookin’ gorgeous, I’m sure of it!

.**To remove your eyelashes, you can just pull em off like a bandaid. But I think that might be bad for your skin, so I like the remover. Just put a drop in the lid, dip a brush in the lid, hold that on the lashes for a second, and work the lashes off gently. Use a little eye makeup remover if they get gunky from the glue and mascara, and reuse until they get misshapen or too gunky.
I posted this on a Thursday on purpose–you have tonight to practice, and all weekend to wear your lovely new lashes! Let me know if you’re smitten, too…oh, and share the love by linking, Tweeting, or Pinning. Thanks, dears! 


  1. OK so I know this is about false eyelashes (and I love it, btw, and now really want to try them!), but I have to say — YOUR EYEBROWS ARE AMAZING. I have serious eyebrow envy right now. Maybe your next tutorial should be on how to get amazing eyebrows? 😉

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