Weekday to Workout

More bows. I’m on such a bow kick. Bows in my hair, bows on my shirt, bows on my shoes…

Never enough bows! These newly thrifted Jeffrey Campbell shoes are my favorites as of late. 
Bows on my toes 😉

And after the day, it’s time for a workout. Keepin’ that self healthy is so important! This same skirt is so cute for a modest workout bottom…it looks adorable and is feminine, athletic, and washable. A hard combination to find in a workout outfit! I kept the bow in my hair, too, just used it to sweep my bangs off my face. Bangs + workout can be a sweaty, breakout-causing combination, so keep them off your face with a clip or headband. 
Have a GREAT weekend!
Get out there and work it out!

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