Style Week: Part 2

The beautiful Biltmore hotel in downtown Providence, Rhode Island served as the stunning hostess for a week of  StyleWeek Providence fashion shows.
The glamorous came out in droves to mix, mingle, and show off their highest heels (and highest hair).
And I got to be a part of it to support Sarah, of YellowClover, a local fashion designer.

“An Ageless Reflection”
Such a great look! Love the sweet Peter Pan collar, made grown-up with monochromatic sequins. I would wear this right this second, and I might never take it off.
The models had oil airbrushed onto their faces to create the Fountain of Youth-inspired look. 
Chartreuse and beautiful draping.
This skirt is just TOO CUTE! I would wear it all the time. And loving that color. And the shoes!
 How very vintage! Where’s the party?
I adore this little peplum skirt with sequined Peter Pan collar.
Some of Sarah’s first menswear. I’d say she knocked this suit outta the park!
Oooo, remember this charming little dress? So glam on the runway! Love it. The jewelry was meant to look like water dripping water and sparkling youth.
Yet another look I’d wear hook, line, and sinker. Metaphorically speaking. This is way too nice of an outfit to wear fishing.
The model’s hair was “wet” looking to accentuate the Fountain of Youth theme. 
My favorite look from the whole collection. {not everything is pictured here}
 AMAZING work, Sarah!!!
And a giant THANK YOU!
Girls, don’t you just love her sweet, sophisticated clothes? I’m sure you do. Check out her website, because it’s darling. 


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