My Valentine’s Day turned out to be one of my favorites yet! How was yours? Gosh, I’m one loved-on and spoiled girl! Chocolates, flowers, and an impromptu dance party–might have been one of my favorite Valentine’s Days yet, and nary a boyfriend in sight! <3
I hardly slept at all last night. And then I woke up before my alarm. Kind of a bummer, but I used to be SUCH a morning person, so this was actually a nice surprise. I enjoy a little space to the morning before the day really gets going. I like to sit in my bed, warm and cozy with my down comforter pulled up tight, and I ponder the day, and send a few prayers up. Then I slip into my favorite slippers and make a mug of tea, pick a song for the day (if one hasn’t been in my head already, as it usually is!), and then it’s into the day!

I found the link for the little Owl image I used on my Valentines. Find it here!

Lately, I’m loving happy little love ditties:
“Falling for You (Piano Version” by Sean Fournier (an oldie but goodie)

That’s all for now!


  1. Your Valentine's sounds awesome! Glad you enjoyed it : ) Mine was celebrated Monday night with dinner and a cupcake – that I still haven't eaten yet, I was so stuffed. My hubby got me some goodies, too : ) Pretty song!


  2. i couldn't agree more. my valentine's day was the best, nary a boyfriend in sight as well! my morning routine is one of my fave's as well.
    happy weekending!
    sarah (www.

  3. We had a gift card Valentine's Day – my son's Pizza Hut card for dinner, and a Coldstone Creamery gift card I got from serving in children's ministry for dessert. So much fun to go out to eat with my 3 little valentines, with zero guilt!

    I love your blog and your sense of style. Would love if you could occasionally have a plus sized model to show us curvy girls how to dress in ways that flatter our figures best. Let's face it, skinny jeans may be in style but they aren't for everybody! God bless you –

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