GGS Goes Shopping: Back to School

I had a request for a back-to-school  post, so of course I was happy to indulge in some online shopping   and share some picks with you! This year, I’m digging the tobacco color, blue, and light pink. Throw in a dash of red, and it’s a great color combo that will take you through the seasons. Quirky and girly details such as lace, feathers and bows are perfectly pretty for the classroom. I carried a giant { it’s called the “Big Student”…I was actually so tiny that my backpack weighed more than I did and I pulled a muscle in my chest from carrying it…so I don’t recommend that} red Jansport backpack all during high school and college. For my Master’s Degree, I switched to a Longchamp tote bag. I personalized my backpack with a few keychains that showed off my interests: a tiny Freed pointe shoe (perfect Christmas gift material!), and a small bear with a chef’s hat from Johnson & Wales.

Back to School Style

This time of year, I’m all about skirts, dresses, and tops that can be worn as-is now, and paired with thick tights  and cardigans in a few months. The ballet flats and moccasins will be super cute for fall and winter with tights or socks.  Every high school or college girl needs a cute sweatshirt. This ballet-pink number with lace insets on the sleeves and back seems perfect to throw over a tank top when you’re needing a cozy comfort piece. Since it’s going to get cold, I suggest a classic coat in a pretty color, some funky handwarmers, and a cute headwrap.You may think it odd that I’m pairing a pink coat, blue headband, and red backpack, but really, I think it will work well.
Happy Back-to-School, dears! Here’s a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils JUST for you…colored or regular, take your pick! 😉

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