Weekend Mornings

I’ve found it. At long, long, long last: I’ve found it. A gluten-free breakfast sandwich. Yes, yes, it’s true. So deliciously true.
You’ll need these–they are the key. They don’t look like anything much, certainly not like a standard english muffin. But watch it toast. Watch it toast a beautiful golden brown. Butter the insides, if you are feeling like throwing caution to the wind. And then put the egg, cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, avocado, whatever you got on top, and squish it all. The squish is the most important part. 
I’ve got a mind to assembly-line these, wrap them in foil, and freeze them. Then in the mornings I could just throw them in the oven! Yes, yes!



  1. looks fab, but unfortunately contains my Three Evil S's: [added] Sugar, [added] Sodium and Soy. but they do look ever so flaky, crumbly and warm…

  2. I understand Jess–they contain corn, which is something that isn't the best for me. But they are worth it for a weekend treat in my book! They are also expensive, which reinforces the "weekend treat" idea, hehe. Luckily I found mine on sale!

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