Miss Mollie

This is one of those dresses that looks utterly “meh” on the hanger. You think, “Shapeless column dress in a print that looks like a vintage curtain…no thanks,” right? But put it on…bam. Something happens, and it’s utterly charming. 

I’ve got a think for late-60s, early 70s maxi dresses lately. This 70s creation is by Mollie Parnis Boutique, one of the iterations of designer Mollie Parnis‘ brand. She dressed many First Ladies: Eisenhower, Ford, Johnson and several Kennedys. Now, she dresses ME, who thinks it would be fascinating (if not terribly exhausting) to be a First Lady (maybe for a week)

Braided gold rope sandals (F21), a stack of bangles (thrifted & J.Crew), vintage necklace, and 70s sunglasses
I never thought I’d wear this red/orange/pink vintage wooden-bead necklace as much as I do. It’s in the same category as blue suede shoes and orange jeans, the “Who’da Thunk?” subcategory of “Most Worn Clothing Items.” 
I suppose when I say things like, “Who’da Thunk,” I’m erasing any First Lady poise and potential I had…and also mocking every word on my fancy graduate degree. 

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  1. Love that necklace! And that dress looks so comfy and girly! I love your modest style and especially love your love for God. Hope we can be blogging friends! 🙂



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